List of reptiles of Western Australia

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This is a list of reptiles of Western Australia:

Crocodylia (crocodiles)[edit]


Testudines (turtles)[edit]


Squamata (lizards)[edit]

Agamidae (dragons)
Gekkonidae (geckoes)
Bynoe's gecko (Heteronotia binoei), Northern Territory, Australia
Pygopodidae (legless lizards)
Scincidae (skinks)
Varanidae (goannas or monitors)

Serpentes (Snakes)[edit]

Acrochordidae (file snakes)
Pythonidae (Pythons)
Colubridae (Colubrids)
Elapidae (Elapids)
Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes)
Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes)


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