List of reservoirs in Staffordshire

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This is a list of reservoirs in the county of Staffordshire in England with a capacity of more than 25,000m³, based on data from the public register of reservoirs. There are 34 reservoirs above this capacity in Staffordshire, these include two water supply reservoirs, seven canal feeder reservoirs and 25 amenity or ornamental lakes. This list does not include flood storage reservoirs, service reservoirs or ash lagoons.

Rank Name Location Owner Use Capacity (m³)
1 Blithfield Blithfield South Staffordshire Water Water Supply 18,172,000
2 Tittesworth Leek Severn Trent Water Supply 6,440,000
3 Chasewater Burntwood Staffordshire County Council Canal Feeder 4,400,000
4 Rudyard Lake Rudyard Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 2,950,000
5 Belvide Reservoir Brewood Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 2,196,000
6 Knypersley Reservoir Biddulph Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 930,000
7 Gailey Lower Reservoir Cannock Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 778,000
8 Patshull Great Pool Pattingham Private Amenity 700,000
9 Stanley Pool Bagnall Canal & River Trust Amenity 610,980
10 Chillington Pool Codsall Private Ornamental Lake 450,000
11 Gailey Upper Reservoir Cannock Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 355,000
12 Trentham Gardens Lake Trentham Private Ornamental Lake 220,000
13 Stowe Pool Lichfield Lichfield District Council Amenity 217,600
14 Calf Heath Reservoir Cannock Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 166,000
15 Brookleys Lake Alton Private Amenity 150,000
16 Patshull Church Pool Pattingham Private Amenity 122,000
17 Rugeley Amenity Lake Rugeley Rugeley Power Station Ltd Amenity 121,000
18 Himley Great Pool Himley Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Amenity 96,400
19 Bathpool Park Lake Newcastle-under-Lyme Newcastle under Lyme Borough Council Amenity 95,550
20 Black Lake Hanchurch Private Amenity 95,000
21 Gap Pool Ranton Private Amenity 95,000
22 Holly Bush Lake Burton upon Trent Private Amenity 85,000
23 Mill Green Lake Cannock Private Amenity 76,000
24 Canwell Estate Reservoir Canwell Private Ornamental Lake 70,000
25 Swinfen Lake Swinfen Private Amenity 68,800
26 Betley Hall Pool Betley Private Ornamental Lake 64,467
27 Springslade Pool Penkridge Private Amenity 62,375
28 Bromley Pool Loggerheads Private Amenity 45,000
29 Tixall Park Pool Tixall Private Amenity 37,600
30 Pool Hall Reservoir Lower Penn Private Amenity 35,000
31 Hales Hall Pool Cheadle Private Ornamental Lake 34,173
32 Minster Pool Lichfield Lichfield District Council Ornamental Lake 28,000
33 Lodgerail Pool Penkridge Private Amenity 27,500
34 Dimmingsdale Pool Lower Penn Canal & River Trust Canal Feeder 27,110