List of reportedly haunted locations in South Africa

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The following is a list of reportedly haunted locations in South Africa.

Haunted locations[edit]

  • Castle of Good Hope: This 17th-century Dutch East India Company fort in Cape Town is believed to be the most haunted site in South Africa. The resident ghosts reportedly include the ghost of Lady Anne Barnard who lived there, the ghost of a soldier who hanged himself in the bell tower and the ghosts of soldiers pacing the battlements.[1]:18–28[2][3]
  • Erasmus Castle/Kasteel: "Die Spookhuis" or Erasmus Castle in Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, local residents often report strange noises and ghost sightings in and around the Victorian mansion. Paranormal activity includes lit windows in the uninhabited mansion, and hearing people moaning at night.[4]
  • Fort Frederick: In Eastern Cape, is a fort built by the British during 1799 in Algoa Bay that is reportedly haunted by theatrical ghosts of a Shakespearian play.[5]
  • Foxwood House in Johannesburg. Paranormal activity includes mysterious footsteps and visitors seeing an anonymous spectral woman with an anonymous child on the balcony of this building.[6]
  • Kempton Park Hospital: This abandoned hospital in Kempton Park, Gauteng is frequented by thrill-seekers and ghost hunters.[3][7][8]
  • Nottingham Road Hotel: A hotel in KwaZulu-Natal, where the ghost of a former barmaid is said to still wander the hotel moving pots, light fixtures, and sheets, as well as ringing the service bell.[1]:174–175[9]
  • Old Presidency: In Bloemfontein, was the official residence of the former Orange Free State. The stables at the back of the building are thought to be haunted with several reports of people hearing carriages moving into the stables. The premises reportedly house the ghost of a dog with many people hearing ephemeral barking at night. There are also many stories of children being spotted within the building due to the buildings tenure as a school and hostel.[10]
  • Somerset Hospital: South Africa's oldest hospital in Green Point, Cape Town, where resident ghosts reportedly include Sister Henrietta Stockdale, a blonde girl combing her hair and others that roam the corridors at night.[1]:157[11]

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