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The following is a list of recurring characters in the animated children's programme Postman Pat.


  • Abigail Thompson is one of Alf Thompson's sheep.
  • Ajay Bains is at train driver. He is in charge of the Pencaster Flyer as well as his beloved Greendale Rocket steam train. He and his family have moved to Pencaster from India.
  • Alf ThompsonFarmer, working with his wife, Dorothy in his farm to make sure his sheep doesn't get into trouble.
  • Alice Pottage — Aunt of Katy and Tom Pottges.

Amy Wrigglesworth — Amy is a veterinarian who has come to work from Skegness. Aunt Thompson — Aunt of Bill Thompson. Aunty Selby — Aunty of Lucy Selby. Bell Menders — Repaired the church bell Big Bob; they were also going to hoist Big Bob back into the church tower with their crane in Postman Pat and Big Bob Bell. However they could not make it, so Pat had to lower Big Bob into the belfry with the Special Delivery Service helicopter. Ben Taylor — General Manager of the Pencaster Sorting Office who works with Pat for the Special Delivery Service. Bernie WrigglesworthParrot friend of Amy Wrigglesworth. Bert — Is the 1st of Ted Glen's relitives. He lives in Austraila and he once sent a letter to Ted in Letters on Ice. After dropping off Bert's letter, Pat borrows his old ice skates from Ted and tries them out on the Tarn. Bess Gilbertson — Dr Gilbertson's sister's cat. Bessie Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep and Bill's pet. Best Village Judges — Came to Greendale in Postman Pat has the Best Village without being noticed and gave it the first prize for because of the flower that the villagers had made to hide Ted's Lorry. Betty Pottage — One of Julia Pottage's sheep. Big Bob — Bell of Greendale Church. Bill Thompson — Black-haired ten-year-old schoolchild and the son of Alf and Dorothy. Blob Selby — Pet Goldfish of Lucy Selby. Bonnie Goggins — Mrs Goggins' white West Highland Terrier. Bull Forbes — Once won first prize at the county show and later got his face in the papers for the victory in The Sheep in the Clover Field. It was not seen in person in the episode, but when Pat and Ted had finished herding the sheep out of the clover field, they saw it out of shot and run away from it. Byron Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Cameraman 1 — The 1st man recording "You're The One" finals on TV with a camera. Campers — Two campers spent a few episodes rambling around the countryside and setting up their tents. Once they set up their tents near Thompson Ground; they left a gate open and Alf Thompson's sheep straying into the clover field. Caroline — Is the 2nd of Ted Glen's relitives. She lives in Scotland and in Postman Pat has the Best Village, Ted left Greendale for a few days to go to her wedding. Cedric Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's pigeons. Charlie Pringle — Seven years old and very clever; loves science. In some ways he looks similar to Patrick, because he has a long nose and glasses. Chat Host — A lady who chats in a host. Chef OlivierChef Olivier has never been met in person, but a photograph depicts him with black hair and a handlebar moustache. Constable Selby — The black-haired policeman with a moustache, he patrols in Greendale and Pencaster. The father of Lucy Selby in the case of the adults of Greendale. He is highly incompetent and also takes his business very seriously. Countdown Sequence Voice — The voice for the countdown sequence in Ted's red rocket. Cowboy ColinCowboy, Sheriff of the Wild West. Crowd Lady — A lady inside a long crowd. Cullie Bains — Great Uncle of Ajay Bains. Daisy Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's cows. Director 1 — The 1st director for "You're The One" finals. Director 2 — The 2nd director for "You're The One" finals. Dora Selby — Pet Hamster of Lucy Selby. Dorothy Thompson — A blonde farmer's wife, Dorothy runs Thompson Ground with Alf Thompson. Dottie Hamster — Greendale's Hamster, she is a bit scared. Dotty Pringle — Charlie & Jeff's guinea pig, she went on an adventure with Patrick and Jess. Edwin Carbunkle — Main villain and planning to make sure the Patbot 3000s take over Pat's duties. Elsie Timms — Sister of Reverend Timms. Garner Hall Robbers — A gang of robbers broke into Garner Hall and stole Major Forbes' collection toy soldiers. They were not seen, but Pat heard them crashing about from out in the hall whilst he was dropping off the Major's new soldiers. George — Is a lazy man who lives in Greendale. In Postman Pat and the Robot, he most surprised to see Ted's robot postman come bursting through his front door, roll right through his house and back out through the back door. George's Wife — Is heard in Postman Pat and the Robot telling George to see why Ted Glen's robot is ringing their doorbell and bursting into their house. George Bains — Pet gecko of Meera Bains. George Lancaster — A farmer at Intake Farm. Granddad Glen — Grandfather of Ted Glen. Granddad Selby — Grandfather of Constable Sebly Granny Bains — Mother of Ajay & Nisha Bains and granddaughter & grandson of Meera & Nikhil Bains. Granny Dryden — Granny Dryden is a friendly old lady who lives in a cottage in the Greendale countryside with Miss Hubbard. She is mildly infirm, hence her asking Pat to help her with assorted household jobs. She is also very hard of hearing, begetting the need for Pat to talk loudly to her. She has lots of old belongings, many of which she has given to Pat and others. Granny Dryden's Father — Was a tuba player in the Greendale Brass Band. Granny Pottage — Granny of Katy & Tom Pottage. Granny/Mother Carbunkle — Granny or Mother of Edwin Carbunkle. Great Granddad Clifton — Was the 1st postman in Greendale. Greendale Village Band — Often played at the fete in Greendale. Granny Dryden's father used to be a member and played the tuba which Mrs. Dryden later give to Pat when he was clearing out her attic. The band only appeared once in Pat's dream about playing the tuba in Postman Pat and the Tuba. Headmaster — Is in charge of Greendale Primary School. He has never been seen in the series, but he has been mentioned a few times. He has entrust Bill Thompson with task of bring him the school's letters from Pat as he is oldest. Hens — These hens belong to Rebecca Hubbard, George Lancaster, Julia Pottage, Constable Selby, Alf Thompson and Dorothy Thompson. Husband Dryden — Son-in-law of Granny Dryden. Jean Thompson — Aunt of Dorothy Thompson. Jeff PringleSchool teacher and father of Charlie. Jenny Fogg — Wife of Peter Fogg. Jess Clifton — Postman Patrick's black-and-white cat. He is very clever and always seems to be able to help people when they are in need. JESSBOT 3000 — PATBOT's robotic cat working the PATBOT on his first run for the Special Delivery Service. Jill Timms — first cousin of Reverend Timms. Jim Dryden — Grandson of Granny Dryden.

  • John is the weatherman for Radio Greendale. He is heard him giving out the weather forecast on Pat's radio in Postman Pat has the Best Village.
  • Josh is a boy band star who appeared in the Postman Pat the Movie.

Julia Pottage — Black-haired orchard farmer, mother of Katy and Tom. Julian Clifton — Seven-year-old schoolchild and the only child of Postman Pat and Sara. Katy Pottage — Blonde girl with twin brother Tom. Keats Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Lauren Taylor — Wife of Ben and the new schoolteacher in Greendale. Lizzy Taylor — Nine-year-old schoolchild and daughter of Ben and Lauren. Lizzy is a wheelchair user and has been since birth. Lord Alfred Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Lucy Selby — Brunette schoolchild and the seven-year-old daughter of PC Selby. Mabel Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Maisy Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Major Forbes — Major Forbes is an old, deerstalker wearing army major and says things such as "Eh what?" "Old chap" and "good man." Matthew Clifton — Patrick's American cousin and Julian's uncle and since he hid the Greendale cup years ago when he was young. He came to Greendale to find it with the help from Pat, Meera and Julian in time for the Flower Show. Meera Bains — Eight-year-old daughter of Ajay and Nisha and also Julian Clifton's pen pal. Michael Lam — He runs the mobile shop and library. Mollie Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep. Mr. Brown — Assistance, working with Edwin at the Company Headquarters. Mr. Clifton — Grandfather of Patrick Clifton. Mr. Dryden — Father of Granny Dryden. Mr. Pottage — Husband of Julia Pottage & father of Katy & Tom Pottage. Mrs. Atkinson — Lives in Greendale. Mrs. Bains — Unseen, but the mother of Ajay, who lives with her granddaughter Shabnam in India. Mrs. Cockett — Lives in Greendale. Mrs. Dryden — Mother of Granny Dryden. Mrs. Goggins — The village postmistress in Greendale, Mrs Goggins came to Greendale from Scotland and has a small West Highland Terrier, Bonnie. She left Greendale to take on a new challenge at a the little village of Pelsall. Narrator — He tells what's happening in the Postman Pat episodes in Seasons 1 & 2. Nikhil Bains — Ten-month-old baby boy of Ajay and Nisha. Nisha Bains — Ajay’s wife, who combines running the Station Café with looking after her two children, Meera (8) and Nikhil (ten months). Her best friend is Sara Clifton. Paparazzi 2 — The 2nd pizza maker. Parsley Pottage — One of Julia Pottage's sheep. Pat Wanna Be 1 — The 1st singing of Pat. Pat Wanna Be 2 — The 2nd singing of Pat. Pat Wanna Be 3 — The 3rd singing of Pat. Pat WrigglesworthSheep friend of Amy Wrigglesworth. Patrick CliftonPostman, main character and primary protagonist; husband of Sara and father of Julian. He always manages to land himself in difficult and amusing situations, and is friends with almost everyone in Greendale and the surrounding countryside of whom he meets on his rounds. Patrick Clifton's Dad — is often mentioned in some episodes. He used to work as a postman when Pat was a boy. In Postman Pat and the Metal Detector, his old hat was put on display at Pencaster station for Nisha Bains' exhibition of historic Greendale relics. PATBOT 3000 — The PATBOT 3000 was the idea of Edwin Carbunkle, who wanted his robot postman to take over the Special Delivery Service. However, the early prototype was too scary.

  • PC Scarecrow Thompson — A scarecrow that Alf's brother created and replaced Alf's old scarecrow and it reminds people of Constable Selby.
  • Pencaster C.I.D. were called into action when Garner Hall got burgled in Postman Pat and the Toy Soldiers.
  • Pencaster Postman was heard coming into the post office in Postman Pat's Foggy Day to drop off Pat's mail bags from Pencaster. Pat was surprised at how quickly he got to the post office through the fog, but the fog was only in Greendale and not Pencaster, so he was not as late as he and Mrs. Goggins thought he would be.
  • Penny Forbes — Aunt of Major Forbes.
  • Peter Fogg — Peter is another farmer who works at Greendale Farm with the Pottages and lives with his wife Jenny.
  • Peter Timms — The white-haired local Vicar previously the (reverend) in Greendale.
  • Police Radio — Constable Selby can be to find out where things are going wrong from the police through a radio.
  • Polly Clifton — Matt's Shipcat, she is helpful to Matt and a best friend to Jess.
  • Pumpkin Wrigglesworth — Pumpkin is Amy's Welsh mountain pony and can be very stubborn and grumpy.
  • Radio Announcer — An announcer on all the radios.
  • Radio Greendale Speaker — The speaker for Greendale's show: Radio Greendale talk through a radio.
  • Radio Weather Woman — She tells the weather and what it is like in Greendale.
  • Rebecca Hubbard is a friend of Pat who also lives in a cottage in the countryside like Granny Dryden. She has her own bike and always likes to go to choir practice.
  • Robot 1 — The first robot to help Ben Taylor sort the post.
  • Robot 2 — The 2nd robot to help Ben Taylor sort the post.
  • Rosie Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's goats.
  • Sage Pottage — One of Julia Pottage's sheep.
  • Sally Dryden — Daughter of Granny Dryden.
  • Sam Waldron — Sam Waldron is the owner of a mobile shop. He is a good old friend of Pat; they once assisted each other by delivering together. Pat often picks up the odd pack of biscuits or cough medicine from the shop.
  • Sanjay Bains — Nephew of Ajay Bains and cousin of Merra and Nikhil Bains and runs the seaside.
  • Santa Claus — Helping Pat on his delivering letters and parcels before Christmas.
  • Sara Clifton — Patrick's wife and Julian's mother. In the early episodes, Sara is a stay-at-home mother, but from Series 3 onwards, she has a part-time job in the station café with her new friend Nisha. She has a fairly insignificant role in the show but remains structurally integral to the character cast.
  • Sarah Gilbertson — Brunette wide-haired schoolchild, daughter of Dr. Sylvia Gilbertson. She can be very bossy and full of herself, sometimes with explosive results, but is good friends with all the local children.
  • Sarah-Ann Pottage — She is Katy Pottage's dolly.
  • Sat NavSatellite navigation, helps Pat to find his way to Greendale Peak.
  • School Teacher — Teaches the children in their first year at Greendale Primary School, before they move up to Mr. Pringle and Mrs. Taylor's classes.
  • Scottish Highland Cattle are a very popular choice of live stock for the farmers in Greendale, particually the red breed. Sometimes they can get quite homesick for their old scottich homes, so they are always happy to hear the sound of bagpipes being played for them.

SDS Employee 1 — The 1st employee working with the Special Delivery Service. SDS Employee 2 — The 2nd employee working with the Special Delivery Service. SDS Employee 3 — The 3rd employee working with the Special Delivery Service.

  • Shabnam Bains — Unseen, but Ajays' first child, who lives in India with her grandmother.
  • Shelley Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep.
  • Sid — Was Pat's boss from the Royal Mail. In Postman Pat and the Big Surprise, when Pat pulled his back out, Sid let Sara do his post round for him.
  • Simon CowbellManager, working with You're The One.
  • Stagehand 2 — The 2nd stagehand who helps to make sure the in the "You're The Finals" is safe.
  • Sylvia Gilbertson — Greendale's blonde Welsh doctor and mother of Sarah Gilbertson.
  • Sylvia Gilbertson's Sister — lives in Pencaster. She once sent the doctor a birthday card in Postman Pat and the Surprise Present.
  • Sylvia Timms — second cousin of Reverend Timms.
  • Tamsie Thompson — One of Alf Thompson's sheep.
  • Ted Glen is the local handyman and can just about fix anything one would ever need to mend. Ted is something of an inventor and enjoys inventing strange contraptions; he mostly occupies himself with general pottering about in his workshop or fixing his ageing Land-Rover lorry (full-sized pick-up truck).
  • Teddy Selby — Toy Teddy of Lucy Selby.
  • Tennyson Thompson is one of Alf Thompson's sheep.
  • Tom Pottage — Timid blond boy with twin sister Katy.
  • Train InspectorInspector, he came to Greendale to inspect its station and the Rocket.
  • Twinkle Selby — Toy Donkey of Lucy Selby.
  • UDM 3000 — Edwin Carbunkle was showing Mr. Brown the tests he had with the UDM 3000.
  • Uncle Bains — Uncle of Meera Bains and brother of Ajay Bains.
  • Uncle Carbunkle — Uncle of Edwin Carbunkle.
  • Uncle Thompson — Uncle of Bill Thompson and brother of Alf Thompson.
  • Vailus Brown — Great Uncle of Mr. Brown.
  • Vicky Clifton — Aunt of Julian Clifton and sister of Sara Clifton.
  • Wilf — He is Josh's manager for "You're the One" and he had put a lot of effort into making sure that Josh won in the London finals.
  • Wilfred Dryden — Grandfather of Granny Dryden.