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Map of Canada

National regions[edit]

Although these regions have no official status or defined boundaries the Provinces and territories are sometimes informally grouped into the following regions (generally from west to east):

All provinces and territories Senate divisions Seven-region model[1] Six-region model Five-region model[2] Four-region model Three-region model
British Columbia Western Canada (24 seats) British Columbia West Coast West Coast Western Canada Western Canada
Alberta Alberta Prairies Prairies
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan and Manitoba
Ontario Ontario (24 seats) Ontario Ontario Central Canada Central Canada Eastern Canada
Quebec Quebec (24 seats) Quebec Quebec
New Brunswick The Maritimes (24 seats) Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada
Prince Edward Island
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador (6 seats)
Yukon The North (Territories) (3 seats) Northern Canada Northern Canada Northern Canada Northern Canada Northern Canada
Northwest Territories

Seats in the Senate are equally divided among four regions: Maritimes, Quebec, Ontario, and the West, with special status for Newfoundland and Labrador, and Northern Canada ('the North').

Interprovincial regions[edit]

Provincial regions[edit]

The provinces and territories are all sub-divided into regions for a variety of official and unofficial purposes. In some provinces, the regions have been officially defined by their respective governments. In others, the "regions" have no official status.

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