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Queen Elizabeth I circa 1546, when still a princess

This list includes notable people with natural red hair. Red or ginger hair may come in a variety of shades from strawberry blond to auburn.[1] With only 2% of the population having red hair,[2] it is the rarest natural hair colour.[1] People who have dyed their red hair into another colour or whose red hair has gone grey with age are included, but people with hair dyed red, such as Tori Amos, Amanda Blake, David Bowie, Ann-Margret, Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth, Debby Ryan, and Sophie Turner, are not. Figures from the Bible or classical mythology, such as Esau or Judas Iscariot, are included. The list excludes characters from modern fiction such as Anne of Green Gables or Ginger Hebblethwaite.

The American Archie comics (1941- ) popularized the term "redhead"[citation needed] - the titular main character, teenager Archie Andrews, has red hair and a Scottish family background. His arch-rival Reggie Mantle often addresses him as "redhead" or "redheaded junk".


Adele in 2009


Ginger Baker



Arlene Dahl




Julia Gillard, who served as the first female Prime Minister of Australia


Geri Halliwell of Ginger Spice


Ismail I


Van Johnson


Joe Kennedy III with fiery red hair


John Lydon



Willie Nelson






Adam Savage


Leon Trotsky



Vincent van Gogh painted himself in Paris in 1887


Joss Whedon


Malcolm X
  • Malcolm X – African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist.


Amy Yasbeck


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