List of rivers of Spain

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River Basins in continental Spain.

This is an incomplete list of rivers that are at least partially in Spain. The rivers are grouped by sea or ocean. The rivers flowing into the sea are sorted along the coast. Rivers flowing into other rivers are listed by the rivers they flow into. The rivers that have their mouths in Portugal are given in italics.

The list begins in Catalonia at the French border and moves clockwise around the Iberian Peninsul.

Mediterranean Sea[edit]

Aragon and Catalonia[edit]

el Llobregat
the Ebro in Zaragoza


the River Aragón

Levante (Valencian Community and Region of Murcia)[edit]

the Segura in Murcia

Andalucian Mediterranean[edit]

Near the mouth of the Almanzora, on a lake formed by a dam.

Atlantic Ocean[edit]

Costa de la Luz[edit]

The mouth of the Guadiana

Portuguese Atlantic[edit]

the Tajo in Toledo
The Duero in Zamora

Spanish Atlantic[edit]

the Nalón river
the Río Besaya south of Torrelavega


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