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This is a list of rivers of Assam, India.



Conference on Redressing Inequalities of Displacement by Development: Dams and Mines. Ranchi: Council for Social Development, November 6–8, 2004.


Gita Bharali

The pagladia dam proposed to be built near Thalkuchi village is one of the 13 sanctioned in the North Eastern India. 35 more from a list of 248 dams are under active consideration. The proposed site of the Pagladia dam project is about 26 km north of Nalbari town in the Nalbari district of Assam, near the Indo- Bhutan International Boarder. Both tribal and non-tribal community inhabits the area. 90 percent of the population living in these areas is tribal (Bodo) and 10 percent are from the non-tribal community. This area is a strong hold of the All Bodo Students Association (ABSU). It is under the jurisdiction of the Boroland Territorial Council (BTC).

Project Background

The dam was originally planned as a minor flood prevention project, at an estimated cost of Rs 126 millions, based on an investigation conducted by the Central Works and Planning Commission during 1968-71. The Planning Commission of India approved it as a Flood Control Project for Rs 128 millions at 1971-72 prices. In 1984-85 it was taken over by the Brahmaputra Board. Irrigation was added to it and its cost raised to Rs 2878.9 millions at 1988-89 prices. The Technical advisory Committee on Irrigation (TACI), Flood Control and Multi purpose projects of the Ministry of Water Resource Development (MOWR) considered the project in 1990 and recommended the addition of Hydropower generation and conjunctive use of surface and ground water to ensure the optimum development of the ground water resources. Finally, in August 1995, the Technical Advisory Committee of the MOWR on multipurpose river projects cleared the project from the techno economic angle. Clearance of the Ministry of Environment and Forest was obtained after getting an No objection Certificate (NOC) from the Government of Assam and after raising its estimated cost to Rs 5409.9 millions at 1999 prices The Public Investment Board of the Government of India accorded its approval at the cost of Rs. 5266.2 millions in March 2000. The Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved it in November 2000 at a cost of Rs. 5429 millions for implementation by the Brahmaputra Board. It is scheduled to be completed in 2007. The main objectives of the project are:

  • . Protection of 40,000 hectares of land from floods and erosion, covering five revenue circles (190 villages) in Nalbari District.
  • Irrigate 54,160 hectares of land of 145 villages in Nalbari district and
  • To generate 3 Megawatt electricity


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