List of rivers of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts

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This is a list of some of the rivers which flow through the two districts of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi. The names of river vary depending upon area where they flow. Almost all rivers of these districts flow westward and join Arabian sea.


Netravati river has its origins in the western ghats of Karnataka state in India.River kumaradhara , neryare, manihalla and gurupura river join to River Netravati. Some of the places on the banks of this river are Mangalore, Bantwal, Pane Mangalore, Dharmasthala and Ullal. It joins the Arabian sea at Mangalore. River Netravati is known as DAKSHINA KANNADA JEEVA NADI. Its length is 103 km. It having an area of approximately 1352 sq miles. It is main source water transport ,fishing ,power generation and also for drinking purposes .


Kumaradhara River originates in the western ghats and joins Netravati river. Kukke Subramanya is on the banks of Kumaradhara.

Gurupur or Phalguni[edit]

Gurupur river flows through Gurupur, Mangalore, Tannirubhavi. It joins the Arabian sea near Ullala.

Nandini or Pavanje[edit]

Nandini or Pavanje river joins the Arabian sea near Sashihitlu and Koluvail. It Originates in kanakagiris (Iruvail) and flows through Kateel, Attur-Kemral and Pavanje.


Shambavi river flows through Mulki town.


This river touches the village of Pangala and joins the Arabian sea near Matti.


Udyavar river joins Arabian sea near Malpe. Udyavar and Malpe are some of the places through which this river flows.

Swarna or Suvarna[edit]

The Swarna river (Tudhe in Tulu ) flows through villages Perdoor, Hiriyadka, Parika (parkala) Herga, Manipal, Perampalli, Uppoor and Kallianpur. It is the main source of drinking water to Udupi District. It joins the Arabian Sea at Bengre.

Sita or Seetha[edit]

The river originates in Western Ghats near Hebri at the top of Narasimha parvatha.This river mostly flows through Udipi taluk.The famous town Barkur is on the banks of river Sita.It confluences with Suvarna river before joining Arabian sea.

Panchagangavalli River[edit]

Panchagangavalli River is a river flowing through Kundapur and Gangolli in western India. The five rivers namely Souparnika River, Varahi River, Kedaka River, Chakra River, and Kubja River will join and merge into Arabian sea.

Sowparnika or Souparnika River[edit]

The places on the banks of this river are Kollur and Marvanthe. It comes near Arabian Sea in Maravanthe where there is a small srtip of land between the sea and river. It flows inwards the land for some 7 kilometers more to reach the Sea from this point and joins the Arabian sea at Gangolli.

Varahi River[edit]

Varahi River, also called Halady River, flows through Western Ghats in the Indian state of Karnataka. It joins the sea via Halady, Basrur, Kundapur and Gungulli. According to mythology, Varaha is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Varahi is feminine gender of Varaha.


Chakra river has its origin in Western ghats and touches Hemmadi before joining Arabian sea.