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This is a list of rivers of Quebec.

In all, Quebec counts at least a million lakes and 130,000 streams of which 4,500 are rivers. Quebec holds 2 percent of all freshwater on the planet.[1]


Hudson Bay watershed[edit]

James Bay[edit]

Rivers flowing into James Bay, listed from south to north[edit]

Tributaries of Waswanipi River (which empties in Nottaway River via Matagami Lake)[edit]

Tributaries of Bell River[edit]

Quebec rivers flowing in Ontario (or tributaries of Ontario rivers)[edit]

Main Quebec rivers flowing up to Ontario bank of James Bay, listed from East to West:

Right bank of Harricana River

Left bank of Harricana River

Tributaries of Moose River (Ontario)

Hudson Bay[edit]

Main rivers flowing into Hudson Bay, listed from north to south:

Hudson Strait watershed[edit]

Rivers flowing into Hudson Strait, listed from west to east:

Ungava Bay watershed[edit]

Rivers flowing into Ungava Bay, listed from west to east:

North Shore of Saint Lawrence River/Gulf of Saint Lawrence watershed[edit]

Rivers flowing into the Saint Lawrence River and Gulf of Saint Lawrence, listed in downstream order:

Ottawa Valley (East Bank) - Upper part[edit]

Tributaries of Dozois Reservoir and lower[edit]

Tributaries of Decelles Reservoir and lower[edit]

Ottawa Valley (Quebec Watershed) - Intermediary section (at the Ontario limit)[edit]

Gatineau River Valley - Lower part[edit]

Gatineau Valley (West Bank)[edit]

Ottawa Valley (East Bank - Quebec) - Lower part

Basse-Laurentides - Lac des Deux Montagnes and rivière des Mille Îles[edit]

Rive Nord, en ordre de l'Ouest vers l'Est:

North shore of Rivière des Mille Îles

Ottawa Valley (South Bank)[edit]

Haut Saint-Laurent Sector (North Bank)[edit]

North Shore of St. Lawrence River

Montreal area[edit]

See: List of rivers and water bodies of Montreal Island

Jesus Island (Laval, Quebec

Note: No rivers on Jesus Island

Island of Montreal

Watershed of l'Assomption River[edit]

North shore of St Lawrence river - Between Repentigny and Trois-Rivières[edit]

Watershed of Saint-Maurice River[edit]

Rivers flowing into the Saint Lawrence River and Gulf of Saint Lawrence, listed in downstream order:

Ouest Bank

East Bank

North Shore downstream of Trois-Rivières[edit]

Batiscan River Valley[edit]

East of Batiscan River[edit]

East of Quebec City on North Shore[edit]

Watershed of Saguenay River[edit]

South shore (from the mouth of Saguenay River)

Tributaries of Lac Saint-Jean[edit]

In order in hourly turn from Saguenay River.

North-Shore-Tributaries downstream of Tadoussac[edit]

North-Shore-Betsiamites River and tributaries Eastward[edit]

North-Shore-Aux Outardes River and tributaries Eastward[edit]

North-Shore-Manicouagan River and tributaries Eastward[edit]

North-Shore-Sainte-Marguerite River and tributaries Eastward[edit]

Tributaries downstream of Romaine River[edit]

Tributaries downstream of Natashquan River[edit]

Islands of Saint.Lawrence River[edit]

Orleans Island[edit]

Anticosti Island[edit]

Watershed of South Shore of St. Lawrence River (between Ontario border and Etchemin River)[edit]

Watershed of Haut-Saint-Laurent[edit]

Watershed of Richelieu River[edit]

Watershed of Yamaska River[edit]

Watershed of Saint-François River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

West Bank of Saint-François River

Saint-François River

South Bank of Saint-François River

North Bank of Saint-François River

Great Lake Saint-François

Lake Noir (Saint-François River)

East Bank of Saint-François River

Tributaries upstream of Saint-François River

Watershed of Nicolet River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of Bécancour River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of Gentilly River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of Chaudière River[edit]

Tributaries of West Bank of Richelieu River

Tributaries of East Bank of Chaudière River

Watershed of Etchemin River[edit]

Gaspesie Peninsula[edit]

Watershed of Southeast of St. Lawrence River (at East of Etchemin River)[edit]

Watershed of South River, Montmagny (French: Rivière du Sud)[edit]

Watershed of Southeast bank of St. Lawrence River (at East of South River, Montmagny)[edit]

Watershed of Rivière du Loup and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of Trois-Pistoles River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of Rimouski River and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Watershed of La Mitis and Eastern tributaries[edit]

Northern slope of Gaspésie[edit]

Watershed of Gaspé Bay[edit]

Watershed of La Malbaie River (Percé)[edit]

Watershed of Chaleur Bay (East of Bonaventure River)[edit]

Watershed of Chaleur Bay (West of Bonaventure River)[edit]

Restigouche River watershed (left bank - part in Quebec)[edit]

Restigouche River watershed (part in New Brunswick)[edit]

Watershed of Bay of Fundy (Atlantic Ocean)[edit]

Saint John River watershed - Higher part - (Quebec, Maine and New Brunswick)[edit]

North Bank of Saint John River

Saint John River-Watershed of Madawaska River - Quebec and New Brunswick[edit]

Connecticut River - Quebec et New Hampshire[edit]

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