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The following is a list of regional Burning Man events ordered alphabetically by geography. Not all of these events are affiliated with the Burning Man organization.


South Africa[edit]

Initiated in 2006 by Paul Jorgensen, the event was put together with the assistance of early crew members Lil Black, Robert Weinek, Paul Grose and Monique Schiess and was held for the first time in 2007 on Stonehenge Private Reserve in the Tankwa Karoo, a sparsely-inhabited semi-desert region of South Africa's Northern Cape Province.

In 2018, 11 000 people participated in building Tankwa Town, a beautiful space created by various kinds of people. The event, like many other Regionals, features artworks (some of which are burned), mutant vehicles, theme camps, lots of fire and many performances. It is presently the second-largest regional event outside the USA, after Midburn in the Negev desert of Israel.


North America[edit]


British Columbia[edit]
  • Brave New Whirled

Victoria's Annual Regional Decompression! Held Oct 7, 2017 – Oct 8, 2017 in Saanichton, BC

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Event, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society

  • Decompression

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Events, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society: Micropolis 2010, Dustcovery 2017

  • Recharge

Official Burning Man Vancouver Regional Event, in association with the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society. Held for 10 years, ending in 2010[1]

Victoria BC's Regional Burn, OtherWorld, is a four-day camping on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


Alberta's official Burning Man regional event is in association with the League of Extraordinary Albertans. It is typically held on the weekend closest to the summer solstice, and 2017 will mark its 10th year anniversary.

Northwest Territories[edit]
  • Burn on the Bay

Part of the annual Long John Jamboree on Great Slave Lake.

  • Mooseman

Official Burning Man Toronto Regional Event, in association with BurnT Interactive Arts Society.

Toronto regional having its inaugural event May 2017, also associated with H.E.A.T. (Hyperborean Experiential Arts Team).

  • L'OsstidBurn

celebrating similar principals as the original Burning Man, including radical self-reliance, participative art and culture and fire. The event is held in Montreal during the summer and is put on by the Brûleurs de Montréal Burners. In 2018 l'Osstidburn held its 2nd edition between June 15 and June 17 in the Eastern Townships about two hours away from Montreal.

One night decompression event.

United States of America[edit]


Arizona's annual regional burn which starts in April or May for five days. The event is held in Snowflake, Arizona.[2]

Arizona's annual Decompression which starts on the second Thursday of October and continues until Sunday. The event is held in Witch Wells and Tucson Arizona.

Los Angeles[edit]

BEquinox is the annual regional 3–4-day campout held around the time of the spring equinox in March. Although it is considered the Los Angeles regional burn, it is held in Joshua Tree.

LA Decom is the annual official LA regional decompression organized by the LA Burning Man regional team and the LA League of Arts, often held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

Two-day event with Burning Man art installations, mutant vehicles, theme camps, music, performances on Venice Beach.

San Diego[edit]

Youtopia is the annual regional 4-day campout in mid-October just outside San Diego.

San Francisco[edit]

This is an annual regional event held each October in San Francisco. With roots going back at least as far as 1999, it offers Burning Man participants a chance to decompress: to reconnect and to share artistic performances and installations.

The first, ongoing, Official Burning Man Regional Event that is one day, FREE-to-the-PUBLIC, no tickets, gates, or boundaries. It is held in Del Monte Beach in Monterey, California.

Formerly called Soulstance, Soulfire is the annual regional 3-day campout in mid-June just outside Los Gatos.

A family-friendly burner community event which celebrates the spirit of self-expression and creativity by gathering together at Gibson Ranch Park in Elverta, CA for one day to share art, music, workshops, community activities, education, etc. and then end the celebration with a temporary art installation burn in symbolic tradition.

Unscruz is the annual 3-day campout in the beginning of May in Santa Cruz.


In 2016, attendance was set to 1,750.[3]

Hosted by Denver Burners, In 2016, attendance will be set to 2,000.

One day Decompression event for burners in the Boulder, CO area.

Hosted by Denver Burners In 2016, attendance was set to 700.


NECTR is an outdoor camping experience detached from commodities and focused on art and community. It is a participant-driven experience in the woods where all the infrastructure before, during, and after is provided by the attendees. Through self-expression, gifting, and immediacy – it is meant to be transformative.


The East Coast's first sanctioned Regional, and one of the oldest in the US. Attendance was 1,400 in 2014. Has since been moved to Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.


held in late January, early February on Virginia Key on the beach in Miami. Attendance is split evenly between out-of-state participants and in-state participants.

held in April at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL.

held in November at Maddox Ranch in Lakeland FL.

  • Florida en F.u.ego

A Burning Man-inspired, all-inclusive, all ages intentional community located near Tallahassee on 85.5 acres private property dubbed "Xanadu" ([1]) with a 3-acre spring-fed lake. They hold several events throughout the year. More information can be found at (official site).


It is held first weekend of October. Attendance was 3,200 in 2014.

  • Euphoria (Regional Burn)

Held in Spring.


Hosted by Idaho Burners Alliance the official Idaho Decompression is held the first weekend of October in beautiful Twin Spring, Idaho.


Hosted by Bold Urban Renaissance Network, B.U.R.N. Burn is held in May less than two hours outside of Chicago.


Every year in the fall Iowa burners, as well as burners from surrounding regions, come and gather in Central Iowa for a weekend of camping, theme camps, art projects, music, fire, performances, and an amazing effigy! All attendees are participants. HearthsOPhyre is run based on the 10 Principles of Burning Man and encourage them for all those who come. The event is a no-commerce gifting society, meaning nothing is bought or sold once you arrive. A gift is a gift, with no return expectations. Gifts come in many forms: a helping hand, a hug, a heartfelt conversation, something you brought that you do not need, or perhaps a craft item made from your heart. Tickets go on sale during the summer.


Resonance, sponsored by Wichita Burners, is an annual burn that began in 2008.

This Event Is Cancelled (TEIC), sponsored by Topeka Area Burners, is an annual burn that began in 2014. As the name of the event may suggest, this event is known to have a more adult atmosphere, and historically has embraced themes that mock, while fully embracing burner culture.


A five-day event held in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Irvine, KY. This burn began in 2008 with 33 participants and is growing slowly but steadily.


This is considered the Massachusetts/New England regional burn and has been organized by a group of Boston Burners (official site) since its inception in 2003. It has moved around over the years, its first year being held in New Hampshire and has since settled in Vermont. It is still looking for a larger site than the ~60 acres used in 2009–2016.[4] 600 tickets were sold for 2011 (capped) and 1050 tickets in 2016 (capped), largely restricted by limited nearby parking.[5]


is held every June at Lucky Lake campground in Rothbury, MI.


An all ages camping event presented by the Midwest Burners in Hartsburg, MO

Kansas City[edit]

sponsored by the Midwest Burners, is an annual, multi-day, camping-oriented event that upholds the ideals of the Burning Man Festival. The goal of InterFuse is to unite the scattered Burners and pre-Burners of the Midwest in a celebration of art, fire, and life, further spreading the Burning Man Experience through the region. The event was initially held at Camp Ozark Avalon, located in Boonville, Missouri but the 2011 and 2012 events were moved to the Shriner's campground in Laquey to accommodate growing attendance. 2016 ticket sales were set at 2000 and sold out. For 2017 there are 2000 tickets available as well. During 2016 and scheduled to take effect for 2017, Interfuse was changed to an "All Ages" event, allowing the participation of minors. The safety rangers of the event ("InterRangers") proudly offer Black Rock Ranger training and practical experience to those wishing to become BRC Rangers on the Playa. Instead of a Division of Public Works, or DPW, Interfuse's public works crew is known as TLA (The Leisure Army). Their motto, "All leisure, no army" is an inside joke that tells very little about all of the hard work they do in setting up the event infrastructure and keeping the essential services available and running.

St. Louis[edit]

St. Louis regional burn which has been occurring formally since 2008. Gateway takes place in mid-June. Attendance is now greater than 500 participants. The 2011 and 2012 Gateway Burns took place near Eldridge, Missouri. The 2016 event was moved to land near Belle, MO.

  • Reno Decompression

Reno Burners present a night of decompressing after falling back into the world from Black Rock City.

Burning Man Regional Event held in Beatty, NV (known as The Forgotten City prior to 2016). The Southern Nevada Regional Gathering, or SNRG (pronounced "Synergy"), is a Burning Man regional event produced by the Las Vegas region.

New York State[edit]

The Burnal Equinox is an arts and cultural event held in locations all over the world. It marks the halfway point to the next Burning Man event, which is held over Labor Day each year in Nevada. It is a chance, in the dark of winter, to celebrate Burner culture – interactive art, music, performance, workshops and more. It also kicks off the "build season," where participants start to work on the projects they will bring to Burning Man in August. At the Burnal Equinox, artists will bring their installations from previous Burning Man events or the start of their upcoming projects to share.

Started in 2013; 2015 was POrtalBurn's first year as Upstate New York's sanctioned regional burn. The event is held in the summer in the Ithaca/Finger Lakes region with current ticket cap at 420 tickets.


The East Coast's first sanctioned Regional, and one of the oldest in the US. Formerly in Delaware.

West Virginia[edit]

Every year our global family converges to create Mysteria; a city of art, fire, freedom and dreams inspired by that thing in the desert called Burning Man but done up in our own unique style. Started in 2004, originally the North Carolina Burn, it had its regional status revoked by Burning Man organization but was reinstated in 2010, and took place in Masontown, WV at Marvins Mountaintop in 2018. Participants under the age of 18 were previously not allowed, but have been approved as of 2018.

North Dakota[edit]

North Dakotas longest running and only regional event! Celebrated in the last weekend in February, Melting Man is almost exactly what it sounds like. There's an ice effigy right by a nice cozy fire and everyone hangs out and warms up while the effigy melts down.


Started in 2007, this Official Burning Man Regional is held at "Reclaim" outside Rutland (remote, private location in southern Ohio) annually over Memorial Day weekend. The site is a restored strip mine that provides a large, flat green space on the man-made plateau surrounded by beautiful woodland. The site is completely primitive but for a large stage open for performance and community.

Mosaic Experiment brings the artistry and energy of Black Rock City to the Midwestern region. Held in October at Reclaim, a repurposed strip-mine near Rutland, Ohio, Mosaic is a four-day event (Thursday through Sunday) of collaborative expression on a backdrop of brisk evenings and changing leaves. Participants from 13 different US states attended the first event in October 2013. It is the first and only Ohio regional burn to be all-ages, and is Ohio's second regional burn officially sanctioned by the Burning Man Project.


Presented by Precipitation NorthWest, Portland metro area's officially sanctioned Burning Man decompression event! To decompress from the dust and connect with your year-round regional burner community. Offering indoor AND outdoor space!

Started in 2005, the official Burning Man Portland Regional is held at various sites in northwestern Oregon. In 2015, the burn moved to Tygh Valley, OR. SOAK incorporates various theme camps from Oregon and the region and typically includes an effigy burn and a Temple burn. The name comes from the wet climate in Oregon, and it has rained during the event in more than one year. The 2015 event was capped at 1300 people. See ([2]) for more information about the 2015 event, and ([3]) for information about the 2016 event.



Held each June at a secluded campground on Sideling Hill Creek


To The Moon, the eastern Tennessee regional burn, is held each June on the banks of the Clinch River in Sneedville, TN. As an all-ages burn which abides by the Ten Principles, TTM applied for and received sanctioned status by Burning Man in its second year, 2017. The burn has grown from 550 participants in 2016 to just under 1000 in 2018, selling out its population capacity each year. 2019 capacity will be 1111.



Memorial Day Weekend - The event was first held in 1998 at a private campground in Dripping Springs, Texas. In 2010, the event moved to a more spacious area at Apache Pass to accommodate greater attendance. Flipside's location is generally in a private camp area in the wooded, grassy Texas Hill Country.

MLK Day Weekend - A regional camping event inspired by Flipside and Burning Man, where art, music, food, self-expression and entertainment are brought by the participants, where volunteers come together to create art and performances, and to experiment in temporary community.

Labor Day Weekend - Burnt Soup is a gathering to celebrate the end of Summer in central Texas. It was started by a few Burner participants to give a Home to those who wanted to Burn during the holiday. It follows the Theme of to sit back, chill, enjoy the Pool, enjoy the sounds on the Stage, enjoy the fun Theme Camps and Connect with nature and art! Many of our Camps are Art based which you can feel the tranquility of the Burn from day one to day 5!

North Texas:

Columbus Day Weekend - Myschievia began in 2005, when approximately 200 participants attended a location about 2 hours west of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Since 2006, Myschievia has been held in East Texas near Hughes Springs, Texas. Much like the Burning Man or any regional Burn, a theme may be chosen around which participants can creatively interact, though Myschievians chose not to have a theme in 2006 and 2007. Activities range from water balloon flights, to morning yoga classes, to themed dinners, to the annual Miss Myschievia pageant. The theme for the first year was "Trial By Fire," an old west courtroom-styled theme. The effigy was a 25-foot (7.6 m) tall model of the Scales of Justice. In 2006 the effigy was of the Roman Coliseum and featured several nights of spontaneous wrestling, both staged and real. In 2007 a giant head was constructed with a movable mouth. Its wild "hair," made of individual lengths of 2x6 lumber, was decorated and donated by the participants, who called the effigy "Unruly Man." For 2008, the theme was "Burning Bridges," and the effigy for 2008 was a bridge. In 2009, Pyrosynthesis was the theme, with the effigy being a flowerpot that participants could fill with their own "flowers," individual works of art intended to burn.

San Antonio:

  • Alma Burn

Alma Burn began in 2017, with approximately 300 hundred participants.

Corpus Christi:


Central Texas:

FreezerBurn began in 2009. It is a local arts and music festival located in Flatonia, TX where art, music, food, self-expression and entertainment are brought by the participants, where volunteers come together to create art, performances and to experiment in temporary communities. It is a private camping event held on private property. Much like the Burning Man or any regional Burn, a theme is chosen each year around which participants can creatively interact. The theme for 2014 was Scorched Snowflakes, with a snowflake temple effigy.


Element-11 is one of the many annual Regional Burningman Festivals conducted around the world. Element-11 is a Utah Regional and is held at Stargazer Ranch, in Utah (coordinates: 41.58075 -113.37162). Starting this year the Element-11 festival has increased from a three to four-day event, it begins on the Wednesday before the second weekend in July and ends on the Sunday of the same weekend. As of 2016 it is an all ages event and will continue to promote and teach Burningman's 10 Guiding Principles. It is a local community produced festival (Element-11 is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization) and encourages radical self-expression and participation and strictly adheres to its Leave No Trace policy (you bring it in, you bring it out).


This is considered the Massachusetts/New England regional burn and has been organized by a group of Boston Burners (official site) since its inception in 2003. It has moved around over the years, its first year being held in New Hampshire and has since settled in Vermont. It is still looking for a larger site than the ~60 acres used in 2009–2016.[7] 600 tickets were sold for 2011 (capped) and 1050 tickets in 2016 (capped), largely restricted by limited nearby parking.[8]


Ignite is the first Virginia regional burn sanctioned by (Burningman) and guided by the 10 Guiding Principles. Originally blossoming out of Transformus's Town Hall and work-play weekend, Ignite! became an officially sanctioned Burning Man burn in 2015. Much like (Transformus) houses the city of Mysteria, Ignite! raises the city of Combustia. This is the place where your Burner spark can be fanned into flame for the year as you make new friends, learn together, and dance the night away. At Ignite! there is a focus on "Learn 'n Burn," where you, the community, can bring your knowledge and skills to share with others via our platforms for playful learning, which are called "playforms". Originally started in 2013, the playform concept has been met with resounding success and positive community feedback. Helping our community learn and grow is part of what makes Ignite! special. Never fear though, Ignite! has all the nighttime fun you expect from a good Burn: theme camps, music, dancing, fire performances, an Effigy burn, and plenty of interesting sights to see. Ignite! is an all-ages burn where family presence is encouraged! There is a neighborhood for families named "Kindleton" where those with little Burners can camp together. There are playforms just for kids, such as the "wiggle worm pentathlon," and several art projects, including building small effigies for the Temple Burn.


Critical Northwest (or CNW), formerly Critical Massive, is an annual alternative arts and performance festival staged in the greater Puget Sound region of Washington. Critical Northwest was started in 2002 by Burning Man participants from the Seattle area. The Massive organization became the Massive LLC in 2004 with a board of six members. In 2006, Ignition Northwest assumed producer responsibilities for the event, their board appoints a producer(s) each year.
The original board produced the event at a local clothing-optional resort, Lake Bronson, in Monroe, Washington before moving the event to Lake Recreation Associates Campground (or LARC) in Mount Vernon, Washington in 2006, and the privately held campground of River outside of Maple Valley, Washington in 2007, returning to LARC 2008-2015 with the exception of 2013, when the event was held at the Shelton Fair Grounds. Ignition Northwest signed a 10-year contract with Masonic Family Park in Granite Falls early January 2016, establishing a permanent home for the event.
The event is attended primarily by participants of the Seattle, Oregon, and British Columbia Burning Man community, with some participants coming from as far away as the United Kingdom. Much like Burning Man, Critical Northwest relies heavily on large theme camps, art, and individual participants to build the temporary village. Art grants are distributed through the local Burner-based nonprofit organization, Ignition Northwest. In 2007, approximately $7,500 was distributed to multiple art projects, over $12,000 was awarded in 2015.
Many of the core values of Critical Northwest are borrowed from Burning Man, and the same short, memorable terms are used for them. Due to the fact that the event is held in the highest population density center of the Pacific Northwest region, including Idaho, Oregon, and portions of British Columbia, the event's environment is significantly different than the Black Rock Desert. The event has been held on the west side of the Cascade mountain range in the Pacific Northwest rain forest. Consequently, the size of the event with the number of participants has been limited significantly simply for the fact that there are few venues capable of holding several individuals for a week-long event in the Northwest. Attendance has been variable over the years, with almost 1100 people in 2013, and an average of 700 participants when hosted at LARC. Capacity at the new permanent venue is set at 800 for 2016, with ability to grow well beyond 1,000.
Additionally, unlike Burning Man where the central effigy of a glowing neon man stays essentially unaltered from year to year (with alteration to its base and other design elements), the Critical Massive event may not have a central effigy, or indeed a last-night event. Usually, fire performances and other exhibitions occur on the last night of the event, but are limited in scope and size due to fire restrictions, especially in the forest-fire prone mountains.

West Virginia[edit]

Frostburn is a winter celebration of art and community on Marvin's Mountaintop in Masontown, West Virginia a short distance from Morgantown. The regional burn promotes the Ten Principles of Burning Man in a harsh environment, highlighting the need for community members to collaborate against severe weather to create and install interactive art and theme camps. A gift economy is encouraged, while commercial activity is generally prohibited. Frostburn participants are expected to actively contribute to the spirit of the event in radically expressive (but socially responsible) ways, leaving no trace of their presence after the event has ended. Frostburn took place for its first five years at Cooper's Lake Campground, which also serves as the site of the annual Pennsic War (the largest annual event of the Society for Creative Anachronism). For the next two years, Frostburn was held Camp Kevin, further north near Brookville, PA, before moving south to Marvin's Mountaintop outside of Masontown, WV for 2015. Frostburn happens yearly during Presidents Day weekend in February.

Constellation is an experiment in community-based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, intended for community members of the region to come together to connect, explore, build, burn, heal, dance and challenge themselves beyond the boundaries of what they all think possible. Founded by the Board members of the Playa Del Fuego non-profit, as well as multiple volunteer coordinators, Constellation is typically held either the last weekend of September or the first weekend on October at Pegasus Farm Campground in Elkins, West Virginia

South America[edit]


  • FuegoAustral (official site) The first official regional event in Latin América. Was held for the first time in 2016. Around 300 participants attended the event.



New South Wales & Victoria:

The Regional Burning Man event (Sydney & Melbourne) held annually in Matong State Forest, NSW, since 2011 (excluding 2016 when the event was cancelled due to site flooding). The location has come to be called Red Earth City, due to the reddish colour of the Australian outback soil. The event occurs in September/October each year, coinciding with the annual Labour Day Public Holiday (observed by NSW as the first Monday in October). The 2018 event is scheduled for September 26 to October 2, with approx. 4,000 participants and over 60 registered theme camps.

Western Australia:

Taking place in the wheatbelt town of Kulin, WA. The event occurs around Easter each year, with the 2017 event scheduled for April 12–18 and will mark the 4th year and 6th event held by Blazing Swan Inc. The event location is in dry bushland near Jilakin Lake and Rock and is referred to as Jilakin Rock City. Each year a swan-shaped wooden effigy has been built and burned at the culmination of the event. Attendance was capped at 2000 people in 2015 and 43 registered theme camps, and 2500 people in 2016 and 58 registered theme camps. Blazing Swan is a registered Not For Profit organisation.


is the regional Burning Man event held annually for Queensland and northern NSW. Started in 2015, it is now up to its third event which will run July 5–10 with the theme "Once upon a time". Modifyre is an event of "Burn Arts" which is a registered not for profit. An insect shaped effigy and a temple is burned at each event. It had 350 participants in 2016.

New Zealand[edit]

In Hunterville, it had 1800 participants in 2018.[9]



is a regional Burn in Styria. Mindburn 2016 happened 2–7 August in Steinberg near Hitzendorf. It is a colorful festival filled with art, celebration, music, performances, workshops, games and discussion. It had 70 participants in 2013, 64 participants 2014.

a decompression event sponsored by Austrian Burners, starting for the first time on Okt. 5–8 2017 in Palace Wetzlas near Vienna. 150 participants have registered 2017. Schloss Schönburn 2018 will take place on Sept. 19-23 in the same location, 200 participants are expected.

a decompression event sponsored by Austrian Burners happening every January in Vienna. It had 450 participants in 2014, 500 in 2015, and 550 in 2016.


  • The Borderland (official site) originating from Sweden. Has since 2015 been held in Denmark at Boesdal kalkbrud.[10] The Borderland is a festival of art, music, co-creation and community. The festival first took place in Sweden in 2011 at Gylleboverket near Kivik (50 participants),[11][12] The event has its cultural roots in a LARP in 2002 that was one of the main inspirations for Borderland called Futuredrome (movie).

Borderland is a nomadic event with changing sites: Tidahold, 2012 (100 participants). In 2013 it moved to Hide Kulturbrott on the Swedish island of Gotland, (150 participants).[13] In 2014 it attracted 300 participants. 2015–2017 it was held in Denmark, at Boesdal Kalkbrud, and is no longer hosted in Sweden. Populations in the following years were: 2015: 500, 2016: 910, 2017: 1540. In 2018 the event moved to Hedeland with about 2000 participants.[14]


was held early December 2016. It was the first official Burning Man event in Finland: The event place Cirko in Suvilahti was filled with two days of art, performances, workshops and music, co-created with participants.


is a decompression organized regularly since 2006 by the French Burners non-profit (no fixed date). The last one on December 8, 2018, had 1,200 participants and was held at le Cabaret Sauvage. Paris decom is an official regional event sanctioned By Burning Man.

is a regional Burn in France. The first Crème Brûlée 2016 was held 13–16 May on farmland in Vexin National Park, 70 km from Paris. It had 250 participants. It was held again in 2017 and 2018. The 2018 edition was in May the Creuse department and had 500 participants. It is an official regional event sanctioned By Burning Man ([4])


Since 2017. Happening usually mid-end of June in Brandenburg region (near Berlin). An event that celebrates beauty and life in accordance with the 10 Burning Man Principles. 450 participants in 2017

Burning Bär is inspired by Burning Man and Nowhere and follows the core principles of Burning Man. On February 26–28, 2016 Burning Bär: Plug and Play took place in a castle in Beesenstedt with more than 400 participants. In 2017 Burning Bär was held on February 24–26 and on February 23–25, 2018 at the same location with around 500 participants.

Burning Burg is a Burner event in Germany and started in 2008. It takes place in Castle Lutter.


  • Eiru

A weekend event that typically takes place in June. Set on a private ecofarm in County Wexford attracts burners from all over the world but remains a small event.


A 4-day event in the Apennine Mountains, first held in 2015, which is oriented to arts and hiking.


  • Contraburn

Helt during the original black rock dessert version but this one is on a small island 15kms from Amsterdam. In the middle of a grass desert with lakes and swimming pool and 100% incomparable site but great none the less. First time in 2018. See

  • Dutch Decompression

(Amsterdam) 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

The Netherlands have their own lush green playa at the Veluwe area. This Dutch iteration of Burning Man principles is laced with Art, theme camps, performances and music, all brought and shared by participants from all over the world. The purpose of this long weekend is to dream together and create a reality that you won't forget. After the intimate first start July 29–31, 2016 at Kootwijk (near the Dutch Desert), with 750 participants; the 2017 edition is a day longer July 27–31, 2017 at Apeldoorn and grew organically. Don't expect alkaline-dried-out skin on this playa, but Dutch weather (rain and shine on the same day), plenty of wondrous participants, green acres and even a mutant vehicle or two.

The 2018 edition of WtSS which was held July 26–30 encountered unusually dry and hot weather conditions with temperatures over 38C/100F. Due to a long period of no rain before the event, all fire was forbidden by the authorities which led to the inception of a water-based 'Burn' at the end of the event.


A new burn in Norway having its first event 20–23 June 2019. It has a capacity of 300 participants and takes inspiration from Nordic folklore and mythology.


Nowhere is a pan-European event. It had around 2200 participants in 2016 and 3000 in 2017.


  • Urban Burn Stockholm - Bizarre Star Bazaar was held in Stockholm in March 2016.[15]
  • Spark in the Dark (official site) was held in Helsingborg, Sweden, from December 28, 2016 to January 2, 2017, with over 350 participants. The event was based on the Ten Principles of Burning Man, with an eleventh principle of Consent.
  • Urban Burn Stockholm - The Eclectical Spectacle was held in Stockholm in April 2017.[16]
  • Urban Burn Stockholm - The Divine Dynamis was held in April 2018 in the venue Nobelberget, Sickla. The after-parties for Friday and Saturday migrated next door to Noden (Synthiest community Temple).

United Kingdom[edit]

A Burn in Devon (previously Port Talbot, Wales), with a maximum capacity of 499 participants.

Past events:

2018: 4–10 June
2017: 23–9 May
2016: 25–31 May

A small Burn with a max. capacity of 150 participants, held in the lush hills of Powys, Wales.
2018 Dates: 13–17 September

Middle East[edit]


The Midburn (official site) event is the official regional event organized by the Midburn community – the Israeli Burning Man community. For six days, a temporary city is set up in the Negev desert, creating a platform which will allow a communal lifestyle, creativity, art and radical self-expression. It is held yearly since 2014, in May or June, around the Hebrew holiday of "Shavuot" (Pentecost). The third Midburn event, in 2016, had an attendance of 8,000 participants. In 2017, more than 10,000[17] people attended, making it the 2nd biggest regional event outside the US, after AfrikaBurn.

Virtual World Cyber Space[edit]

Burn2 (official site)
Burn2 is the only officially recognized Burning Man regional in the virtual world (cyber space). Burn2 occupies a sim in Second Life® year-round, with extra sims added to their virtual space during its annual event nicknamed "Octoburn". Burn2 is run by a group of volunteers that include people directly involved with Burning Man, digital artists with a genuine interest in Burning Man, along with seasoned Second Life® programmers. The Burn2 regional is open year round to WELCOME HOME BURNERS. This digital playa is unique in that it provides a home to Burners who may not be able to travel to their local regional. Participation is from Burners from all over the world! Burn2 offer classes for those interested in building in a digital world, offers mentors for newbies, and throws some fantastic parties! Burn2 has many of the elements of the Burning Man Event, including being set in a desert playa virtual environment, and the opportunity to create your own environment. Burn2 celebrates Radical Self Expression through creating wild costumes for their avatars (digital representation of yourself in Second Life®) and have organized fashion shows through the Fashionista volunteers. Burn2 has many of the same organized groups such as Greeters standing by to Welcome you Home!, Lamplighters, Fire Dancers, Rangers, a Department of Mutant Vehicles complete with crazy art cars to drive around, and many talented artists who build and gift their art to the community each year. The core Ten Principles of Burning Man are celebrated, demonstrated and encouraged. Burn2 is open yearly with events every quarter.

Burn2 Upcoming Events
Conception: Theme, "Communal Earth" July 19-21, 2019
OctoBurn: Theme, "Metamorphoses" October 11-20, 2019
SkinBurn October 26, 2019
WinterBurn: Theme, "Magic" Dates TBA

Previous BURN2 Events 2011-2019

Past events[edit]

Events no-longer happening.


San Diego:


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