List of regions of Peru by Human Development Index

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Map of the Peruvian departments by HDI in 2017.
  0.800 – 1.000
  0.700 – 0.799
  0.600 – 0.699

This is a list of Peruvian regions by Human Development Index as of 2018 with data for the year 2017.[1]

Rank Region (Department) HDI (2017) Comparable country
Very high human development
1 West (Ancash, Lima, Callao) 0.806  Bahamas
High human development
2 South (Tacna, Moquegua, Arequipa, Ica, Ayacucho) 0.769  Sri Lanka,  Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Peru (average) 0.750  Ukraine
3 North (Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, La Libertad) 0.720  Suriname
4 Central (Huancavelica, Huanuco, Junín, Pasco) 0.706  Libya,  Turkmenistan
Medium Human Development
5 North East (Amazonas, Loreto, San Martín, Ucayali) 0.692  Bolivia
6 East (Madre de Dios, Cusco, Puno, Apurimac) 0.691  Bolivia

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