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This is a list of rivers in the state of Oklahoma, listed by drainage basin, alphabetically, and by size. In mean flow of water per second, the Arkansas is Oklahoma's largest river, followed by the Red River of the South and the Neosho River.

By drainage basin[edit]

This list is arranged by drainage basin, with respective tributaries indented under each larger stream's name.

Mississippi River[edit]

Red River[edit]

Red River Drainage Basin

Arkansas River[edit]


By size[edit]

Mean flow in cubic feet of water per second (cfs). One cubic foot equals .0283 cubic meters.

River cubic feet per second flow Location of monitoring station
Arkansas River 39,260 Near Arkansas state line
Red River 12,910 Near Arkansas state line
Neosho (Grand) River 8,890 Near Chouteau
Canadian River 6,523 Near Whitfield
Verdigris River 5,744 Below junction with Bird Creek
Little River (Red River tributary) 3,275 Near Arkansas state line
Poteau River 2,253 Near Panama
Cimarron River 2,236 Near Ripley
Spring River 2,209 Near Quapaw
Muddy Boggy Creek 2,002 Near Unger
South Canadian River 1,783 Near Calvin
Caney River 1,701 Near Ramona
Kiamichi River 1,615 Near Antlers
Salt Fork Arkansas River 1,565 Below Junction with Chikaskia
Illinois River 1,551 Near Gore
Mountain Fork River 1,430 Near Eagletown
Washita River 1,038 Near Tishomingo
Bird Creek 1,033 Near Catoosa
Deep Fork River 944 Near Beggs
North Canadian River 834 Near Wetumka
Elk River 821 Near Tiff City, Missouri
Chikaskia River 619 Near Blackwell
Lee Creek 546 Near Arkansas state line
North Fork Red River 531 Near Tipton
Clear Boggy Creek 498 Near Caney
Glover River 497 Near Glover
Cache Creek 391 Near junction with Red River
Little River (Canadian River) 360 Near Saskwa
Baron Fork 329 Near Eldon
Blue River 320 Near Blue
Spavinaw Creek 307 Near Eucha
Black Bear Creek 221 Near Pawnee
Salt Fork Red River 239 Near Elmer
East Cache Creek 223 Near Walters
Mud Creek 186 Near Courtney
Deep Red Creek 168 Near Randlett
Black Fork Creek 156 Near Page
Medicine Lodge River 151 Near Kiowa, Kansas
Skeleton Creek 146 Near Lovell
Fourche Maline Creek 136 Near Red Oak
Caney Creek 131 Near Barber, Oklahoma
Little Lee Creek 121 Near Nicut, Oklahoma
Flint Creek 118 Near Kansas, Oklahoma

Source: "Annual Water Data Report" USGS, 2008.;, accessed Dec 18,. 2010. Navigate to page 3 of reports of individual monitoring stations. Average Water flow statistics will vary slightly from year to year.

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