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This list of richest American politicians includes current and former office-holders and political appointees, and is not necessarily adjusted for inflation. Estimated wealth is at least $100 million in 2012 dollars, for all the people listed here. The amounts listed here do not necessarily pertain to the politicians' time in office (i.e. some of them may have gotten much richer later on, or lost their money before they ran for office).


Name Party Date(s) Estimated wealth
adjusted for inflation
Source of wealth
Donald Trump Republican 2017–2021 $3 billion (2022)[1] Inheritance, business, real estate
George Washington Independent 1789–1797 $525 million (2010)[2] Inheritance, business, marriage
Thomas Jefferson Democratic-Republican 1801–1809 $212 million (2010)[2] Inheritance, business
Theodore Roosevelt Republican 1901–1909 $125 million (2010)[2] Inheritance
John F. Kennedy Democratic 1961–1963 $124 million (2007)[3] Inheritance
Andrew Jackson Democratic 1829–1837 $119 million (2010)[2] Marriage, business, real estate
James Madison Democratic-Republican 1809–1817 $101 million (2010)[2] Inheritance, business

Unsuccessful presidential candidates[edit]

Name Party Position Estimated wealth
not adjusted for inflation
Michael Bloomberg Democratic (before 2001, 2018–present)
Independent (2007–2018)
Republican (2001–2007)
Mayor of New York City (2002–2014)
candidate for U.S. President (2020)
$54.9 billion[4] Founder and CEO of Bloomberg L.P.
Ross Perot Independent (before 1995)
Reform (1995–2000)
Republican (2000–2019)
Member of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board (1981–85)
Member of the Select Committee on Public Education (1983)
candidate for U.S. President (1992, 1996)
$4.1 billion[5] Founded Electronic Data Systems and Perot Systems
Tom Steyer Democratic candidate for U.S. President (2020) $1.6 billion[6] Founder of Farallon Capital
Henry Ford Republican (before 1918)
Democratic (after 1918)
candidate for U.S. President (1916)
candidate for U.S. Senator from Michigan (1918)
$1.2 billion[7] Founder of Ford Motor Company
Nelson Rockefeller Republican Governor of New York (1959–1973)
candidate for U.S. President (1960, 1964, 1968)
Vice President of the United States (1974–77)
$1 billion[8] Inheritance, grandson of John D. Rockefeller
Steve Forbes Republican Member of the Board for International Broadcasting (1985–1993)
candidate for U.S. President (1996, 2000)
$430 million[9] Editor, publisher
Kanye West Independent
Birthday Party[10]
candidate for U.S. President (2020) $1.7 Billion[11] Founder of GOOD Music, CEO of DONDA, rapper, fashion designer
John Delaney Democrat U.S. Representative from Maryland (2013–2019)
candidate for U.S. President (2020)
$230 million[12] Entrepreneur, co-founder of Health Care Financial Partners and CapitolSource
John Kerry Democratic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1985–2013)
Democratic nominee for U.S. President (2004)
Secretary of State (2013–2017)
$200 million[13] Marriage to Teresa Heinz, the widow of John Heinz, heir to the H. J. Heinz Company
Mitt Romney Independent (before 1993)
Republican (1993–present)
Candidate for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1994)
Governor of Massachusetts (2003–2007)
Republican nominee for U.S. President (2012)
U.S. Senator from Utah (2019–present)
$190–250 million[14] Former CEO of Bain Capital and Bain & Company, son of Michigan Governor George W. Romney
Ted Kennedy Democratic U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1962–2009)
candidate for U.S. President (1980)
$163 million[15] Inherited stake in the Chicago Merchandise Mart
John Hancock Federalist President of the Continental Congress (1775–1777, 1785–86)
Governor of Massachusetts (1780–85, 1787–93)
candidate for U.S. President (1789)
$100 million[16] Inherited a profitable mercantile business from his uncle
Al Gore Democratic U.S. Representative from Tennessee (1977–1985)
U.S. Senator from Tennessee (1985–1993)
Vice President (1993–2001)
candidate for U.S. President (1988, 2000)
$100 million[17] Son of attorney and Tennessee U.S. Senator Albert Gore Sr., who owned a stake in Occidental Petroleum, book and film deals
Hillary Clinton Democratic (1968–present) First Lady of the United States (1993–2001)
U.S. Senator from New York (2001–2009)
candidate for U.S. President (2008, 2016)
Secretary of State (2009–2013)
$52–111 million[18] Book deals and public speaking fees from foreign/domestic sources
James M. Cox Democratic U.S. Representative from Ohio (1909–1913)
Governor of Ohio (1913–15, 1917–21)
Democratic nominee for U.S. President (1920)
$40 million (D. 1950)[19] Founded a chain of newspapers that continues today as Cox Enterprises
Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Chair of the New York Democratic Party (1866–1874)
Governor of New York (1875–1876)
Democratic nominee for U.S. President (1876)
$8.5 million (D. 1886)[20] Law practice, investments, and inheritance of Tilden's Extract

Other U.S. politicians[edit]

Name Party Position Date(s) Net worth Notes
J. B. Pritzker Democratic Governor of Illinois 2019–present $3.5 billion[21] Inheritance, family owns the Hyatt hotel chain
Penny Pritzker Democratic Secretary of Commerce 2013–2017 $2.5 billion[22] Inheritance, family owns the Hyatt hotel chain
Bill Haslam Republican Mayor of Knoxville
Governor of Tennessee
$2 billion[23] Son of Jim Haslam, founder of Pilot Corporation, and former CEO of the e-commerce and catalog division of Saks Fifth Avenue
Mark Dayton Democratic Auditor of Minnesota
U.S. Senator from Minnesota
Governor of Minnesota
$1.6 billion Great-grandson of George Dayton, the founder of Target[24]
Betsy DeVos Republican Chair of the Michigan Republican Party
Secretary of Education
$1.25 billion[25] Daughter of Edgar Prince, founder of Prince Corporation; daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, co-founder of Amway; sister of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater
Jim Justice Republican (before 2015, 2017–present)
Democratic (2015–2017)
Governor of West Virginia 2017–present $1.2 billion[26] Founder of Bluestone Farms. Owner of 70 active mines in 5 states as of 2014
Winthrop Paul Rockefeller Republican Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas 1996–2006 1.2 billion[27][28][29] Member of the Rockefeller Family
Linda McMahon Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, Connecticut
Administrator of the Small Business Administration
2010 (nominee), 2012 (nominee)
$938 million–1.1 billion[30] Married to Vince McMahon, who inherited the professional wrestling business founded by his grandfather, Jess McMahon, now known as WWE
Herb Kohl Democrat U.S. Senator from Wisconsin 1989–2012 $630 million–1.5 billion[31] Inheritance, son of Max Kohl, founder of Kohl's; former owner of the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA
C. S. Mott Republican Mayor of Flint, Michigan 1912-1914; 1918-1919 $800 million Co-founder of General Motors
Wilbur Ross Republican Secretary of Commerce 2017–2021 $600 million[32] Founder of private equity firm WL Ross & Co
Kelly Loeffler Republican U.S. Senator from Georgia 2020–2021 $500 million+[33] Married to Jeffrey Sprecher, founder and CEO of Intercontinental Exchange
Jane Harman Democratic United States Representative 1993–1999, 2001–2011 $500 million<[citation needed] Inheritance, home and car audio manufacturing corporation
Bruce Rauner Republican Governor of Illinois 2015–2019 $500 million+ Chairman of GTCR
Amo Houghton Republican U.S. Representative from New York 1987–2005 $475 million[34] Former CEO and descendant of the founder of Corning Glass Works
Glenn Youngkin Republican Governor of Virginia 2022–present $470 million[35] Former CEO of The Carlyle Group
Jared Polis Democratic U.S. Representative from Colorado
Governor of Colorado
$388 million[36] Founder of ProFlowers
Rex Tillerson Republican Secretary of State 2017–2018 $325 million[25] Former CEO of ExxonMobil
Greg Gianforte Republican Governor of Montana
U.S. Representative from Montana
2016 (nominee), 2020
$315 million[37] Founder of RightNow Technologies
Gina Raimondo Democratic U.S. Cabinet from Rhode Island
Secretary of Commerce
$300 million[34] Former Governor of Rhode Island
Jon Corzine Democratic U.S. Senator from New Jersey
Governor of New Jersey
$300 million[34] Former CEO of Goldman Sachs
Steven Mnuchin Republican Secretary of the Treasury 2017–2021 $300 million[25] Former executive of Goldman Sachs
Michael McCaul Republican U.S. Representative from Texas 2005–present $294 million[13] Son-in-law of Lowry Mays, founder of Clear Channel Communications
Rick Scott Republican Governor of Florida
U.S. Senator from Florida
$255 million[38] Founder of Columbia Hospital Corporation
Mark Warner Democratic Chair of the Virginia Democratic Party
Candidate for U.S. Senate, Virginia
Governor of Virginia
U.S. Senator from Virginia
1996 (nominee)
$243 million[39] Early investor in Nextel Communications
Dan Goldman Democratic Candidate for Attorney General of New YorkDemocrat nominee for New York's 10th congressional district 2022 (candidate)

2022 (candidate; onging)

$253 million[40] Heir to the Levi's fortune
Darrell Issa Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, California
U.S. Representative from California
Nominee for Director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency
$220 million[13] Founder of Directed Electronics
Rick Snyder Republican Governor of Michigan 2011–2018 $220 million Business, Venture Capital/Investment
Trudy Busch Valentine Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator from Missouri in 2022 2022 $215 million[41] Daughter of Gussie Busch
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. Democratic Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Chair of the Maritime Commission
U.S. Ambassador to the UK
$200–400 million[42] Investor, banker, filmmaker
Carl Paladino Democratic (before 2005)
Republican (2005–present)
Candidate for Governor of New York 2010 (nominee) $150 million[43] Retail real estate developer
Mehmet Oz Republican Candidate for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania 2022–present $100–$500 million Realty television personality
Arnold Schwarzenegger Republican Governor of California 2003–2011 $100–$200 million[44] Real estate, acting


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