List of rivers of Ethiopia

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Map of Ethiopia showing some of the main rivers.

This is a list of streams and rivers in Ethiopia, arranged geographically by drainage basin. There is an alphabetic list at the end of this article.

Flowing into the Mediterranean[edit]

  • Nile (Egypt, Sudan)

Atbarah River[edit]

A map of the Atbara River drainage basin.

Blue Nile (or Abay River)[edit]

A map of the Abbay River drainage basin.

Sobat River (South Sudan)[edit]

A map of the Sobat River drainage basin.

Flowing into the Indian Ocean[edit]

A map of the Jubba River and Shebelle River drainage basin.

Flowing into endorheic basins[edit]

Afar Depression[edit]

A map of the Awash River.

Lake Ziway[edit]

Lake Turkana[edit]

A map of the Omo River.

Lake Abaya[edit]

Lake Chew Bahir[edit]

Alphabetic list[edit]

A to G[edit]

Abay River - Adabay River - Akaki River - Akobo River - Ala River - Alero River - Angereb River - Ataba River - Ataye River - Atbarah River - Awash River - Awetu River - Ayesha River

Balagas River - Baro River - Bashilo River - Beles River - Bilate River - Birbir River - Blue Nile - Borkana River

Cheleleka River

Dabus River - Dawa River - Dechatu River - Dembi River - Denchya River - Didessa River - Dinder River - Doha River - Dukem River - Durkham River

Erer River

Fafen River

Galetti River - Ganale Dorya River - Gebba River - Gebele River - Germama River - Gestro River - Gidabo River - Gibe River - Gilgel Gibe River - Gilo River - Gojeb River - Golima River - Gololcha River - Greater Angereb River - Guder River - Gumara River

H to L[edit]

Hanger River - Hawadi River

Jamma River - Jerer River - Jikawo River - Jubba River

Kabenna River - Karsa River - Katar River - Keleta River - Kibish River - Kulfo River

Lagabora River - Lesser Abay - Lesser Angereb - Logiya River

M to S[edit]

Mago River - Magech River - Mareb River - Meki River - Mena River - Mille River - Modjo River - Mofar River - Muger River - Mui River

Neri River

Omo River

Pibor River

Qechene River

Rahad River - Reb River - Robe River

Sagan River - Shebelle River - Shinfa River - Sor River

T to Z[edit]

Tekezé River Tella River Usno River - Ubbi Ubbi River

Wabe River - Walaqa River - Wajja River - Wanchet River - Wari River - Weito River - Weyib River - Welmel River

Yabus River

Zarima River

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