List of reptiles of Texas

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This list of reptiles of Texas includes the snakes, lizards, crocodilians, and turtles native to the U.S. state of Texas.

Texas has a large range of habitats, from swamps, coastal marshes and pine forests in the east, rocky hills and limestone karst in the center, desert in the south and west, mountains in the far west, and grassland prairie in the north. This vast contrast in biomes makes Texas home to an extremely wide variety of herpetofauna. Its central position in the United States means that species found primarily in either the western or eastern parts of the country often have their ranges meeting in the state. Its proximity to Mexico is such that many species found there and into Central America range as far north as Texas. The abundance of reptiles makes the state a prime area for research, and most species found in Texas have been well studied.

Texas state law protects several reptile species; threatened species are denoted with a (T) and endangered species are denoted with an (E). The climate of Texas has also led to some species being introduced and establishing a permanent population, denoted with an (I).

Conservation status
Least-concern species
Vulnerable species
Endangered species
Critically endangered
Invasive species


Order: Crocodilia
Picture Scientific name Common name Family Conservation status
Family: Alligatoridae
(alligators and caimans)
American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in situ, Chambers County, Texas Alligator mississippiensis American alligator Alligatoridae IUCN (LC)


Order: Squamata
Picture Scientific name Common name Family Conservation status
Family: Anguidae
(anguid and legless lizards)
Gerrhonotus infernalis Texas alligator lizard Anguidae IUCN (LC)
Western slender glass lizard (Ophisaurus a. attenuatus), Colorado County, Texas Ophisaurus attenuatus Western slender glass lizard Anguidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Dactyloidae
Green anole (Anolis carolinensis) in situ, Polk County, Texas Anolis carolinensis Green anole Dactyloidae IUCN (LC)
Brown anole (Anolis sagrei), in situ, Harris County, Texas Anolis sagrei Brown anole Dactyloidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (I)
Family: Crotaphytidae
(collared and leopard lizards)
Crotaphytus collaris Eastern collared lizard Crotaphytidae
Reticulated collared lizard (Crotaphytus reticulatus), Duval County, Texas Crotaphytus reticulatus Reticulated collared lizard Crotaphytidae IUCN (VU)
Texas (T)
Longnose leopard lizard (Gambelia wislizenii), Socorro County, New Mexico Gambelia wislizenii Longnose leopard lizard Crotaphytidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Gekkonidae
Texas banded gecko (Coleonyx brevis), Webb County, Texas Coleonyx brevis Texas banded gecko Gekkonidae IUCN (LC)
Coleonyx reticulatus Reticulated gecko Gekkonidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Cyrtopodion scabrum Rough-tailed gecko Gekkonidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (I)
Hemidactylus frenatus Asian house gecko Gekkonidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (I)
Mediterranean gecko (Hemidactylus turcicus), in situ, Chambers County, Texas Hemidactylus turcicus Mediterranean gecko Gekkonidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (I)
Family: Iguanidae
Mexican spinytail iguana (Ctenosaura pectinata) from the coast of southwestern Mexico. Ctenosaura pectinata Mexican spinytail iguana Iguanidae Texas (I)
Family: Phrynosomatidae
(earless, sand, horned, and spiny lizards)
Greater earless lizard (Cophosaurus texanus), a male in situ, Big Bend National Park, Texas Cophosaurus texanus Greater earless lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Holbrookia lacerata Northern spot-tailed earless lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (NT)
Holbrookia maculata maculata Great Plains earless lizard Phrynosomatidae
Holbrookia maculata flavilenta Chihuahuan earless lizard Phrynosomatidae
Holbrookia maculata perspicua Prairie earless lizard Phrynosomatidae
Keeled earless lizard (Holbrookia propinqua), a female in situ, Tamaulipas, Mexico Holbrookia propinqua Keeled earless lizard Phrynosomatidae
Holbrookia subcaudalis Southern spot-tailed earless lizard Phrynosomatidae
Texas horned lizard (Phrynosoma cornutum), Armstrong County, Texas Phrynosoma cornutum Texas horned lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Greater short-horned lizard (Phrynosoma hernandesi) in situ, Culberson County, Texas Phrynosoma hernandesi Greater short-horned lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Roundtail horned lizard (Phrynosoma modestum), Tamaulipas, Mexico] Phrynosoma modestum Roundtail horned lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Sceloporus arenicolus Dunes sagebrush lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (VU)
Texas (T)
Sceloporus bimaculosus Twin-spotted spiny lizard Phrynosomatidae
Prairie lizard (Sceloporus consobrinus), in situ, Hardin County, Texas Sceloporus consobrinus Prairie lizard Phrynosomatidae
Southwestern fence lizard (Sceloporus cowlesi), in situ, Culberson County, Texas Sceloporus cowlesi Southwestern fence lizard Phrynosomatidae
Blue spiny lizard (Sceloporus cyanogenys) Sceloporus cyanogenys Blue spiny lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Mesquite lizard (Sceloporus grammicus) Sceloporus grammicus Mesquite lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Sceloporus merriami annulatus Big Bend Canyon lizard Phrynosomatidae
Sceloporus merriami longipunctatus Presidio Canyon lizard Phrynosomatidae
Sceloporus merriami Canyon lizard Phrynosomatidae
Texas spiny lizard (Sceloporus olivaceus) in situ, Colorado County, Texas Sceloporus olivaceus Texas spiny lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Crevice spiny lizard (Sceloporus poinsettii), in situ, Mason County, Texas Sceloporus poinsettii Crevice spiny lizard Phrynosomatidae
Rosebelly lizard (Sceloporus marmoratus), in situ, Hidalgo County, Texas Sceloporus marmoratus Rosebelly lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Texas tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus ornatus), in situ, Kerr County, Texas Urosaurus ornatus ornatus Texas tree lizard Phrynosomatidae IUCN (LC)
Big Bend tree lizard (Urosaurus ornatus schmidti), in situ, Culberson County, Texas Urosaurus ornatus schmidti Big Bend tree lizard Phrynosomatidae
Uta stejnegeri Eastern side-blotched lizard Phrynosomatidae
Family: Scincidae
Southern coal skink (Plestiodon anthracinus pluvialis), Jefferson County, Missouri Plestiodon anthracinus pluvialis Southern coal skink Scincidae
Five-lined skink (Plestiodon fasciatus) in situ, Liberty County, Texas Plestiodon fasciatus Five-lined skink Scincidae
Plestiodon laticeps Broadhead skink Scincidae IUCN (LC)
Plestiodon multivirgatus epipleurotus Variable skink Scincidae
Plestiodon obsoletus Great Plains Skink Scincidae IUCN (LC)
Plestiodon septentrionalis obtusirostris Southern prairie skink Scincidae
Plestiodon tetragrammus brevilineatus Short-lined skink Scincidae
Four-lined skink (Plestiodon t. tetragrammus), Tamaulipas, Mexico Plestiodon tetragrammus tetragrammus Four-lined skink Scincidae
Little brown skink (Scincella lateralis), Walker County, Texas Scincella lateralis Little brown skink Scincidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Teiidae
Chihuahuan spotted whiptail (Aspidoscelis exsanguis), in situ, Culberson County, Texas Aspidoscelis exsanguis Chihuahuan spotted whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)
Texas spotted whiptail (Aspidoscelis gularis), Hidalgo County, Texas Aspidoscelis gularis Texas spotted whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)
Aspidoscelis inornata heptagramma Little striped whiptail Teiidae
Laredo striped whiptail (Aspidoscelis laredoensis), in situ, Hidalgo County, Texas Aspidoscelis laredoensis Laredo striped whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)
Marbled whiptail (Aspidoscelis marmorata marmorata) Hidalgo County, New Mexico, regarded by some as Aspidoscelis tigris marmoratus Aspidoscelis marmorata marmorata Western marbled whiptail Teiidae
Aspidoscelis marmorata reticuloriens Eastern marbled whiptail Teiidae
Aspidoscelis neomexicana New Mexico whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)
Aspidoscelis sexlineata stephensae Texas yellow-headed racerunner Teiidae
Prairie racerunner (Aspidoscelis sexlineata) in situ, Hardin County, Texas Aspidoscelis sexlineata viridis Prairie racerunner Teiidae
Plateau spotted whiptail (Aspidoscelis scalaris), Brewster County, Texas Aspidoscelis scalaris Plateau spotted whiptail Teiidae
Checkered whiptail (Aspidoscelis tesselata) Sierra County, New Mexico Aspidoscelis tesselata Checkered whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)
Desert grassland whiptail (Aspidoscelis uniparens), Grant County, New Mexico Aspidoscelis uniparens Desert grassland whiptail Teiidae IUCN (LC)


Sub-order: Serpentes
Picture Scientific name Common name Family Conservation status
Family: Typhlopidae
Brahminy blindsnake (Indotyphlops braminus)) Indotyphlops braminus Brahminy blindsnake Typhlopidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Leptotyphlopidae
Rena dissecta New Mexico threadsnake Leptotyphlopidae IUCN (LC)
Rena dulcis dulcis Plains threadsnake Leptotyphlopidae IUCN (LC)
Rena dulcis rubellum South Texas threadsnake Leptotyphlopidae
Rena humilis segregus Trans-Pecos threadsnake Leptotyphlopidae
Family: Colubridae
Texas glossy snake (Arizona elegans arenicola), Colorado County, Texas Arizona elegans arenicola Texas glossy snake Colubridae
Arizona elegans elegans Kansas glossy snake Colubridae
Arizona elegans philipi Painted Desert glossy snake Colubridae
Trans-pecos ratsnake (Bogertophis subocularis), Brewster County, Texas Bogertophis subocularis Trans-Pecos ratsnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Western wormsnake (Carphophis vermis), Jefferson County, Missouri Carphophis vermis Western wormsnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Scarletsnake (Cemophora coccinea) Cemophora coccinea Scarletsnake Colubridae
Cemophora lineri Texas scarletsnake Colubridae Texas (T)
Coluber constrictor anthicus Buttermilk racer Colubridae
Coluber constrictor etheridgei Tan racer Colubridae
Coluber constrictor flaviventris Eastern yellowbelly racer Colubridae
Coluber constrictor oaxaca Mexican racer Colubridae
Coluber constrictor priapus Southern black racer Colubridae
Coniophanes imperialis Black-striped snake Colubridae Texas (T)
Diadophis punctatus arnyi Prairie ringneck snake Colubridae
Diadophis punctatus regalis Regal ringneck snake Colubridae
Diadophis punctatus stictogenys Mississippi ringneck snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Drymarchon corais erebennus Texas indigo snake Colubridae Texas (T)
Northern speckled racer (Drymobius margaritiferus), Tamaulipas, Mexico Drymobius margaritiferus Speckled racer Colubridae Texas (T)
Farancia abacura Red-bellied mud snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Ficimia streckeri Mexican hooknose snake Colubridae
Chihuahuan hook-nosed snake (Gyalopion canum), Brewster County, Texas Gyalopion canum Chihuahuan hook-nosed snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Rough Earthsnake (Haldea striatula), Harris County, Texas Haldea striatula Rough earthsnake Colubridae
Heterodon kennerlyi Mexican hognose snake Colubridae
Heterodon nasicus gloydi Dusty hognose snake Colubridae
Heterodon nasicus nasicus Western hognose snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Heterodon platirhinos Eastern hognose snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Hypsiglena torquata jani Texas night snake Colubridae
Lampropeltis alterna Gray-banded kingsnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Prairie kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster), Colorado County, Texas Lampropeltis calligaster Prairie kingsnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Speckled kingsnake (Lampropeltis holbrooki), Austin County, Texas Lampropeltis holbrooki Speckled kingsnake Colubridae
Lampropeltis splendida Desert kingsnake Colubridae
Lampropeltis annulata Mexican milksnake Colubridae
Lampropeltis gentilis Western milksnake Colubridae
Northern cat-eyed snake (Leptodeira septentrionalis), Tamaulipas, Mexico Leptodeira septentrionalis Northern cat-eyed snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Gulf swampsnake (Liodytes rigida sinicola), Chambers County, Texas Liodytes rigida Gulf swampsnake Colubridae
Masticophis flagellum flagellum Eastern coachwhip Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Masticophis flagellum testaceus Western coachwhip Colubridae
Masticophis schotti schotti Schott's whipsnake Colubridae
Masticophis schotti ruthveni Ruthven's whipsnake Colubridae
Masticophis taeniatus girardi Central Texas whipsnake Colubridae
Masticophis taeniatus taeniatus Desert striped whipsnake Colubridae
Gulf saltmarsh watersnake (Nerodia clarkii clarkii), Chambers County, Texas Nerodia clarkii Saltmarsh watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Mississippi green watersnake (Nerodia cyclopion), Chambers County, Texas Nerodia cyclopion Mississippi green watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Plain-bellied watersnake (Nerodia erythrogaster), Chambers County, Texas Nerodia erythrogaster Plain-bellied watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Broad-banded watersnake (Nerodia fasciata confluens), Austin County, Texas Nerodia fasciata confluens Broad-banded watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Nerodia fasciata pictiventris Florida watersnake Colubridae
Texas (I)
Nerodia harteri Brazos watersnake Colubridae IUCN (NT)
Texas (T)
Nerodia paucimaculata Concho watersnake Colubridae IUCN (NT)
Texas (T)
Diamond-backed watersnake (Nerodia rhombifer), Chambers County, Texas Nerodia rhombifer Diamondback watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Midland watersnake (Nerodia sipedon pleuralis), Reynolds County, Missouri Nerodia sipedon pleuralis Midland watersnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Opheodrys aestivus Rough green snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Opheodrys vernalis Smooth green snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Pantherophis bairdi Baird's ratsnake Colubridae
Pantherophis emoryi Great Plains ratsnake Colubridae
Pantherophis obsoletus Western ratsnake Colubridae
Slowinski's cornsnake (Pantherophis slowinskii), in situ, Colorado County, Texas Pantherophis slowinskii Slowinski's cornsnake Colubridae
Pituophis catenifer affinis Sonoran gopher snake Colubridae
Pituophis catenifer sayi Bull snake Colubridae
Louisiana pinesnake (Pituophis ruthveni), Louisiana Pituophis ruthveni Louisiana pinesnake Colubridae IUCN (EN)
Texas (T)
Graham's crawfish snake (Regina grahamii), Chambers County, Texas Regina grahamii Graham's crayfish snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Rhinocheilus lecontei tessellatus Texas longnose snake Colubridae
Salvadora deserticola Big Bend patch-nose snake Colubridae Texas (T)
Salvadora grahamiae grahamiae Mountain patch-nose snake Colubridae
Texas patch-nose snake (Salvadora grahamiae lineata) Salvadora grahamiae lineata Texas patch-nose snake Colubridae
Sonora semiannulata Ground snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Storeria dekayi limnetes Marsh brown snake Colubridae
Storeria dekayi texana Texas brown snake Colubridae
Storeria occipitomaculata Redbelly snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Tantilla atriceps Mexican blackhead snake Colubridae
Tantilla cucullata Big Bend blackhead snake Colubridae
Tantilla gracilis Flathead snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Tantilla hobartsmithi Southwestern blackhead snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Tantilla nigriceps Plains blackhead snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Thamnophis cyrtopsis cyrtopsis Blackneck garter snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Thamnophis marcianus Checkered garter snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Thamnophis proximus diabolicus Arid land ribbon snake Colubridae
Thamnophis proximus orarius Gulf Coast ribbon snake Colubridae
Thamnophis proximus proximus Western ribbon snake Colubridae
Thamnophis proximus rubrilineatus Redstripe ribbon snake Colubridae
Thamnophis radix Plains garter snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Thamnophis sirtalis annectens Texas garter snake Colubridae
Thamnophis sirtalis dorsalis New Mexico garter snake Colubridae
Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis Common garter snake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Texas lyresnake (Trimorphodon vilkinsonii), Jeff Davis/Presidio County, Texas Trimorphodon vilkinsonii Texas lyresnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Tropidoclonion lineatum texanum Texas lined snake Colubridae
Smooth earthsnake (Virginia valeriae) Madison County, Iowa Virginia valeriae Smooth earthsnake Colubridae IUCN (LC)
Family: Elapidae
Micrurus tener Texas coral snake Elapidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Viperidae
Eastern copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix) in situ, Liberty County, Texas Agkistrodon contortrix Eastern copperhead Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Agkistrodon laticinctus Broad-banded copperhead Viperidae
Northern cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) in situ, Liberty County, Texas Agkistrodon piscivorus Northern cottonmouth Viperidae
Crotalus atrox Western diamondback rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Timber rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus), Colorado County, Texas Crotalus horridus Timber rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)
Banded rock rattlesnake (Crotalus lepidus klauberi) Catron County, New Mexico Crotalus lepidus klauberi Banded rock rattlesnake Viperidae
Crotalus lepidus lepidus Mottled rock rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Eastern black-tailed rattlesnake (Crotalus ornatus) Crotalus ornatus Eastern black-tailed rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Crotalus scutulatus Mojave rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Crotalus viridis viridis Prairie rattlesnake Viperidae IUCN (LC)
Sistrurus tergeminus edwardsii Desert massasauga Viperidae
Sistrurus tergeminus tergeminus Western massasauga Viperidae
Sistrurus miliarius streckeri Western pigmy rattlesnake Viperidae


Order: Testudines
Picture Scientific name Common name Family Conservation status
Family: Cheloniidae
(marine turtles)
Caretta caretta Loggerhead sea turtle Cheloniidae IUCN (VU)
Texas (T)
Green turtle (Chelonia mydas), Quintana Roo, Mexico Chelonia mydas Green turtle Cheloniidae IUCN (EN)
Texas (T)
Eretmochelys imbricata Hawksbill sea turtle Cheloniidae IUCN (CR)
Texas (E)
Lepidochelys kempii Atlantic ridley Cheloniidae IUCN (CR)
Texas (E)
Family: Dermochelidae
(leatherback sea turtles)
Dermochelys coriacea Leatherback sea turtle Dermochelidae IUCN (VU)
Texas (E)
Family: Kinosternidae
(mud and musk turtles)
Kinosternon flavescens Yellow mud turtle Kinosternidae IUCN (LC)
Lake Chapala mud turtle (Kinosternon hirtipes chapalaense), a Mexican subspecies of the rough-footed mud turtle (Kinosternon hirtipes) Kinosternon hirtipes murrayi Rough-footed mud turtle Kinosternidae IUCN (LC)
Mississippi mud turtle (Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis), Chambers County, Texas Kinosternon subrubrum hippocrepis Mississippi mud turtle Kinosternidae
Razorback musk turtle (Sternotherus carinatus), in situ, Hardin County, Texas Sternotherus carinatus Razorback musk turtle Kinosternidae
Eastern musk turtle (Sternotherus odoratus), in situ, Kerr County, Texas Sternotherus odoratus Eastern musk turtle Kinosternidae IUCN (LC)
Family: Emydidae
(water and box turtles)
Chrysemys dorsalis Southern painted turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Chrysemys picta bellii Western painted turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Deirochelys reticularia Chicken turtle Emydidae
Cagle's map turtle (Graptemys caglei), hatchling Graptemys caglei Cagle's map turtle Emydidae IUCN (EN)
Ouachita map turtle (Graptemys ouachitensis) in situ, Fannin County, Texas Graptemys ouachitensis Oachita map turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Sabine map turtle (Graptemys sabinensis) in situ, Hardin County, Texas Graptemys sabinensis Sabine map turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Mississippi map turtles (Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii), adult female left, adult male right, in situ, Liberty County, Texas Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii Mississippi map turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Texas map turtle (Graptemys versa), in situ, Travis County, Texas Graptemys versa Texas map turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Texas diamond-backed terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin littoralis), Galveston County Texas Malaclemys terrapin Diamondback terrapin Emydidae IUCN (VU)
Eastern river cooter (Pseudemys concinna), in situ, Marion County, Texas Pseudemys concinna concinna Eastern river cooter Emydidae
Rio Grande cooter (Pseudemys gorzugi), hatchling, Kinney County, Texas Pseudemys gorzugi Rio Grande cooter Emydidae IUCN (NT)
Pseudemys nelsoni Florida red-bellied turtle Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Texas river cooter (Pseudemys texana), in situ, Kerr County, Texas Pseudemys texana Texas river cooter Emydidae IUCN (LC)
Three-toed box turtle (Terrapene triunguis), in situ, Walker County, Texas Terrapene triunguis Three-toed box turtle Emydidae IUCN (VU)
Terrapene ornata luteola Desert box turtle Emydidae
Terrapene ornata ornata Ornate box turtle Emydidae IUCN (NT)
Trachemys gaigeae Big Bend slider Emydidae IUCN (VU)
Red-erred slider (Trachemys scripta elegans), in situ, Harris County, Texas Trachemys scripta elegans Red-eared slider Emydidae
Family: Chelydridae
(snapping turtles)
Chelydra serpentina Common snapping turtle Chelydridae IUCN (LC)
Macrochelys temminckii Alligator snapping turtle Chelydridae IUCN (VU)
Family: Trionychidae
(softshell turtles)
Apalone mutica Smooth softshell turtle Trionychidae IUCN (LC)
Texas spiny shoftshell turtle (Apalone spinifera emoryi), Brewster County, Texas Apalone spinifera emoryi Texas spiny softshell turtle Trionychidae
Apalone spinifera guadalupensis Guadalupe spiny softshell turtle Trionychidae
Pallid spiny shoftshell (Apalone spinifera pallida), Colorado County, Texas Apalone spinifera pallida Pallid spiny softshell turtle Trionychidae
Family: Testudinidae
(gopher tortoises)
Texas tortoise (Gopherus berlandieri), Val Verde County, Texas Gopherus berlandieri Texas tortoise Testudinidae IUCN (LC)
Texas (T)

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