List of rivers of Cambodia

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This is a list of major rivers in Cambodia .

By drainage basin[edit]

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

South China Sea[edit]

  • Saigon River
  • Mekong
    • Bassac River (Tonle Bassac; distributary)
    • Tonlé Sap
      • Krang Ponley River (Stung Krang Ponley)
      • Boribo River (Stung Boribo)
      • Chinit River (Stung Chinit)
        • Kambot River (Chinit River)
        • Slap River (Stung Slap)
        • Tang Krasang River (Stung Tag Krasang)
      • Sen River (Stung Sen)
        • Sraka Moan River (Stung Sraka Moan)
        • Kambot River (Sen River)
      • Stoung River (Stung Stoung)
        • Neang Sa Sngach River (Stung Neang Sa Sngach)
      • Chickreng River (Stung Chickreng)
      • Pursat River (also Pothisat River; Stung Pursat, also Stung Pothisat)
        • Peam River (Stung Peam)
      • Moung Russey River (Stung Moung Russey)
Living on the River outside Siem Reap Cambodia

Life on the River, outside of Siem Reap Cambodia

Gulf of Thailand[edit]

  • Kampong Trak River (Stung Kampong Trak)
  • Kah Bpow River (Stung Kah Bpow)
  • Tatai River (Stung Tatai)