List of rivers of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Nearly all of the Newfoundland and Labrador rivers and creeks flow directly into the Atlantic.

East Coast of Labrador[edit]

Watersheds between Eclipse River and Groswater Bay, in Labrador[edit]

Watersheds between Groswater Bay and Goose Bay, in Labrador[edit]

Watersheds of Goose Bay and of Churchill River, in Labrador[edit]

North shore of Belle Isle Strait (Gulf of St Lawrence), in Labrador[edit]

List of rivers of Labrador flowing into Quebec[edit]

In order from East to West:


South watershed Newfoundland[edit]

Avalon Peninsula[edit]

Rivers listed from West to East:

East Coast of Newfoundland–Atlantic Ocean[edit]

In order from North to South:

Belle-Isle Strait - Newfoundland – Northwest shore[edit]

In order from North to South:

Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland[edit]

By St George-West watersheds of Newfoundland[edit]

Wartersheds of Fortune Bay-West of Newfoundland[edit]

Watersheds of the West coast of Newfoundland-Gulf of St Lawrence[edit]

Rivers listed from North to South

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