List of rivers of Singapore

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The geographically small island nation of Singapore has few rivers of significant length or width, the longest of which, the Kallang River is only 10 km in length. The Singapore River, perhaps the most famous in the country, is of insignificant length as well. However, the country's tropical climate and heavy rainfall require a very comprehensive network of natural draining systems, much of which has become concrete system as urbanisation spread across the island.

Natural rivers[edit]


On offshore islands[edit]

Pulau Tekong[edit]

  • Sungei Belang
  • Sungei Chek Mat Nah
  • Sungei Pasir
  • Sungei Permatang
  • Sungei Sanyongkong
  • Sungei Seminei
  • Sungei Unum

Pulau Ubin[edit]

  • Sungei Asam
  • Sungei Batu Kekek
  • Sungei Besar
  • Sungei Jelutong
  • Sungei Mamam
  • Sungei Puaka
  • Sungei Pulau Ubin
  • Sungei Teris
  • Sungei Tiga
  • Sungei Wat Siam

Former rivers[edit]

Dammed and flooded[edit]