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Green sea turtle
Hawksbill turtle
Loggerhead sea turtle

There is only one land reptile species native to Ireland, the viviparous or common lizard. It appears to have a widespread distribution across the entire island with coastal, bogland and mountainous areas showing highest numbers of sightings.

Five marine turtle species appear regularly off the west coast but do not come ashore. All are endangered, some critically.[1] The pond turtle is introduced.

EX Extinct No reasonable doubt that the last individual has died.
EW Extinct in the wild Known only to survive in captivity or as a naturalized populations well outside its previous range.
CR Critically endangered The species is in imminent risk of extinction in the wild.
EN Endangered The species is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.
VU Vulnerable The species is facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.
NT Near threatened The species does not meet any of the criteria that would categorise it as risking extinction but it is likely to do so in the future.
LC Least concern There are no current identifiable risks to the species.
DD Data deficient There is inadequate information to make an assessment of the risks to this species.

Subclass: Diapsida[edit]

Infraclass: Lepidosauromorpha[edit]

Superorder: Lepidosauria[edit]

Order: Squamata (lizards, snakes)[edit]

Subclass: Anapsida[edit]

Order: Testudines (turtles)[edit]


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