List of renamed Indian cities and states

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Ever since the British left India in 1947, many cities, streets, places, and buildings throughout India were assigned new Indian names. Certain "old" names, however, continue to be popular.

Renamed or respelled[edit]


Change yet not effective[edit]

  • West Bengal to Paschim Banga (approved by West Bengal state legislature during September 2011[5])
  • Assam to Asom (renamed in response to an appeal made by Assamese litterateur and former president of the Assam Sahitya Sabha, Chandra Prasad Saikia by Minister of State for Planning and Development.[6])

Union territories[edit]

  • Laccadive, Minicoy and Amindivi Islands to Lakshadweep (change effective from 1 November 1973)
  • Pondicherry to Puducherry (change effective from 1 October 2006)


Andhra Pradesh[edit]


  • Nowgong to Nagaon
  • Gauhati to Guwahati (change effective 1983)
  • Sibsagar to Sivasagar


Himachal Pradesh[edit]


  • Panjim to Panaji[7]
  • Sanquelim to Sankhali[8]
  • Rivona to Revana -- Huge 'Revan(a)'kar community that migrated from this place can attest to this.


Effective from 1st Nov 2014

  • Bangalore to Bengaluru, the settlement was originally called Bendakaloru.
  • Mysore to Mysuru, the settlement was originally called Mahishanooru.
  • Mangalore to Mangaluru, the settlement was originally called Magalooru.
  • Hubli to Hubballi, the settlement was originally called Hoobhalli
  • Tumkur to Tumakuru
  • Shimoga to Shivamogga, the settlement was originally called Shivana Mogga.
  • Belgaum to Belagavi
  • Bellary to Ballari
  • Gulbarga to Kalaburagi
  • Marcera to Madikeri, the settlement was originally called Madanayakana Keri.
  • Bijapur to Vijayapura
  • Hospet to Hosapete
  • Chikmagalur to Chikkamagaluru


Madhya Pradesh[edit]




  • Pondicherry to Puducherry (change effective from 1 October 2006)
  • Yanaon to Yanam (change effective from merger with Indian Union)



  • Ajaymeru to Ajmer
  • Dhedhi Dhani to Mansanagar(District Sikar). (change effective from 27 April 2011)

Tamil Nadu[edit]

Uttar Pradesh[edit]

  • Allygurh to Aligarh
  • Cawnpore to Kanpur (change effective 1948)
  • Banaras to Varanasi (change effective 1956)
  • Kanpur Dehat to Ramabai Nagar district (change effective 2010) and back to Kanpur Dehat (change effective 2012)
  • Prayag to Allahabad
  • Muzaffarnagar to Lakshminagar (change effective 1986) and back to Muzaffarnagar
  • Noida to Gautam Budha Nagar

West Bengal[edit]