List of rivers of Turkey

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Map of Turkey showing major rivers
Map of Turkey (and adjacent areas) with rivers

Rivers of Turkey can be divided into several groups depending on where they flow.

Flow into the Black Sea[edit]


  • Mutludere (also known as Rezovo) flows from Turkey into Bulgaria. 112 km
  • Veleka flows into Bulgaria and then into the Black Sea. 147 km (25 km in Turkey)


Flow into the Marmara Sea[edit]

Flow into the Aegean Sea[edit]


  • Meriç (Maritsa or Evros) is in the European section of Turkey and has its source in Bulgaria. It is 480 km long.
    • Tunca is a 350 km tributary in Bulgaria
    • Ergene is a tributary inside of Turkey.


Flow into the Mediterranean Sea[edit]

Flow into the Persian Gulf[edit]

Flow into the Caspian Sea[edit]



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