List of rivers of the Issyk-Kul

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Issyk-Kul Lake text
Issyk-Kul Lake

This list of rivers of Issyk Kul includes rivers draining into lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan.[1] It is reported [2] that the basin of Issyk-Kul encounter 1,976 river and streams with a total length of 7,139 km. Of them, 1,842 streams are shorter than 10 km with a total length of 4,241 km (or 59%), and 106 streams range from 10 to 25 km in length totaling 1,708 km (or 24%). There are 24 small rivers with length varying between 25 and 50 km (the total is 853 km or 12%), and 3 medium-size rivers (51-100 km ) with a total length of 217 km (4%). Finally, there is only one comparatively large Tyup river with a length of 120 km, which is 1% of total length. Overall, 118 streams and rivers flow into the lake.

In the table below, the rivers are listed clockwise from the northeast.[3]

River Length, km Watershed area, km2 Source District
Tüp 120 1180 Terskey Alatau Ak-Suu, Tüp
Jyrgalang 97 2070 Terskey Alatau Ak-Suu
Karakol 50 394 Terskey Alatau Ak-Suu
Yrdyk 28 300 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Jeti-Ögüz 52 387 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Chong Kyzylsuu 48 340 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Kichi Kyzylsuu 37 139 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Juuku 63 590 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Chychkan (Jeti Oguz) Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Ak-Terek (Jeti Oguz) Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Chong Jargylchak 25 137 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Barskoon 62 352 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Tamga 27 162 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz
Tosor 30 304 Terskey Alatau Jeti-Ögüz, Tong
Akterek 35 722 Terskey Alatau Tong
Tong 36 742 Terskey Alatau Tong
Akterek Terskey Alatau Tong
Tuurasuu 46 593 Terskey Alatau Tong
Toraygyr 30 175 Kungey Alatau Issyk-Kul
Chong Aksuu 31 337 Kungey Alatau Issyk-Kul


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