List of rivers and nullahs in Hong Kong

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The location of Hong Kong, adjacent to the coast, is not close to the system of major rivers in southern China, though the water to the west of Hong Kong is influenced by Pearl River. In 1,103 km² of land, the territory is largely hilly with over 200 islands. Because of this, the terrain can nurture relatively shorter and smaller rivers in Hong Kong than in southern China.

Historically, these rivers once sustained intensive farming for the need of population before the age of developing new towns. Many rivers can be found in the New Territories, especially in the areas north of Tai Mo Shan, where rice growing and fish farming were once everywhere amidst several river systems.

Kowloon and New Kowloon[edit]

Name Image
Fung Wong Kai Stream
Fungwongkai 02.JPG
Jordan Valley Nullah
Jordan Valley Nullah.JPG
Kai Tak Nullah
Kai Tak Nullah Flowing into Kai Tak Airport.JPG
Kwun Tong Nullah
HK KwunTongNullah.JPG
Tonkin Street Nullah
HK Sheung Sha Wan Tonkin Street Nullah 1.JPG
Tso Kung Tam
Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Tso Kung Tam.JPG

Hong Kong Island[edit]

Name Image
Staunton Creek Nullah
Staunton Creek Nullah between Wong Chuk Hang Station and Ap Lei Chau Bridge.jpg

New Territories[edit]


Name Image
Fairview Park Nullah
Fo Tan Nullah
HK FoTanRiver.jpg
Ha Tsuen Nullah
HK HaTsuenNullah SanSikRoad.JPG
Ho Chung River
Kam Tin River
Kam Tin River 2009.jpg
Kap Man Hang
HK FoTanRiver.jpg
Kau To Hang
HK KauToHang Near PineVilla.JPG
Kwan Tei River
Lam Tsuen River
HK LamTsuenRiver TaiPoTau.JPG
Lung Hang
Ma Liu River
Ma Wat River
Ma Wat River Ng Tung River Confluence.jpg
Nam Chung River
Ng Tung River
Ng Tung River 0806.jpg
Pak Sha O River
Ping Yuen River
Sha Tau Kok River
Sham Chun River
China-SAR-HongKong border view-from-Shenzhen1.jpg
Shan Pui River
Shan Pui River Yuen Long Industrial Estate Section 2006.jpg
She Shan River
Shek Sheung River
Shek Sheung River 201408.jpg
Sheung Yue River
Shing Mun River
HK Shing Mun River 2007.jpg
Siu Lek Yuen Nullah
HK Siu Lek Yuen River.jpg
Tai Lam Chung
Tai Lam Chung 2015.jpg
Tai Po Kau Stream
Tai Po River
Taipo River Near Kwong Fuk.jpg
Tai Shing Stream
Tai Shui Hang
Tan Shan River
Tin Shui Wai Nullah
Tin Shui Wai Nullah.jpg
Tuen Mun River
Tuen Mun River.jpg
Tung Wan Hang
Wong Chuk Chung
Yuen Long Nullah

Lantau Island[edit]

Name Image
Silver River
Silver River, Hong Kong.JPG
Tai O Chung
Tai O Chung
Tung Chung River
Tung Chung River (Hong Kong).jpg
Wong Lung Hang
Wong Lung Hang nullah (Hong Kong).jpg

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