List of rivers in Cornwall

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The county of Cornwall, located in southwest England in the United Kingdom, contains numerous small rivers and streams. The border between Cornwall and the neighbouring county of Devon is mostly the River Tamar.

Sketchmap of rivers of southeast Cornwall
Name Length Source Mouth Photo
River Allen Edit this on WikidataSt AllenRiver TruroRiver Allen just before it joins the Truro River - - 1375161.jpg
River Allen Edit this on WikidataCamelfordRiver CamelRiver Allen - - 379778.jpg
River Camel Edit this on Wikidata74 km (46 mi)Bodmin Moor (50°39′33″N 4°38′29″W)Padstow BayRiver camel Feb2008.JPG
River Caerhays Edit this on Wikidata13 km (8.1 mi)[1]English Channel (50°14′12″N 4°50′29″W)Toward the Sea - - 1372662.jpg
Carnon River Edit this on WikidataChacewater (50°15′45″N 5°9′30″W)English ChannelCarnon River near Point Mills - - 1234714.jpg
River Cober Edit this on WikidataNine Maidens DownsThe LoeRiver Cober in Loe Valley - - 984703.jpg
De Lank River Edit this on Wikidata9 mi (14 km)Bodmin MoorRiver CamelDeLankRiverCornwallUK.jpg
River Fal Edit this on Wikidata29 km (18 mi)Goss MoorEnglish ChannelDSCN2008FlushingRainbow.jpg
River Fowey Edit this on Wikidata40 km (25 mi)Bodmin MoorEnglish ChannelGolant, River Fowey - - 495276.jpg
River Gannel Edit this on Wikidata13 km (8.1 mi)Carland Cross (50°20′57″N 5°1′32″W)Atlantic OceanThe River Gannel below Trevemper Bridge - - 1775540.jpg
Gover Stream Edit this on Wikidata3 km (1.9 mi)St Austell RiverStream in the Gover Valley - - 431992.jpg
Hamoaze Edit this on WikidataPlymouth SoundPlymouth , The Hamoaze - - 1151458.jpg
River Hayle Edit this on Wikidata12 mi (19 km)Crowan (50°9′25″N 5°16′59″W)Atlantic OceanHayle River near St Erth - - 182864.jpg
Helford River Edit this on Wikidata50 km (31 mi)[2]English Channel (50°5′48″N 5°6′7″W)A summer morning in Helford - - 384012.jpg
River Inny Edit this on Wikidata20 mi (32 km)DavidstowRiver TamarThe River Inny from Bealsmill Bridge - - 418914.jpg
River Kensey Edit this on WikidataTreneglosRiver TamarPrior's Bridge and the River Kensey - - 323493.jpg
Lerryn River Edit this on WikidataBodmin MoorRiver Fowey (50°22′19″N 4°38′12″W)River Lerryn at Tallowater - - 492660.jpg
River Looe Edit this on Wikidata40.1 km (24.9 mi)[3][4]English ChannelRiver Looe.jpg
River Lynher Edit this on Wikidata34 km (21 mi)[5]Bodmin MoorHamoazeRiver Lynher towards Saltash - - 356419.jpg
Marsland Water Edit this on WikidataAtlantic OceanFord in Marsland Wood (geograph 1910478).jpg
River Menalhyl Edit this on Wikidata12 mi (19 km)Nine Maidens stone row (50°28′15″N 4°54′36″W)Atlantic Ocean (50°28′0″N 5°2′0″W)The River Menalhyl - - 105315.jpg
Mylor Creek Edit this on WikidataCarrick RoadsLooking down Mylor Creek at high tide - - 1042546.jpg
River Ottery Edit this on Wikidata33 km (21 mi)OtterhamRiver TamarRiver Ottery - - 212774.jpg
Par River Edit this on WikidataSt Austell BayAtlantic Coast Line 1.jpg
Penpol Creek Edit this on WikidataRiver Fowey (50°21′32″N 4°38′7″W)Penpoll Mill and Penpol Creek.jpg
Penpont Water Edit this on WikidataRiver InnyOld bridge at Two Bridges - - 163310.jpg
Percuil River Edit this on Wikidata11 km (6.8 mi)Treworlas (50°12′28″N 4°57′23″W)Falmouth Bay (50°9′7″N 5°1′16″W)Percuil River - - 476588.jpg
River Pol Edit this on Wikidata6.4 km (4.0 mi)PelyntAtlantic OceanPolperro, harbour at low tide - - 571559.jpg
Pont Pill Edit this on WikidataRiver FoweyPenleath Point and Fowey Harbour - - 254027.jpg
Port Navas Creek Edit this on Wikidata1 km (0.62 mi)Helford RiverPorth Navas - - 739949.jpg
Red River Edit this on WikidataTowednackEnglish ChannelThe Red River, Marazion - - 923354.jpg
Red River Edit this on Wikidata8 mi (13 km)BolenoweAtlantic OceanRedRiverCornwallAtGodrevyBeach.jpg
Restronguet Creek Edit this on Wikidata2 mi (3.2 km)River FalRestronguet Creek - - 13935.jpg
St Austell River Edit this on Wikidata20.8 km (12.9 mi)English ChannelSt Austell River and Cycle Path - - 43637.jpg
River Seaton Edit this on Wikidata11 mi (18 km)Caradon HillEnglish ChannelRiver Seaton, Hessenford - - 1767126.jpg
River Strat Edit this on Wikidata12.7 mi (20.4 km)KilkhamptonAtlantic Ocean (50°49′50″N 4°33′16″W)The River Strat in Stratton - - 1801257.jpg
River Tamar Edit this on Wikidata98 km (61 mi)HamoazeCalstock Viaduct.jpg
River Tiddy Edit this on WikidataPensilva (50°30′4″N 4°25′24″W)River Lynher (50°23′17″N 4°17′38″W)River Tiddy (25902178096).jpg
Trevillet River Edit this on WikidataAtlantic Ocean (50°40′27″N 4°43′48″W)Old building near river at Rocky Valley - - 1444422.jpg
River Truro Edit this on WikidataRiver FalTruro Cathedral and the River Truro (Taken by Flickr user 2nd January 2015).jpg
River Valency Edit this on Wikidata8.3 km (5.2 mi)Otterham (50°40′12″N 4°37′4″W)Atlantic Ocean (50°41′32″N 4°41′57″W)River Valency at Newmills - - 437373.jpg
River Warleggan Edit this on WikidataRiver FoweyWarleggan River - - 276921.jpg



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