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Location of Sri Lanka

Following is a List of riots in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island nation situated in South Asia. It has experienced ethnic tensions between its majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils and Moors populations since 1915 from time to time.[1]

20th century[edit]





  • 1981 - Burning of Jaffna library, Jaffna, Northern Province - The destruction of the Jaffna Public Library, with the loss of over 100,000 books, artifacts and palm writings. Four Sri Lankan Tamils were killed.[4]
  • 1981 Riots were carried out by Sinhalese mobs against predominantly Indian Tamils in Ratnapura, Kahawatte and Balangoda areas. Shops were looted and set on fire and many women and girls were raped by marauding mobs
  • 1983 - Black July, Sri Lanka - Ethnic riots Sri Lankan Tamils and Sinhalese where between 400 and 3,000 Sri Lankan Tamil civilians were killed and many more made homeless and refugees.[5]
  • 1987 - 1987 Trincomalee riots, Trincomalee, Eastern Province - riots between Tamils and Sinhalese in Trincomalee that later morphed into LTTE violence against Sinhalese killed over 200 Sinhalese and rendered thousands homeless and displaced in the Eastern Province.


21st century[edit]



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