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This is a list of locations in Canada which are reported to be haunted. Many have been featured by television programs such as Creepy Canada, The Girly Ghosthunters and Mystery Hunters. It is in alphabetical order by province or territory, then by the name of the location.


Banff Springs Hotel

British Columbia[edit]

Empress Hotel
Hatley Castle
  • British Columbia Penitentiary in New Westminster. The former penitentiary was active for 102 years, until decommissioned during the 1980s. Not much of the building is left, save for the Boot Hill graveyard.
  • Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria. This historic mansion was constructed in the late 1800s as a family residence for the wealthy Scottish coal baron Robert Dunsmuir and his wife Joan. Robert died in April 1889, 17 months before construction on the castle was completed, and his sons Alexander and James took over the role of finishing the castle. Ghost sightings have been reported by believers.[4]
  • The Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria. One of the oldest hotels in the British Columbian capital, it was designed by Francis Rattenbury and opened in 1908. Undergoing two expansions (the first was in 1910-1912 and the second was in 1928), it welcomed several prominent personalities such as kings and queens and movie personalities of the 1900s. But believers claim of the ghost of the hotel's designer, who was murdered in 1935. Believers also claim of the apparitions of a maid on the 6th floor and the ghost of a construction worker who killed himself.[4]
  • The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Downtown Vancouver. Opened in 1939, it is touted as one of Canada's grand railway hotels. Believers claim it is haunted by a "lady in red", which is said also by believers to be the ghost of a Vancouver socialite named Jennie Pearl Cox.[4]
  • Hatley Castle in Colwood. This castle, now home to the public Royal Roads University, is considered by believers to be haunted by a parlour maid named Annabelle and James Dunsmuir's son, James Dunsmuir, Jr.[4][5] It was featured by Creepy Canada.
  • Hycroft Manor, a mansion in the upscale Vancouver neighbourhood of Shaughnessy.[4]
  • New Westminster Secondary School in New Westminster. One of the largest high schools in British Columbia, it witnessed the drowning of a boy in the basement pool in the early 1970s. That boy is claimed, by believers, to haunt the high school.[4]
  • The Old Spaghetti Factory in the historic district of Gastown, Vancouver, is claimed by believers to be haunted, most notable is a phantom tram conductor that supposedly appears in an old trolley within the restaurant.[4]
Tranquille Sanatorium in 1920.
  • Tranquille Sanatorium, located near Kamloops, is also considered by believers to be haunted. It opened in 1907 as a tuberculosis sanitorium and witnessed the deaths of many of its patients.[4][6]
  • Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. Used for plays and concerts, it is reported by believers to be haunted.[4]
  • Waterfront Station, the main transit terminus in Downtown Vancouver, is considered by believers as the "most haunted building in Vancouver", with multiple reports of apparitions and furnitures moving in their own accord.[4]
  • Riverview Hospital, a mental health facility opened in 1913. Mentally ill patients were kept in the then named "insane asylum" where some of the methods used to "treat patients" are considered inhumane nowadays in modern medicine. The hospital and its buildings are known to be a hotspot for paranormal activity, most commonly a former janitor walking the halls and several patients. You can also hear sounds made by the spirits of the mistreated patients echoing down the halls of buildings. [7]


Fort Garry Hotel

New Brunswick[edit]

The Algonquin Resort.

Newfoundland & Labrador[edit]

Northwest Territories[edit]

Nahanni National Park Reserve

Nova Scotia[edit]

Inside the Citadel Hill in 2004.
Fortress of Louisbourg's fortifications
  • Acadia University in Wolfville. An apparitional Baptist girl who found out about her pregnancy in the 19th century hanged herself in "The Well", a large open area on the second floor surrounded by banisters and under a skylight. Her ghost is most often seen by faculty staff members on the back stairwell at Seminary House's campus. Other paranormal activities are people having strange visions in this location, lights that turn on and off by themselves as well as doors opening and closing on their own, light anomalies, disembodied voices, objects moving by themselves and strange unexplained noises.[10]
  • All Saints Cathedral in Halifax. This church is allegedly haunted by one of the former deans. He is mostly standing at the altar.[11]
  • Bedford Basin in Halifax.[citation needed] This site is reportedly haunted by spirits of Native Canadians, French, British and Canadian soldiers and family members. There are touches, pushes and pulls by invisible presences, light anomalies, apparitional footsteps, shadowy figures disembodied voices and other unexplained noises.
  • Citadel Hill in Halifax.[citation needed]
  • Fortress of Louisbourg on Cape Breton Island. This massive fortress, constructed during the 1700s, was featured by Creepy Canada.
  • Seal Island, an island on the outermost extreme of Southwestern Nova Scotia, in Municipalité Argyle in Yarmouth County. There is a local legend of a ghost from a shipwreck during 1891, the SS Ottawa. A stewardess named Annie Lindsey was believed drowned when her lifeboat overturned. She was buried beside the East End church where her grave marker can still be seen today.[12] but some believe that when the coffin was later disinterred, it showed evidence that she was buried alive. Her spirit is said to haunt the Seal Island villages.
  • Young Teazer at Mahone Bay. Paranormal incidents have been reported by witnesses since it sunk on June 27, 1813. This ghostly burning schooner is seen by mariners on this bay. It is most often seen by visitors near the anniversary of this ship's fatal explosion in its historical location. Most witness reports state once seen it then just vanishes. It was featured by Creepy Canada.


Prince Edward Island[edit]

  • Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait is described as a beautiful schooner that has three masts (sometimes four masts, as reports vary) with pure white sails, all of which become completely engulfed in flames as onlookers watch.[15] There never seems to be a predetermined place for where the ship will appear.[15] Sightings have occurred throughout the seasons, but seem to be more prevalent from September to November.[16] These visions are also apparent before a northeast wind, and folklore has it that this brilliant ghost ship is a forewarning of a storm.[16]



Government House with adjacent visitor and administration centre.

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