List of rivers of Austria

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Drainage basins of Austria:
  Rhine    Danube    Elbe

This is a list of rivers (or tributaries thereof) at least partially located in Austria. Nearly all of Austria is drained by the Danube into the Black Sea; the rest flow into the North Sea. Rivers are listed twice, first by basin, then alphabetically.

Within basins, rivers that flow into the sea are listed alphabetically. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted by the proximity of their points of confluence to the sea (the lower in the list, the more upstream). Rivers which themselves do not flow through Austria, but have tributaries that do so (e.g. Vltava) are listed in italics.

By basin[edit]

Draining into the Black Sea[edit]

Draining into the North Sea[edit]

Alphabetical list[edit]

Ager, Alm, Bregenzer Ach, Breitach, Danube, Dornbirner Ach, Drava, Enns, Erlauf, Fischa, Gail, Glan, Gölsen, Gurk, Ill, Inn, Isar, Kamp, Kitzbühler Ache, Krems (Lower Austria), Krems (Upper Austria), Lech, Leitha, Loisach, Lužnice, Morava/March, Mur, Mürz, Piesting, Pinka, Rába, Rhine, Saalach, Salza, Salzach, Sill, Thaya, Tiroler Achen, Traisen, Traun (Danube), Vils (Lech), Wien, Ybbs, Ziller