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County Dublin (shaded dark green)

There are more than 130 named rivers and streams in County Dublin, Ireland, which comprises the city of Dublin and the surrounding administrative counties.

Rivers and tributaries[edit]

The rivers and streams are listed in one table, with systems such as the Liffey (and that of its major sub-system, the Dodder), Broadmeadow, Tolka and Shanganagh identified within the table. The name of each watercourse, the location of its mouth or confluence point and whether, for tributaries, they enter their parent on the right or left bank, is noted. Unnamed tributaries are not included. Most are shown on the back cover map of the Doyle reference, and those in the central area are shown on the main and section-specific maps in the Sweeney reference.

Alternative name(s)
System, if applicable Order Bank Source Mouth / point of confluence Refs Notes
Delvin River Delvin 1st - NW of Garristown Near Knocknagin, N of Bremore [1] Runs N of Naul, S of Stamullin, two cascades of over 5m near Naul
Bartramstown River Delvin 2nd Left Near Fourknocks NE of Garristown [1]
Hurley River Nanny (Meath) 2nd Right Tobergregan, S of Garristown (to the Nanny R., Meath) [1]
Bremore River - 1st - NW of Balbriggan N of Balbriggan [2]
Bracken River
Matt River
- 1st - W and S of Balbriggan Balbriggan [1]
Inch Stream Bracken (Matt) 2nd Right S of Balbriggan Stephenstown, Balbriggan
Tanner's Water Bracken (Matt) 3rd Right E of Balrothery N of Balrothery
Brook Stream
Mill Stream
Brook Stream 1st - Branches W of Skerries Skerries [1] Supplying (but not flowing through) the mill pond for the mill complex at Skerries
Milverton Stream Brook Stream 2nd Left NW of Skerries W of Skerries [1]
St. Catherine's Stream - 1st - NW of Kenure Demesne Brook's End, N of Rush [1]
Kenure Stream - 1st - W of Kenure Demesne E of Kenure Demesne [3] Runs alongside Palmer Road in culvert, and then in nice valley down to north end of Rush's North Beach
Rush Town Stream
Brook Stream
- 1st - W of Rush North Beach, Rush [3]
Bride's Stream Bride's Stream 1st - N of Lusk S of Whitestown, Rogerstown Estuary [3]
Jone's Stream Bride's Stream 2nd Left NE of Lusk S of Whitestown, Rogerstown Estuary [3]
Baleally Stream - 1st - Lusk (south of Round Tower) Newhaggard, after Baleally, Rogerstown Estuary [3]
Ballyboghil (or Ballyboughal) River Ballyboghil 1st - Tobergregan, S of Garristown Rogerstown Estuary [3]
Daws River Ballyboghil 2nd Right Rath, by Meath border N of Oldtown [3]
Richardstown River Ballyboghil 2nd Left Grallagh Gracedieu, S of Richardstown [3]
Corduff River
Ballough Stream or River
Nine-Stream River
Ballyboghil 2nd Left Many branches Just W of Rogerstown Estuary, near Newhaggard [3]
Wimbletown Stream Ballyboghil 3rd Left N of Ballyboghil To Corduff, at Newtowncorduff, S of Ballough [3] One of two parallel streams, the nameless other comes from branches beyond Damastown
Turvey River
(last part: River Pill)
- 1st - Branches from Cookstown, Magillstown S of Newbridge Demesne [3]
Lissenhall Stream - 1st - near Behinstown Lissenhall, south of Newport House [3]
Broadmeadow River (or Water)
Broadmeadow 1st - (Meath, near Dunshaughlin) Broadmeadow Estuary [3] 5th largest flow in Dublin, wide Broadmeadow Estuary now semi-impounded by rail embankment
Dun Water Broadmeadow 2nd Right Dublin/Meath border [3]
Ward River
Swords River
Broadmeadow 2nd Right (Meath) N of Swords [4]
Shallon Stream Broadmeadow 3rd Right Cherryhound To Ward [4]
Mabestown Stream Broadmeadow 3rd Left To Ward, Laurestown, near Corrstown
St. Margaret's Stream Broadmeadow 3rd Right Near St. Margaret's To Ward [4]
Gaybrook Stream
Gay Brook
- 1st - Near Cloghran W of Malahide (Yellow Walls / Cave Marsh) [4]
Sluice River Sluice 1st - from below three streams N end of Baldoyle Bay [4]
Forrest Little Stream Sluice 2nd n/a Near Dublin Airport Merger with Wad in Baskin area [4]
Wad Stream Sluice 2nd n/a Near Dublin Airport Merger with Forrest Little in Baskin area [4]
Kealy's Stream Sluice 2nd n/a Near Dublin Airport Merger with above two in Kinsealy, forming Sluice [4]
Hazelbrook Stream Sluice 2nd Left S of Malahide W of Portmarnock [4]
Mayne River Mayne 1st - from below two streams midpoint of Baldoyle Bay [4] Studied for GDSDS
Cuckoo Stream Mayne 2nd n/a branches near Dublin Airport Merger with Turnapin E of Balgriffin [4]
Turnapin Stream Mayne 2nd n/a Harristown Merger with Cuckoo Stream E of Balgriffin [4] Main flow of Mayne
Grange Stream Mayne 2nd Right W Donaghmede Baldoyle [4][5] Long visible sections culverted in Donaghmede in 1980's, and in Baldoyle in early 2000s - still in open from the former Racecourse lands to near the Mayne
Seagrange Park Stream Mayne 3rd Right Bayside / lower Kilbarrack Baldoyle [4][5] Visible along DART line from Bayside and at eastern side of Seagrange Park
Bloody Stream 1st - Black Linn, Howth Claremont Strand [6][7] One of several Howth Estate streams (the only named one)
Offington Stream 1st - E of Deer Park golf course Western Howth Harbour [7][8]
Boggeen Stream
Gray's Brook
Tramway Brook
Boddeen Stream
1st - W of Thormanby Road, Howth (hollow where part of Thormanby Woods built) Eastern Howth Harbour [7][9] Gray's or Grey's Brook much used locally, still visible in the woodland N of Thormanby Woods and along Gray's Lane
Coulcour Brook
Coolcur Brook
1st - Above Howth village Balscadden Bay [7][10] Visible briefly on Cowbooter Lane
Whitewater Brook 1st - S part of the Ben of Howth Whitewater Brook Cove, having crossed under Carrickbrack and Thormanby Roads [7][11] Visible briefly near Cliff Walk, and by public car park upstream, and unnamed tributary visible at chain of small ponds above Thormanby Road
Balsaggart Stream 1st - Between the Ben of Howth and Shelmartin W of Drumleck Point [7][12] Comes to Carrickbrack Road (and sometimes onto it) by Lonethorn
Carrickbrack Stream 1st - Between Dun Hill and Shelmartin E Sutton Strand [13][14] Piped mouth sometimes visible on Sutton Strand
Santa Sabina Stream 1st - Howth Demesne (S of main avenue) E Sutton Strand (155m from Carrickbrack) [13][15] Piped mouth sometimes visible on Sutton Strand
Kilbarrack Stream
Daunagh Water
1st - S of Turnapin S of Bayside, with secondary, artificial mouth at end of Kilbarrack Road [15][16]
Blackbanks Stream 1st - Edenmore, S of Tonlegee Road Meeting of Howth and James Larkin Roads [15][17]
Fox Stream
Foxe's Lane Watercourse
1st - Former quarry area, now Edenmore Park S of Fox's Lane, Raheny [15][17]
Santry River
Raheny River
(part) Quinn's River
1st - Harristown and Dubber Alongside Bull Island causeway, Raheny [18][19] Studied for GDSDS
Naniken River
Nannikin or Naneken
(part) Ballyhoy River
1st - N Santry By Duck Pond, St. Anne's Park [20][21]
Wad River 1st - Poppintree Inner end of Tolka Estuary / Clontarf Bay [21][22]
River Tolka Tolka 1st - (Meath, NW of Batterstown) Tolka Estuary / Clontarf Bay [23][24] River Tolka Flooding Study added to GDSDS
Clonee Stream Tolka 2nd Right (Meath) N of N3, near Clonee [25]
(West) Pinkeen Stream Tolka 2nd Left (Meath) Damastown [25]
(East) Pinkeen Stream Tolka 2nd Left N of Tyrellstown Mulhuddart [25]
Warrenstown Stream Tolka 2nd Left N of Warrenstown S of Warrenstown [25]
Scribblestown Stream
Cappoge Stream
Tolka 2nd Left N of Abbotstown Scribblestown [25][26]
Finglaswood Stream
Mount Olivat Stream
Tolka 2nd Left SW Finglas Finglaswood / Tolka Valley Park [25][26]
Finglas River Tolka 2nd Left Ratoath Road, N of Finglas S of Finglas [25][27] Studied for GDSDS
Claremont Stream Tolka 2nd Left W of Finglas Glasnevin (near RC church) [25][28]
Cemetery Drain Tolka 2nd Right Near Liffey Junction Glasnevin (near RC church) [29][30]
Hampstead Stream Tolka 2nd Left DCU and Hillside Farm branches W Drumcondra [30][31]
Marino Stream Tolka 2nd Left High Park area, Drumcondra Tolka Estuary, Clontarf [30][31]
River Liffey Liffey 1st - (Wicklow, Liffey Head Bog) Dublin Bay [32][33]
Brittas River Liffey 2nd Right Seechon Mountain, Dublin S of Kilbride, Wicklow [34]
Tobermaclugg Stream Liffey 2nd Right S of Grand Canal W of Lucan [35]
Griffeen River
(part) Racreena River
(part) Esker River
Liffey 2nd Right Saggart Hill Lucan [36]
Kilmahuddrick Stream Liffey 3rd Right Kilmahuddrick To Griffeen, N of Grand Canal [35]
Westmanstown Stream Liffey 2nd Left (Meath) S of Luttrellstown [37]
Diswellstown Stream Liffey 2nd Left Carpenterstown and Castleknock S of Diswellstown, west of Knockmaroon [37]
Glenaulin Stream
Pound Lane Stream
Liffey 2nd Right W of Palmerstown Glenaulin Weir [37]
Furry Glen Stream
Knockmaroon Stream
Liffey 2nd Left W of Farmleigh S of Furry Glen [37]
St. Laurence Stream Liffey 2nd Right Ballyfermot S of Chapelizod [37]
Creosote Stream Liffey 2nd Right Inchicore Garden of Remembrance [37]
Magazine Stream Liffey 2nd Left E Castleknock Islandbridge [37]
River Camac
Cammock or Cammoke River
(part) Clondalkin River
Liffey 2nd Right Mount Seskin By Heuston Station [38] 4th largest flow in Dublin, studied for GDSDS
Ferny Glinn Liffey 3rd Left To Camac, Brittas Ponds area [38]
The Two Slades Liffey 3rd Left To W To Camac, N of Brittas [38] Two distinct streams but no separate names
Toberach Liffey 3rd Right To E To Camac, N of Brittas [38] The last stretch of this small stream had a separate name, "The Stream of the Neighing of Horses"
Boherboy Stream
(Upper reaches) Corbally Slade River
Liffey 3rd Right Next valley east of Slade of Saggart To Camac, N of Saggart village, near Citywest [38]
Brownsbarn Stream Liffey 3rd Right Between Corbally and Lugmore To Camac, N of Saggart village, near Citywest [38]
Fettercairn Stream Liffey 3rd Right To Camac, NE of Saggart village [38]
Robinhood Stream
Coolfan River
Liffey 3rd Right Ballymount and Greenhills To Camac, by Robinhood Ind. Estate [38]
Gallblack Stream Liffey 3rd Left From the merger of the next two streams To Camac, near Bluebell Cemetery [38]
Blackditch Stream Liffey 4th n/a Rowlagh Merger with Gallanstown to form Gallblack [38]
Gallanstown Stream Liffey 4th n/a Neilstown Merger with Blackditch to form Gallblack [38]
Drimnagh Castle Stream
Bluebell Stream
Liffey 3rd Right To Camac, bend of Lansdowne Valley [38] Supplies the moat at Drimnagh Castle
Walkinstown Stream Liffey 3rd Right To Camac, Lansdowne Valley [38]
Finisk Stream
Viceregal Stream
Zoo Stream
Liffey 2nd Right E Castleknock Just upstream of Heuston Bridge [39] Flows through Aras an Uachtarain and Zoo lakes
Bradoge River
Pole Water
St. Michan's Streams
Liffey 2nd Left Cabra Ormond Quay [39][40]
River Poddle
(Upper reaches) Tymon River
Liffey 2nd Right Cookstown / N Tallaght Wellington Quay [41][42] Studied for GDSDS. Related are the two City Watercourse lines (from the Dodder and from Mount Argus). Alternate (artificial) courses include the Abbey Stream and Tenter Water, and related artificial lines include Lord Limerick's Watercourse and probably Col(e)man's Brook.
Commons Water
Coombe Stream
Liffey 3rd Left Crumlin and Drimnagh To Poddle, at New Street / Kevin Street junction [43][44] Passes through the Coombe
Steyne River
Stein and other variants
Liffey 2nd Right S of Adelaide Road near Charlemont Bridge Burgh Quay [45][46]
River Dodder Liffey 2nd Right Kippure (mountain) Ringsend [47][48] 3rd largest flow in Dublin, merges with the Grand Canal as they join the Liffey
Tromanallison ("Allison's Brook") Liffey 3rd n/a Near Kippure Headwaters of Dodder [46] Either primary source or very early contributor to the Dodder
Mareen's Brook Liffey 3rd Right (Wicklow) SE of Kippure To Dodder, SE of Kippure [46]
Cot Brook Liffey 3rd Left Kippure / Seefingan area Dodder main course merged in Glenasmole [49]
Slade Brook Liffey 3rd Left Seefingan (mountain) To Dodder, Glenasmole [49]
Glassavullaun Stream Liffey 3rd Left Seefingan (mountain) area Glenasmole (to reservoir system rather than main Dodder flow) [50]
Ballinascorney Stream Liffey 3rd Left Ballinascorney Glenasmole (most of flow to reservoir system rather than main Dodder flow) [50]
Ballymaice Stream Liffey 3rd Left Glenasmole (most of flow to reservoir system rather than main Dodder flow) [50]
Piperstown Stream Liffey 3rd Left Around Featherbed Bog To Dodder, below Friarstown Glen [50]
Jobstown Stream
Tallaght Stream
Liffey 3rd Left To Dodder, S of Jobstown E of Tallaght [50]
Orlagh Stream Liffey 3rd Right Woodtown / Orlagh To Dodder, N of Firhouse / Knocklyon
Owendoher River Liffey 3rd Right Near Glendoo Mountain To Dodder, NW of Rathfarnham village, alongside Bushy Park [51][52]
Glendoo Stream Liffey 4th Right W of Glendoo Mountain To Owendoher headwaters, near Piperstown Gap [53]
Whitechurch Stream
(part) River Glin
Liffey 4th Right Tibradden area To Owendoher, Willbrook (Rathfarnham) [51][53]
Little Dargle River Liffey 3rd Right Two Rock Mountain N of Churchtown by Terenure [53][54] Prominent in Marlay Park
Castle Stream Liffey 4th Right Rathfarnham To Little Dargle, near Ely Arch (Rathfarnham) [53][55][56]
River Slang
Dundrum River
Dundrum Slang
Ticknock Stream (upper part)
Liffey 3rd Right Three Rock Mountain To Dodder, near Milltown [53][57]
Wyckham Stream Liffey 4th Left SW of Dundrum, and formerly boosted by an offtake from the Little Dargle To the Slang, south of Dundrum
Muckross Stream Liffey 3rd Left To Dodder, Simmonscourt [53][58]
Swan River
Swan Water
Liffey 3rd Left Towards Kimmage To the Dodder, above London Bridge near Irishtown [53][59]
Elm Park Stream 1st - Goatstown Merrion Strand (South Bull) [60][61]
Trimleston Stream
St. Helen's Stream
1st - SW of St. Helen's Booterstown [60][61]
Nutley Stream 1st - Clonskeagh Williamstown [61][62] Previously first stream south of Liffey / Dodder, coming to sea by Sandymount Martello Tower
Priory Stream 1st - E Stillorgan Blackrock Park [63]
Carysfort-Maretimo Stream
1st - Sandyford Maretimo [63]
Monkstown Stream
Rochestown Stream
Carrickbrennan Stream
Mickey Brien's Stream
Drayton Stream
1st - Rochestown West Pier, Dun Laoghaire Harbour [63]
O'Toole's Stream
1st - Between Rochestown and Glenageary Scotsman's Bay [63]
Kill o'the Grange Stream Kill o'the Grange 1st - Kill o'the Grange Killiney Strand [64] Connected to a surface water drainage diversion going as far as Sandyford Ind. Estate. Studied for GDSDS.
Deansgrange Stream
Clonkeen Stream
Kill o'the Grange 2nd - Deansgrange Near Johnstown Road [64] Sometimes the whole system is called by this name
Shanganagh River Shanganagh 1st - Merger of the below rivers and streams, near Cherrywood Killiney Strand [65]
Loughlinstown River (south or main branch)
Bride's Glen Stream
Shanganagh 2nd - Three Rock Mountain Near Cherrywood [65]
Loughlinstown River (north or Carrickmines branch) Shanganagh 2nd - Merger of the below rivers and streams Near Cherrywood [65]
Cabinteely Stream
Foxrock Stream
Shanganagh 3rd - Foxrock Cabinteely, meeting with the Carrickmines River [65]
Carrickmines River Shanganagh 3rd - Merger of the below streams Cabinteely, meeting with Cabinteely Stream [65] Studied for GDSDS. Previously formed slightly earlier, with Racecourse Stream meeting Ballyogan Stream, and then that Carrickmines River being joined by Glenamuck - the current setup was made during M50 work.
Racecourse Stream Shanganagh 4th - Between Leopardstown and Murphystown Roads Carrickmines, meeting with Ballyogan Stream [65]
Ballyogan Stream
Kilgobbin Stream
Shanganagh 4th - Three Rock Mountain Carrickmines, meeting with Racecourse Stream [65]
Glenamuck Stream Shanganagh 5th - Ballyogan, to Ballyogan Stream [65] Used to join Carrickmines River directly, not via Ballyogan Stream (before the SE Motorway section of the M50).
Golf Stream Shanganagh 6th - Jamestown To Glenamuck Stream [65]
Crinken Stream 1st - Rathmichael N of Bray [65]
Glencullen River
(part) Cookstown River
Dargle (Wicklow) 2nd Right Glendoo / Glencullen To Dargle, near Bray [65]
Middle Brook Dargle (Wicklow) 3rd Right Glendoo Mountain To Glencullen
Brockey Stream
Dargle (Wicklow) 3rd Right Ballynabrockey To Glencullen, by Glencullen Bridge [65]


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