List of rivers of the Netherlands Antilles

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This is a list of rivers of the former Netherlands Antilles. Rivers are listed in clockwise order, starting at the north end of each island.


  • Rooi Grandi
  • Roi Kaohari
  • Rooi Tuna
  • Rooi Promente
  • Rooi Huba


  • Roi Salga
  • Roi Beru
  • Roi Hundu
  • Roi Clement
  • Roi Kosta
  • Roi Shon Tata
  • Roi Katoen
  • Roi Dòmi
  • Roi Dam Guera

Sint Maarten[edit]

  • Ravine Rouge
  • Zagers Gut

Sint Eustatius[edit]

  • Wash Gut
  • Smith Gut
  • Soldiers Gut
  • Claes Gut
  • Billy’s Gut


  • Island Gut
  • Spring Bay Gut
  • Cove Gut
  • Core Gut
  • Middle Island Gut
  • Ladder Gut
  • Well’s Gut