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List of traffic collisions records serious traffic collisions: those that caused a high death toll, occurred in unusual circumstances, or hold some other historical significance. For crashes that killed famous people, see List of people who died in traffic collisions. The prevalence of bus accidents in this list is a function of severity rather than of frequency.



Date Location Dead Injured Location
January 3  Peru 29 7 A bus crash claimed life of 29 people and 7 other were wounded in Peru.[1]
January 12  Brazil 42 46 A tour bus overturned because of the fog, crashed into another bus and fire in southern Brazil. 42 Argentine tourists killed and 46 wounded.
January 13  Egypt 20 15 At least 20 people die and 15 were injured in collision between a bus and a minibus.[2]
January 23  United States 10 42 10 people were killed and 42 injured, when a big-rig jack-knifed on an icy stretch of I-29 north of Kansas City, Missouri, causing a fiery, 24 car pileup.[3]
January 24  South Africa 30 50 In South Africa, 30 people die and 50 other were wounded in bus accident.[4][5]
January 30  Cyprus 6 27 At least 6 people killed and 27 injured in bus accident.[6]
January 31  Turkey 19 Two coaches collided near the Antalya and 19 people die. In another road accident 7 people killed in Konya when a lorry hit a bus.[7]
February 13  Brazil 6 At least 6 people killed in bus accident in Brazil.[8]
February 15  Vietnam 17 At least 17 people killed when a bus plunged into a river and 30 other missing.[9]
March 3  Peru 24 30 A bus was crashed into a ravine and claimed life of 24 people and 30 were injured in Peru.[10]
March 6  Pakistan 50 25 A ZhobShahdadpur regular route bus collides with a truck carrying local wedding couples and families plunges at Saifullah Shaikh canal, Balochistan, Pakistan, killing 50, another 25 are injured.[citation needed]
March 29  Kenya 74 74 people die in a collision between two buses in Kericho, Kenya.[11]
April 15  Guatemala 31 At least 31 people killed in bus accident in Guatemala.[12]
May 13  Bosnia and Herzegovina 43 12 A bus carrying Muslim pilgrims plunges 60 feet below into the Buna River at Buna, Neretva, Bosnia killing 43, another 12 are injured.[13]
July 6  Spain 27 23 A bus carrying workers to Madrid collided with a truck carrying pigs at the outskirt of Soria, Spain, killing 27, another 23 are injured.[14]
July 7  China 78 0 A bus plunges into a river in Liuzhou, Guangxi province killing all 78 aboard.[15]
July 11  Indonesia 10 13 A bus carrying 39 passengers on board, plunged into a deep ravine at Sarangan, Merapi Ketep, Indonesia, killing 10, another 13 are injured in an incident caused by brake failure.[citation needed]
July 25  Bolivia 17 A bus accident killed at least 17 people.[16]
August 28  Nigeria 17 Abuja bus crash riots, Abuja, Nigeria, Seventy people are killed in a bus pile up in Abuja. The next day, related protest riots kill four more people.
September 5  Rwanda 40 At least 40 people killed in bus accident.[17]
September 10  India 20 Unknown A ShiliguriDarjeeling regular route bus carrying 50 passengers on board and some passengers, has vehicle on roof plunged Tista River, when driver approaching a bridge, lost control before exceed speed at Sivok, West Bengal, India, killing 20, and many passengers injured.[citation needed]
October 8  Kenya 10 13 At least 10 school children killed and 13 wounded in bus accident in Kenya.[18]
October 12  Nigeria 50 Unknown Nigeria, Fifty people die when a bus collides with fuel tanker, which exploded.[19]
October 22  Pakistan 40 75 Two regular route buses collided on a bridge at outskirt of Jhang, Punjab of Pakistan, killing 40, another 75 are injured.[citation needed]
November 5  Nigeria 100 /200 Unknown Lagos tanker disaster: Lagos, Nigeria, Between 100 and 200 people are killed when a petrol tanker loses control, slams into a traffic jam and explodes.[20]
November 7  Kenya 45 Unknown A NairobiMombasa regular route bus with 80 passengers on board, plunged a bridge at outskirt of Meru, Eastern Kenya, in an incident caused by excess speeds, killing 45.[21]
November 24  Nigeria 60 Unknown Nigeria, Sixty people die when bus falls into a ravine.[22]
November 27  Thailand 20 16 A Chiang MaiBangkok regular route bus crashes and drops off a bridge, plunging into a canal at Mae Prik, Lampang, Thailand, killing 20, another 16 are injured.[citation needed]
December 24  South Africa 20 55 A bus traveling from Cape Town to Butterworth plunges off a mountain road in South Africa, leaving 20 passengers dead and 55 injured.[23]
December 24 * Philippines 30 12 A Cotobato-Davao regular route bus carrying Christmas travelers plunges 60 feet down into a ravine at outskirts of Bansalan, Mindanao, Philippines, killing 30, 12 more are injured.[citation needed]


Date Location Dead Injured Location
February 28  United Kingdom 10 28 Selby rail crash: Car driven off the M62 motorway near a bridge onto railway tracks, causing the derailment of a passenger train and its subsequent collision with a freight train near Selby, England.
March 1  India 40+ A bus skidded off a road and plunged into Ravi River, outskirt of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India.[citation needed]
March 5  Portugal 70+ Hintze Ribeiro disaster: A bridge collapsed as a bus was crossing the Douro in Portugal.[24]
March 6  Thailand 16 20 A local bus rammed into a tree on a sharp bend on a road as a result of lost control in Amphoe Mueang Phetchabun, Phetchabun, Thailand.[citation needed]
March 24  Portugal 14 20 A bus swerved off the road into a ravine in Santa Comba Dão.[25]
April 8  Tanzania 21 A minibus hit a bull, before colliding with another bus at Songea Rual, Ruvuma, Tanzania, in an incident caused by excessive speed.[citation needed]
May 15  United States 4 8 A Dodge 15 Passenger Van rolled over on U.S. Route 82 near Henrietta, Texas, caused by a blowout on the left rear tire.[26]
June 26  Haiti 41 A bus swerves and hits a ditch 130 kilometres (80 mi) southwest of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.[27]
August 10  China 34 An overcrowded bus falls into a river in Xinjiang, China, while traveling from Ürümqi to Xinhe County.[28]
August 15  Kenya 23 10 A minibus severed off the road and plunged into the Mwania River, outskirt of Machakos, Eastern Kenya.[29]
August 17  Iran 30 A bus and a truck collide on a road between Kerman and Sirjan in Iran.[28]
August 26  Nigeria 49 23 A LagosKano regular route bus, carrying 72 passengers, veers into a Dakatsalle bridge, Kura, Kaduna, Nigeria.[30]
October 24   Switzerland 11 Two lorries collided in the Gotthard Road Tunnel, resulting in a fire.[31][32]
November 3  India 20 33 A passenger bus plunged into a gorge when a bus driver failed to make a sharp turn on a hill at Saderkote, Jammu and Kashimir, India.[citation needed]
November 10  Tanzania 49 0 A bus catches fire and runs into a ditch. All 49 passengers die.[citation needed]
November 14  Spain 19 A bus flips over on a road near Huelva, Spain.[33]
December 14  Jordan 52 0 A bus carrying pilgrims from Mecca careened off the road and exploded into flames. All 52 passengers died.[34]
December 28  Bangladesh 35 50 Two speeding buses collide when one bus lost control due to a tire burst in the outskirts of Bogra, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. [35]


Date Location Dead Injured Location
January 7  Bangladesh 30 Unknown A ManikganjDhaka regular route bus driver lost control while trying to cross a bridge at an excessive speed and plunged over 35 feet into the river at Aminbazar, Savar, Bangladesh, killing 30 and injuring others.[36]
February 13  Saudi Arabia 40 10 A bus traveling to Mecca for the Hajj collided with a truck and caught fire.[37]
February 17  China 25 12 Two buses collided, both carrying travelers by Lunar New Year holiday, where a bus crashed at Hechuan, Henan, China, killing 25, injuring another 12.[citation needed]
March 13  Peru 35 18 An AyacuchoLima regular route bus burst into flames after skidding out of control and hitting a gasoline station off of a highway at Chincha Alta, Ica, Peru. [38]
March 16  China 22 9 A bus headed towards Lichuan City fell off a cliff, killing 22 people and injuring 9 others.[39]
April 19  Oman 46 8+ A bus carrying construction workers plunges off a mountain road near Salalah, Oman, killing 46 and injuring at least 8 others.[40]
April 23  Russia 14 1 A steamroller falls off a transporter and crushes a bus 110 kilometres (70 mi) north of Ufa, Russia, killing 14 people.[41]
May 26  United States 14 11 I-40 bridge disaster: 14 people died and 11 others were injured on Interstate 40, near Webbers Falls, Oklahoma when a barge collided with a bridge support, causing a 580-foot section of the bridge to plunge into the Arkansas River.
May 27  India 46 26 A Ghatakpukur-Kolkatta route bus carrying office workers veers off and falls into a pond at Chowbagha, West Bengal, India in an incident involving excessive speed and a burst tire.[42]
June 2  Pakistan 40 10 A bus carrying pilgrims bound for Multan, falls off a bridge in Jhelum, Punjab of Pakistan, in an incident caused by the driver losing control of the vehicle, killing at least 40 and injuring 10 others.[43]
June 15  South Korea 15 20 A truck and a bus collide on a highway in North Chungchong, South Korea, killing 15 and seriously injuring another 20 people.[44]
July 1  Hungary 19 32 A bus carrying 49 Polish pilgrims slides off the road and overturns in Balatonszentgyorgy, Somogy, Hungary after the driver veered into the center of a roundabout, killing 19 and injuring 32 others.[45]
July 2  Indonesia 26 44 A Damri public bus carrying children and parents from Jenbar plunged into a 7.3-metre-deep (24 ft) ravine at Arjasa, East Java, Indonesia, killing 26, another 44 are injured.[46]
July 19  Uganda 70+ A bus headed towards Kampala was hit by a runaway fuel tanker and caught fire at Rutoto in Uganda.[47]
August 7  Mexico 33 10 A GuerreroGuadalajara regular route bus slammed into a concrete wall at Zinapecuaro, Michoacán, Mexico, in an incident caused by a 26-year-old bus driver involving excessive speed, killing 33 and injuring 10 others.[48]
August 9  China 34 An ÜrümqiKashgar regular route bus plunged off a bridge at the outskirts of Kashgar, Xinjiang, China, killing 34.[citation needed]
August 18  Russia 21 37 A bus falls into a ravine and overturns near Yantikovo, Chuvashia, Russia, killing 21 and injuring 37.[49]
August 18  Turkey 29 30 A bus carrying people returning from an annual religious festival at Nevsehir, skidded off the road and overturned after brake failure at the outskirts of Tarsus, Mersin, Turkey, in an incident caused by excessive speed, killing 29, another 30 are injured.[citation needed]
September 2  Bolivia 29 25 A bus plummets 520 feet down a ravine at the outskirts of Coroico, Nor Yungas, Bolivia, killing 29, another 25 are injured.[citation needed]
September 7  Tanzania 27 43 A bus attempted to pass a car and crashed into a truck at the outskirts of Mbozi, Mbeya, Tanzania, killing 27, another 43 are injured.[citation needed]
September 12  United States 14 A 15-passenger van carrying migrant workers from Central America plunges off a bridge into a river in the State of Maine, killing 14 workers.[50]
September 16  Argentina 50+ 25 A bus crash in Cuesta del Totoral in Northern Argentina kills over fifty people and injures 25 others.[51]
October 11  United States 10 37 10 died and 37 others are injured in an accident on Interstate 43 in the state of Wisconsin; the accident is considered the worst in state history.[52]
November 24  Philippines 33 8 A regular route bus smashed through an iron railing and plunged 42 feet down into the ravine at the outskirts of Tagkawayan, Quezon, Philippines, killing 33 and injuring 8 others in an incident caused by mechanical failure.[53]


  • Indonesia 24 January – A bus crashes into several buildings before bursting into flames, killing 14 in Slawi, Indonesia.[54]
  • Cameroon January 26 – A regular route bus veers into oncoming traffic and crashes into another regular route bus. Many vehicles piled up, including Kami Express and Felicite Express Voyages, occurring in Edéa, Littoral Province, Cameroon, killing 70 people, and injuring 15.[citation needed]
  • India January 28 – A tourist bus crashes head-on into a truck carrying paint in Narayan Chand, West Bengal, India, killing at least 40, another 15 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Czech Republic March 9 – A charter bus near a Czech ski tourist destination, collides with a truck in between České Budějovice and Dolní Dvořiště, Bohemia, Czech Republic, killing 19, another 30 are injured. [55]
  • Kyrgyzstan March 9 – A regular route bus carrying Chinese citizens crashed and caught fire at the outskirts of Jeti Ojuz, Kyzyl Suu, Kyrgyzstan, killing 19.[citation needed]
  • Senegal March 12 – A local passenger bus collided with a truck carrying cement at the outskirts of Podor, Saint-Louis Region, Senegal, killing 22.[citation needed]
  • Greece 13 April – 21 students killed in a collision between their bus and a truck in Tembi, near Larissa, Greece.[56]
  • Cuba April 16 – A truck and a bus collide on a main highway in Cuba killing 30 and injuring 71.[57]
  • South Africa 1 May – 80 people drown in the Bethlehem bus crash, when the driver drove off a dam and into a reservoir.[58]
  • Pakistan May 9 – 24 are killed, nearly as many are injured when a bus spins out of control and collides with an oil tanker near Shorkot.[59]
  • France May 17 – A double-decker bus carrying German tourists crashes on a highway near Lyon, France killing 28 and injuring 46 passengers.[60]
  • India 4 June – 30 people die in the Kasganj bus disaster, when a bus attempted to cross a closed level crossing in India and was sliced in half by a train.
  • Jordan 4 June – 10 people are burnt to death, 19 sustained serious injuries and about 20 cars totally destroyed when a fuel tanker jackknifes, swerves into vehicles at traffic lights in rush hour and blasts into a huge fireball in downtown Amman, Jordan.
  • Hong Kong 10 July – 21 killed in a Tuen Mun Road bus accident, Hong Kong, when a bus plunged off a motorway viaduct after being hit by lorry. Worst road accident in the history of the territory.[61]
  • United Kingdom 11 June – Five people are killed when a lorry (truck) carrying armored vehicles jackknifes, sending the trailer through the guardrail and into oncoming traffic on the M1[citation needed]
  • China August 22 – A regular route bus with 33 passengers on board, collided with a Petro truck, plunging into a ravine at an expressway in Yan'an, Shanbei, Shaanxi, China, killing 23.[citation needed]
  • Venezuela 10 September – A bus and a truck collide at high speeds during heavy rain near the city of Valencia, Venezuela, killing 34.[62]
  • Pakistan September 20 – A bus and a train collide near Malak Wal in Pakistani Punjab, killing over 40.[63]
  • United States October 1 – Multi-vehicle accident when a truck collides with a bus on Interstate 90 on the Northwest Tollway near Hampshire, Illinois, killing 8 and injuring 15.[64]
  • Indonesia October 9 – 59 people, mostly schoolgirls, are killed in a collision between a bus, a truck and a minivan near Yogyakarta, Indonesia.[65]
  • Malaysia 23 November – 14 passengers were killed in a bus tragedy at kilometer 63 of Lipis and Merapoh roads (Federal Route 8) near Merapoh, Pahang.
  • Brazil December 17 – A regular São PauloFortaleza long distance route bus falls 120 feet down a cliff, when driver loses control on a corner at the outskirts of Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil, killing at least 20, another 40 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Ukraine December 18 – A chartered SimferopolAlushta bus carrying local coal miners, veered off a mountain road and plunged into a deep ditch at Simferopolskyi, Crimea, Ukraine, killing 17, another 19 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Belgium December 20 – A German tourist bus smashed into a concrete highway barrier and burst into flames in Hensies, a town on the Belgian border with France, killing 11 people and injuring 37 others.[66]


  • Pakistan 9 January — Bhakkar bus crash, Pakistan, at least 56 die as bus rolls into a ravine.[67]
  • Republic of Ireland 21 February — At least 5 die and 17 injured when a bus surges forward crushing people waiting at a bus stop.
  • Brazil 22 February — A bus tumbles off a dam into a reservoir near Fortaleza, Brazil, killing over 40 people[68]
  • Finland 19 March — 23 people killed in the Konginkangas bus disaster, Finland.
  • Ethiopia March 29 — A GondarAdis Zemen regular route bus plunged into a gorge at on the outskirts of Libo Kemkem, Amhara, Ethiopia, killing 37.[citation needed]
  • China April 1 — A local bus plunged off a road into Fuxi River at Zigong, Sichuan, China, killing 15, another 39 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Bulgaria April 4 — A bus carrying 50 people(34 students & 16 teachers) crashes and falls in the river Lim on the border between Serbia and Montenegro close to the village of Gostun. 12 of the children drowned and a number of passengers were injured. The accident happened during night time. It is supposed that the driver lost control of the bus.
  • Oman April 27 — A bus and a truck collides in Haima, Oman, killing 21 people and injuring 13 others in one of the country's worst road accidents.[69]
  • Colombia April 28 — A 45-ton earth mover falls on a school bus in Bogotá, Colombia, killing 21 children and two adults, and injuring 36 others.[70]
  • Ukraine May 16 — At least 15 killed and 20 injured when a train has ploughed into a bus at a level crossing in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine.[71]
  • Tunisia May 24 — A bus carrying 54 passengers on board plunged into the verge of narrow road at on the outskirts of Korbous, Tunisia, in an incident caused by technical problem, killing 19, another 31 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Romania May 24 — A truck loaded with ammonium nitrate rolled over and caught fire, and one hour later exploded killing 18 people and injuring 13 others in Buzău County, Romania.[72]
  • India June 8 — A bus carrying wedding family and guest veered out of control and plunged into Bagmati river bridge at Runisaitpul, Bihar, India, killing 65.[citation needed]
  • Pakistan 16 June — Islamabad, Pakistan, at least 50 die in collision between a bus and a tractor.[73]
  • China June 16 — A charter bus carrying Buddhism pilgrims plunged into a lake, and swerved to avoid another vehicle at outskirt of Xinyu, Jiangxi, China, killing 21, in an incident caused by driver has exceed speed.[citation needed]
  • Iran 24 June — A tanker carrying 17,000 litres of petrol collides with a bus in Zahedan, near Bam, Iran. 90 people are killed.[74]
  • Turkey 30 July — A Turkish travel bus and an Iranian truck collide head-on near Erzurum and Erzincan in Eastern Anatolia, killing 26 and injuring 30.[75]
  • El Salvador August 15 — A local bus plunged to ravine at outskirt of Carolina, San Miguel, El Salvador, killing 35.[citation needed]
  • Iran September 12 — A KhoyMashhad regular route bus crush by overturned and exhaustion by bus driver at outskirt of Changureh, Avaj, Iran, killing 18.[citation needed]
  • Greece September 27 — A bus collided with a truck at Kamena Vourla, near Lamia, Greece, killing 7 students.[76]
  • China October 12 — A charter ChongqingJiuzhaigou bus crashed into a wall, and plunged into the Fujiang River, Mianyang, Pingwu, Sichuan, China, killing 24, another 21 are injured. The incident was caused by the driver's excessive speed.[citation needed]
  • United Kingdom 6 November — Seven are killed and 71 injured when a passenger train hits a car and derails near Ufton Nervet, England.
  • Egypt November 7 — A trailer truck carrying sugar was passing a car and collided with a bus on the outskirts of Zafarana, Minya, Egypt. The bus was carrying pilgrims returning from Mecca. 33 were killed, and 14 were injured.[citation needed]
  • Peru December 21 — A bus plunged 150-feet into a river while travelling a LimaPaccllpa mountainous jungle road in the outskirts of Aksaray, Ucayali, Peru, killing 49. Another 15 are injured.[citation needed]
  • Pakistan December 25 — A bus plunged into a deep ravine on the outskirts of Kuntrili, Punjab of Pakistan; the accident was caused when the bus driver lost control due to excessive speed, killing 18. Another 39 were injured.[citation needed]



  • Ecuador January 8 – According to Ecuadorean police report, two buses collision and crashed on Puerto IncaNaranjal Highway, Churute, Guayas, Ecuador, in an incident caused by both buses are exceed speed, killing 14, another 30 are injured.
  • Russia 13 January – A bus collides with a train in heavy fog in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, killing 21 people.[86]
  • India 20 January – A bus plunges off a road and into a 300-foot gorge in Rajouri, India, killing about 50 people and injuring 15.[87]
  • Brazil 23 January – Two buses collide head on in São Paulo State in Brazil, killing 33 people.[88]
  • Egypt January 31 – A bus carrying Cantonese tourist crush after overturned at national highway, Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt, killing 14, and another 30 are injured.
  • Egypt January 31 – Two buses collide at Qena, Upper Egypt, killing 18, another 24 are injured.
  • Italy 7 February – 12 Turkish tourists die when their bus plunges into a ravine in Rome, Italy.[89]
  • Canada 17 February – One killed, 2 injured in a massive 60-cars pile-up on Autoroute 40 near Lavaltrie, Quebec.[90]
  • Australia 18 February – Cardross road accident: 6 people are killed in an alleged hit and run accident in Cardross, Australia.
  • Turkey March 10 – According to Turkish news agency Anatolia report, an IstanbulVan regular route bus careered off the road, and plunged Kelkit River at outskirt of Tokat, middle-eastern Turkey, killing 30.
  • Chile 22 March – Twelve Americans die when a tour bus falls into a canyon near Arica, Chile.[91]
  • Mexico 17 April – 57 people die in the Maltrata bus crash in central Mexico.
  • India 20 April – At least 47 die when bus falls into a lake at Sarupeta, India[92]
  • Bangladesh April 21 – According to Bangladeshi ATN Bangla television report, a bus carrying wedding couples and families, where plunged into Chitra River and gone down 30-feet deep river at outskirt of Narail, Bangladesh, killing 40.
  • Egypt May 12 – According to MENA news agency of Egypt report, a bus carrying weaving company employees has overturned and plunged into canal at between Karr al Battikh and Danietta, Nile Delta, Egypt, killing 21, another 20 are injured.
  • Ghana 16 May – At least 35 die when two buses collide head-on near Kumasi, Ghana[93]
  • Chile May 17 – According to Chilean TVN report, a regular routeb bus landed on its roof as plunged off Tinguiririca River, Rancagua, O'Higgins, Chile, killing 23 and injuring 26.
  • Benin 26 May – A crashed fuel tanker leaked patrol onto a roadway in Tega, Benin, which exploded as local people tried to collect it, killing between 54 and 75.[94]
  • Ethiopia May 31 – According to Ethiopian News Agency report, an EssieBaherder regular route bus plunged into a 500-feet deep ravine at outskirt of Kelto, Amhara, Ethiopia, Killing 17 and injuring 36.
  • Peru 15 June – A bus carrying 45 miners from the Uchucchacua mine to Lima in Peru fell into a ravine, killing 28 people.[95]
  • Egypt 23 June – Sinai bus crash: 11 Arab Israeli tourists are killed when their bus overturns. The survivors later initiate legal action, asserting the crash was actually a terrorist attack.
  • Tanzania June 2006 – Sunday News – It has happened again. Over a week ago, a speeding minibus crashed into a river in Mirerani, killing 57 people. Four days later near Arusha, another bus accident claimed four lives.[96]
  • United Kingdom 19 July; Coach carrying school children from Walney Island, Cumbria to a theme park in Southport overturned on the M6 near to Lancaster University, no other vehicles were involved and no-one was killed but 5 people were taken to hospital, the 34 seater coach lost control and was left on its side blocking all three south-bound lanes[97][98]
  • Turkey August 18 – According to Turkish Radio and Television Corporation report, a bus carrying Iranian travellers returning from Syria has collided with a truck at outskirt of Chaldoran, West Azarbaijan, Turkey, killing 17, another injuring are 26.
  • Japan August 25 – Three children were killed when the SUV they were riding in plunged from a bridge into Hakata Bay in Fukuoka, Japan after it was hit by a drunk driver.[99]
  • Morocco August 30 – According to Moroccan news agency Maghreb Arabe Presse report, a bus carrying 50 passengers on board rolled over outskirt of Setta, Chaouia-Ouardigha, Morocco, in an incident caused by bus driver has excessive speed, killing 17, another 26 are injured.
  • United States 13 September – 30 vehicle accident on Interstate 696 in Farmington Hills, Michigan, including a transport truck and two cars that drove off the road into the forest to the side of the freeway. The accident was caused by severe thunderstorms in the area. There were no fatalities or serious injuries, and many of the drivers involved stepped out of their cars and helped to clean up the road with the Michigan State Police. Speed and the weather may have been a factor in the accident. (Courtesy: WDIV-TV, [4])
  • Ecuador 24 September – Forty-seven people die when a bus crashes into a wall on a road in Papallacta, Ecuador.[100]
  • Canada 30 September – De la Concorde Overpass collapse: Five are killed and six injured when a 65-feet section of a 3-lanes overpass over Autoroute 19 collapses in Laval, Quebec. The incident sparks a province-wide inspection of sometimes decades old overpasses.[101]
  • China 1 October – Thirty killed as a bus falls off a bridge into the Jialing River in Chongqing, China.[102]
  • Syria 3 October – Twelve killed and 16 injured when a truck and a bus collide near Menbej, in northwest Syria.[103]
  • Guatemala 8 October – Forty-two people die when a bus falls down a ravine during foggy and rainy conditions in Chiantla, Guatemala.[104]
  • Argentina 8 October – A double-decker bus crashes into a truck in northern Argentina, killing 12 people.[105]
  • Vietnam 9 October – Twelve people helping in Typhoon Xangsane relief efforts are killed in a van accident in Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam.[106]
  • Turkey 15 October – Two buses and a truck collide in Sivas Province, Turkey, killing 13 and injuring more than 20.[107]
  • India 19 October – A bus overcrowded with passengers plunges into a reservoir in Madhya Pradesh, India, killing 56 people.[108]
  • Bolivia 21 October – A bus plunges off a mountain road between Sucre and Cochabamba in Bolivia, killing 29 and injuring 25.[109]
  • Panama 23 October – A bus catches fire in downtown Panama City, killing 18 people.[110]
  • India 25 October – A bus falls off the road and into the Teesta River in Sikkim, India, killing 25 and injuring 45.[111]
  • Peru 26 October – A bus crashes down an embankment near Arequipa, Peru, killing 20 and injuring 12.[112]
  • Nepal 28 October – A crowded bus plunges off a cliff in Nepal, killing 42 and injuring 43.[113]
  • Turkey 31 October – Floods sweep away a minibus travelling in Diyarbakır Province, Turkey, killing 14 people.[114]
  • India 8 November – A truck transporting farm workers plunges into a river in Hoshangabad District, India, killing 29 and injuring 30.[115]
  • South Africa 13 November – A truck carrying workers is hit by a train near Cape Town, South Africa. 19 are killed and 6 injured.
  • India 14 November – A bus plunges into a gorge in Himachal Pradesh, India, killing 13 and injuring 41.[116]
  • United States 20 November – 4 high school students were killed and 23 injured when a school bus went over the side of an elevated portion of Interstate 565 in Huntsville, Alabama.[117]
  • India 26 November – A truck carrying passengers veers off the road on a sharp curve in Tamil Nadu, India, killing 17 and injuring 57.[118]
  • Taiwan 3 December – A tour bus carrying 45 plunges into a valley in Tainan, Taiwan, killing 22 and injuring 23.[119]
  • Peru 4 December – A bus plunges into a ravine on a mountain road in Puno Region, Peru, killing 45 people.[120]
  • Bulgaria 7 December – A truck hits a bus, causing it to fall from a highway bridge in Byala, Bulgaria, and killing 19 people.[121]
  • Thailand 9 December – A trailer dislodges from a moving truck and crashes into a bus on a mountain road in Mae Sot district, Tak Province, Thailand, killing 12 and injuring 20.[122]
  • Peru 13 December – A bus plunges into a river after colliding with a truck on a mountain road near Bagua, Peru, killing 21 and injuring 30.[123]
  • Nigeria December 22 – According to Nigerian Vanguard Online report, two passenger buses head collided at Owena, outskirt of Akure, Ondo, Nigeria, in an incident caused bya bus was trying go overtake a car, when it collided head on with a regular route bus coming opposite direction, killing 17.
  • South Africa 24 December – A bus goes out of control, overturns and smashes into bridge supports near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, killing 12 and injuring 40.[124]
  • Russia 25 December – Two minivans collide in Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia, causing a methane explosion that kills 13 people.[125]
  • Mexico A collision in the industrial town of Cuautitlan outside Mexico city saw 24 people lose their lives on 28 December when their bus collided with a 36-wagon freight train. Another 12 passengers were hurt. Police arrested the bus driver who reportedly tried to flee the scene.
  • China December 29 – According to Yunnan Television report, a bus carrying 21 passengers dash and hit three road workers and then plunged 95-yards down a cliff at outskirt of Baoshan, Yunnan, China, killing 17 and seven injured.


  • Bangladesh 6 January – A bus travelling from Dhaka to Chittagong crashes and catches fire near Comilla, Bangladesh, killing from 55 to 70 people.[126]
  • Iran January 11 – According to IRIB television of Iran report, a truck lost control and smashed into a regular route bus at ArakMalayer expressway, outskirt of Arak, Markazi, Iran, killing 14.
  • Saudi Arabia 12 January – Two buses collide near the border between Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, killing 22 hajj pilgrims.[127]
  • Colombia 15 January – A bus collides head-on with a tractor-trailer in Cesar Department, Colombia, killing 20 people.[128]
  • Thailand 19 January – A double-decker bus plunges into a river near Chiang Mai, Thailand, killing 22 people.[129]
  • Uganda 22 January – A speeding bus overturns 400 kilometres (250 mi) northeast of Kampala, Uganda, leading to 21 deaths and 30 injuries.[130]
  • Mexico 24 January – A bus falls into a ravine near Huautla, Oaxaca, Mexico, killing at least 29 and injuring over 24.[131]
  • Syria 27 January – A truck collides head-on with a speeding bus on the highway between Aleppo and Raqqa in northern Syria, killing 26 people, including six children, and injuring six others.[132]
  • Ghana 1 February – A truck veers off its lane and rams into a bus in Ghana, killing 16.[133]
  • Philippines 2 February – A tanker carrying liquefied carbon dioxide crashes, overturns and explodes in Tigbao, Philippines, killing 50 and injuring 65.[134]
  • Vietnam 8 February – A train collides with a bus at a level crossing in Khánh Hòa Province, Vietnam, killing 13 and injuring 24. E1 Train Disaster[135]
  • South Africa 19 February – Two buses collide near Makhado, South Africa, killing 17 and injuring 45.[136]
  • Bolivia 22 February – A bus crashed into a crowd celebrating the Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia, killing 15 people.[137]
  • United States 2 March – 7 people are killed when a bus transporting the Bluffton University baseball team crashes through a barrier and lands on Interstate 75 in Atlanta.[138]
  • Zimbabwe 6 March – A bus collides with a freight train at a level crossing in Harare, Zimbabwe, killing 37 people.[139][140]
  • China 15 March – A minibus overturns and falls into banboo-covered valley in Muding, Chuxiong, Yunnan, China, killing 14 and injuring 12.[141]
  • China 15 March – A bus veers off the road and plunges into a reservoir in Hanzhong, Shaanxi, China, killing at least 22 and injuring 11.[141]
  • India 17 March – A bus overturns and falls into a ditch in Purulia District, India, killing 16 and injuring 67.[142]
  • Guinea 18 March – A bridge collapses near Gueckedou, Guinea, sending an overloaded truck plunging into a river and killing at least 70 people.[143]
  • Thailand 20 March – A bus catches fire and has its brakes fail on a mountain road in Saraburi Province, Thailand, killing 29 and injuring more than 10.[144]
  • Pakistan 23 March – A bus and a wagon collide on a highway in Khairpur District, Pakistan, killing at least 13.[145]
  • Nigeria 28 March – an 8,800 gallons carrying fuel truck catch fire with explode at Kagarko, Kaduna, Nigeria, killing at least 98, another 100 injured.
  • Republic of Ireland 28 March. A pile-up involving around 100 vehicles kills one woman and injures 27 others near Newbridge Co Kildare, Irish Republic.[citation needed]
  • Colombia 5 April – A rear tire blows out on a truck as it travels near Santa Marta, Colombia, causing it to flip and explode and leading to a fire that kills 27.[146]
  • Iran 8 April – A truck strikes a bus on a highway bridge in western Iran, causing the bus to tumble into a valley and killing 26. An additional 18 were injured.[147]
  • Morocco 10 April – A passenger bus overturns on a highway near Rabat, Morocco, killing 12 and injuring 43.[148]
  • Sri Lanka 10 April – A bus travelling from Galle to Colombo in Sri Lanka collides with a beer delivery truck about 60 kilometres (40 mi) south of Colombo, killing 23 and injuring 56.[149]
  • Canada 11 April – A bus carrying students on a field trip crashes into a tractor trailer on King's Highway 410 in Brampton, Ontario. One dies and five are seriously injured.[150]
  • Turkey 14 April – A bus transporting children from İzmir to Cappadocia collides with a truck near Aksaray, Turkey, killing 33, mostly children, and injuring 35.[151]
  • Mexico 14 April – A bus and a truck collide near Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, causing the truck's gas tank to explode. Twenty-eight were killed and 21 were injured. Some passengers say the bus driver might have fallen asleep.[152][153][154]
  • Kenya 14 April – A crowded small sized bus overturned and burst into flame at outskirt of Garissa, North Eastern, Kenya, killing 15 and injuring 61.[155]
  • Bolivia 19 April – A bus falls down a 150-meter cliff on the road between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, killing 26 and injuring 19.[156]
  • China 23 April – A bus drove off a highway overpass and fell 65 feet in Chongqing, China, killing 24 and injuring seven. Slippery road conditions may have been to blame.[157]
  • India 25 April – A bus drove off a mountain road and fell 300 feet into a stream near Poonch, India, killing 22 and injuring 14.[158]
  • China 4 May – A truck collided with two other vehicles and crashed into a crowd waiting for a bus in Lincang, China, killing 16 and injuring more than 40.[159]
  • Pakistan 6 May – A speeding bus veered off a mountain road and fell into a ravine 50 kilometres (30 mi) north of Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 21 Muslim pilgrims.[160]
  • China 7 May – A bus drove off a road and plunged 20 meters into a cornfield in Guizhou, China, killing 17 and injuring 25.[161]
  • Lesotho 7 May – A speeding bus and a truck collided 90 km north of Maseru, Lesotho, killing 39 and injuring 54.[162]
  • Bolivia May 7 – According to Bolivian police official report, a Llallagua-Sucre Trans Bustillo bus overturned and crashed on the outskirts of El Retiro, Bolivia, killing 16 and injuring 30.
  • Ghana 10 May – A bus travelling from Côte d'Ivoire to Togo collided with a truck full of cocoa near Winneba, Ghana, after which another truck and several other vehicles crashed into the accident site. About 40 people were killed.[163][164]
  • India 11 May – A bus swerved on the road, lost control and fell into the Ganges riverbed near Patna, India, killing 20 and injuring 12.[165][166]
  • Nigeria 13 May – Three buses collided in Rivers State, Nigeria, causing a large explosion that killed at least 50 people.[167][168]
  • India 14 May – An oil tanker, bus, and truck collided about 60 kilometres (40 mi) south of Ahmedabad, India, killing at least 30 people.[169]
  • Venezuela 18 May – Two buses collided on a highway between Zulia State and Lara State in Venezuela, killing 17 and injuring 20.[170]
  • China 20 May – A three-wheeled tractor with a cargo trailer overturned on a mountain road in Liaoning, China, killing 20 women.[171]
  • Syria 23 May – A bus travelling from Mosul, Iraq overturned on a highway in Syria, 400 kilometres (250 mi) north of Damascus, killing 14 and injuring 20.[172]
  • Germany 18 June – A truck hit a bus on a highway between Halle and Magdeburg, Germany, causing it to plunge down an embankment. Thirteen were killed and 31 injured.[173]
  • Peru July 1 – A bus and a truck collided on the Pan-American Highway in northern Peru, killing 24.[174]
  • India July 2 – 19 were killed and 25 injured when a Solan-bound bus rolled 300 meters into a ravine near Shimla, India.[175]
  • Egypt July 3 – Two buses collided in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, killing 12 and injuring 58.[176]
  • Mexico July 4 – A landslide buried a bus near Eloxochitlan in the Mexican state of Puebla. 32 bodies were recovered before the search ended.[177][178]
  • Tibet July 13 – A tour bus traveling from Lhasa to Shigatse plunged into the Yarlung Tsangpo River about 89 kilometres (55 mi) west of Lhasa in Tibet, killing 14 and injuring 13.[179]
  • France July 22– a Polish bus with pilgrims overturned, plunged and burned in French Alps in Notre-Dame-de-Mésage, near Vizille, Isère, France killing 26 and injuring 24.[180]
  • United States August 1 – The I-35W Mississippi River bridge, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, collapsed during afternoon rush hour, killing 13 and injuring 100.
  • Peru August 7 – According to Peruvian America Television report, a NazcaAcarí and another Civa bus service bound for Lima collide head-on at Panamericana Sur Highway, Acarí, Arequipa, Peru, killing 14 and injuring 30.
  • Malaysia 13 August – 20 passengers were killed in the bus crash in North–South Expressway near Bukit Gantang, Changkat Jering, Perak.
  • Pakistan August 20 – According to Pakistani newspaper Daily Jang report, a bus veered off a mountain road, and crashed into a Neelum Valley, Ghori, Azad Kashimir, Pakistan, killing 25, another injuring are eight.
  • Uganda 26 August – A truck carrying UPDF soldiers and their family crashed and overturned near Mount Elgon, in Eastern Uganda, killing 72 people, including 57 soldiers, and injuring a further forty.[181][182]
  • India 8 September – Over half of the 150 passengers aboard a pilgrimage bus were killed when it crashed into a gorge in Nagbavji, India.[183]
  • Nigeria 8 September – Two different bush crashes and fires claimed a total of 48 lives in northern Nigeria.[184]
  • Mexico 9 September – A tractor-trailer carrying ammonium nitrate overturned and caught fire near Monclova, Mexico. The subsequent explosions killed over thirty people and injured more than 150.[185][186]
  • Mexico September 16 – According to Televisa of Mexico report, a Puerto VallartaGuadalajara Vallarta Plus regular route bus ran off a mountain road and plunged into a ravine outside Compostela, Nayarit, Mexico, killing 17 and injuring 13.
  • Cuba October 7 – A bus and train collided in Granma Province, Cuba, killing 28.[187]
  • Brazil October 11 – According to Rede Globo television of Brazil report, a ChapecoSão José do Cedro regular route bus collided with a truck while trying to pass another vehicle on a curve, which made a truck lose control and hit several emergency and rescue workers on the outskirts of Descanso, Santa Catarina, Brazil, killing 28 and injuring 90.
  • Azerbaijan November 4 – Baku–Gazakh motorway minibus crash: a minibus, carrying twenty persons, slammed into a parked truck laden with stones. 14 died and four were injured.
  • Portugal November 16 – According to Lusa news agency and RTP television report, a bus collided with a car and the bus flipped over and tumbled down outside Fatima, Ourem, Portugal, killing 13, another 24 are injured.
  • Nigeria November 19 – According to Nigerian police official report, an Enugu-Port Harcourt regular route bus rammed into an oncoming truck at Ogida, Enugu, Nigeria, killing 21 and injuring 10.
  • China November 24 – According to Xinhua and CCTV of China report, a Linchuan Linda bus travelling from Shanghai plunged down a landslide outside Badong, Hubei, China, killing 31.
  • India December 14 – According to United News of India report, a LudhianaFerozepur Satluj Express collided with a bus carrying local college students and teachers at crossing of Moga, Punjab of India, killing 17 and injuring 18.
  • Egypt December 31 – According to Egyptian Television report, a regular route bus collided with a truck and flipped into an irrigation canal outside Dayrat, Asyut, Egypt, killing 19, another injuring are 40.


  • United States 9 January – A 70-vehicle pileup, which killed four persons, and injured 38, occurred on Interstate 4 south of Orlando, Florida. A mix of fog and thick smoke from a nearby environmental burn caused near-zero visibility and is to blame for the accident.[188]
  • Canada 12 January – A basketball team's Ford 15 passenger van returning to Bathurst, New Brunswick from a game in Moncton collided with a transport truck killing 7 team members and the coach's wife.
  • Bolivia January 18 – According to Bolivian police official report, a regular route bus ran off the road and plunged into a 600-feet deep ravine at outskirt of Manco Kapac, La Paz, Bolivia, killing 13 and injuring 22.
  • India 20 January – A bus carrying Hindu religious pilgrimage plunges into a gorge at Nashik, Maharashtra, India, killing 39 people and injuring 40.[189]
  • Myanmar 20 January – A regular bus bound for Mon State skidded off the road and flipped over outside Kyaik Hto, Myanmar, killing at least 27 and injuring 10.
  • Jordan January 26 – A bus carrying Jordanian tourist collided with a tank truck and overturned into a valley at Jerash, Jordan, killing at least 21 and injuring at least 30.[190]
  • China January 29 – A regular route ChongqingShenzhen bus skidded off an icy road packed with snow and fell into a valley at the 98.9 kilometer point of the GuiyangZhunyi expressway, on the outskirts of Zhunyi, Guizhou, China, killing 25, another 13 are injured.
  • Zimbabwe January 31 – According to media and the government of Zimbabwe, a Mhunga bus service bound for Renco with 75 passengers on board, left a side road and crashed into a tree Masvingo-Nemanwa road, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, 14 people were killed and 55 injured.
  • India February 5 – A truck carrying many Hindu pilgrims hit a wall by a roadside, lost control, and overturned at Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India, killing 12 and injuring 20.
  • China February 12 – According to China Daily report, a Chishui-Zunyi regular route bus veered off highway and plunged into 150-feet high cliff at outskirt of Chishui City, Guizhou, China, killing 21 and injuring 14.
  • Pakistan February 17 – According to Associated Press of Pakistan report, a LahoreDera Ghazi Khan local regular bus veer off a bend in the bridge and plunged onto another road below on the outskirts of Aialkot, Punjab of Pakistan, killing 14 and injuring 31.
  • Pakistan February 17 – According to GEO Television of Pakistan report, a Lahore-Multan passenger bus carrying over 60 people caught fire after going off a bridge outside Pattoki, Bunjab of Pakistan, killing 40 and injuring 22.
  • China February 18 – According to a Chinese news agency Xinhua report, a regular route bus ran into the rear of a tank truck, triggering a fire and explosion that ignited other vehicles at the 471 kilometer point of the BeijingZhuhai expressway, on the outskirts of Chenzhou, Hebei, China, killing 15 and injuring 25.
  • Bangladesh February 21 – A bus travelling from Chittagong hit a pole carrying a power line and caught fire at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, killing at least 16 and injuring 20.
  • Saudi Arabia February 23 – According to Saudi news agency Saudi Press Agency report, Saudi Public Transport (SAPTCO) regular route bus overturned because of faulty brakes outside Abha, Asir, Saudi Arabia, killing at least 25 and injuring 8.
  • India February 24 – A local bus veered off the road and plunged into a pond outside Sonapur, Assam, India, killing at least 18 and injuring one.
  • Guatemala March 1 – A local bus overcrowded with 70 passengers, when a bus driver tried to brake by downshifting, plunged off the highway, rolled down a fifty-foot slope, and slid about 200-yard down the highway at Cuilapa, Guatemala, killing 53 and injuring 17.
  • India March 5 – According to Indian police report, a truck carrying Hindu pilgrims overturned and lost control of another truck while negotiating a sharp turn at Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India, killing 11, another 20 are injured.
  • Argentina March 9 – A Mar de AjóBuenos Aires regular route bus disregards the National Highway Route 2's crossing signal, when a Buenos AiresMar del Plata nightly express train hit the bus at El Rapido Argentine line on the outskirts of Dolores, state of Buenos Aires, Argentina, killing at least 26, another 60 injured.
  • United Arab Emirates March 12 – A series of accidents occurred, 200 vehicles crashed and went up in flames at E 11 highway of Dubai, UAE, 7 killed and 200 injured. It is considering to be one of the worst road accidents in the country.
  • Syria March 14 – According to Syrian Arab News Agency report, an IdlibTartus regular route bus was crushed by overturning and hitting a house on the outskirts of Tartus, southwestern Syria, killing 23, another 31 are injured. In an incident caused by exceeding speed.
  • Bangladesh March 14 – According to Bangladeshi police and Channel 1 television report, a bus carrying a wedding couples and families collided head-on with truck before plunging into a ditch at outskirt of Goumadi, Barisal, Bangladesh, killing 12, another 11 are injured.
  • Iran March 15 – According to Iranian news agency IRNA report, a bus carrying 22 university students collided with truck, both vehicles caught fire immediately after the crash between Andimeshk of Khuzestan and Pol-e-Dokhtar of Lorestan, Iran, killing 22, another 7 are injured.
  • Peru March 16 – According to Peruvian Panamericana Television report, two passenger buses head-on collided and one of the vehicles drove out at Chimbote, Ancash, Peru, killing 14, another 35 are injured.
  • Austria March 25 – A major motorway pileup in Austria involving at least 60 vehicles occurred near Seewalchen causing 1 death and 30 injuries.[191]
  • Honduras March 25 – A regular route bus plunged off a side of highway and rolled 500-yards down a hillside at Ocotepeque, Honduras, killing 26, another 19 are injured.
  • Uganda March 27 – According to Uganda Broadcasting Corporation report, a bus overturned and caught fire, when bus escaping overtake a trailer at outskirt of Kingo, Masaka, Uganda, killing 40.
  • China March 28 – According to Xinhua of China report, a ShenzhenChongqing regular route bus smashed into a minivan overtaking and then plunged into a river at expressway, Tankou, Sangzhi, Hunan, China, killing 13.
  • South Africa April 3 – According to South African SAPA news agency report, a bus bound for Maputo carrying mine workers of Mozambique, left the road, and burst into flames with collided a tree at outskirt of Komatipoort, Mpumalanga, South Africa, killing 17.
  • India April 4 – According to Indian police and Zee News television report, an overcrowded BabughatNarayanpur charter bus skidded off the road and plunged into a canal at Kestopur, North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, killing 20, another 35 are injured.
  • Libya April 12 – According to Jamahiriya Arab News Agency of Libya report, a traveller bus collided with a car, and veered off the road and then plunged into river at outskirt of Mizda, Libya, killing 36, another nine are injured.
  • Ecuador April 12 – A bus carrying British tourists collided with a truck near Jipijapa killing five and injuring a further 12.
  • India April 16 – According to Indian NDTV report, a bus carrying 60 school children from Bodeli, has overtake a track and lost control, after plunged into Narmada River, outskirt of Vadodara, Gujarat, India, in an incident caused by bus driver has exceed speed, killing 47 people.[192]
  • Bangladesh April 19 – According to Bangladeshi police and Bangladesh Television report, a KurigramDhaka bus carrying workers has overturned and plunge off Jamuna bridge at Tangail, Bangladesh, killing 18, another 35 are injured.
  • Spain April 19 – A bus carrying Finnish tourists collided with a 4X4 and overturned on highway near the coastal resort of Benalmádena killing 9 and injuring 19.[193]
  • India April 20 – According to Indian police official report, a passenger bus skidded off a road and plunged 370-feet into a deepgorge at outskirt of Battery Cheshma, Jammu and Kashmir, India, killing 13, another 28 are injured.
  • India April 23 – According to Indian police official report, an overcrowded mini-van carrying wedding couple and family collided with a truck at outskirt of Khara, Rajasthan, India, killing 24.
  • Hong Kong May 1 – According to Hong Kong TV ATV and TVB report, a bus carrying elderly to a local religious ceremony has overturned and smashed into a barrior at Sai Kung, Hong Kong, killing 17, another injuring are 45.
  • Bolivia May 1 – According to Bolivian police official report, two minivan carrying Israeli and Japanese passengers head on collide and caught fire at outskirt of Uyuni, Potosi, Bolivia, killing 13.
  • India May 4 – According to Indian police official report, an overcrowded jeep carrying wedding couple and family crashed into truck at outskit of Mumbai, India, killing 16.
  • Peru May 7 – According to America Television of Peru report, a LimaYauyos regular route bus went off a mountain road, and plunged into 330-feet below of Canete River at outskirt of Yauyos, Peru, killing 29, another injuring are 15.
  • Belgium May 8 – Belgian footballer François Sterchele was killed instantly when he crashed his Porsche Cayman S into a tree.
  • India May 8 – According to Kashmiri police official report, a bus skidded off a mountain road while negotiating a sharp bend and plunged into 370-feet below the Chenab River, outskirt of Kishtwar, Indian-Kashmir, killing 44.
  • Tanzania May 9 – According to Tanzanian police official report, a bus carrying Catholic Nuns and a truck collided at MorogoroDodoma road, outskirt of Dodoma, Tanzania, killing 15.
  • Tanzania May 9 – According to Tanzanian police official report, a trailer hit a local passenger bus where tried to avoid a smash up with an oncoming vehicle at outskirtof Dodoma, Tanzania, killing 12, another injuring are 29.
  • China May 17 – According to Hangzhou Television and Zhejiang Television report, an involving tractor collided by a mini bus and car, where a tractor was blocked and stopped by two vehicles, and exploded at Yongzhong, Longwan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, killing 16, another injuring are 29.
  • Nepal May 19 – According to portal site of Nepal news report, an overcrowded regular route KrishnanagarSwagadwari Dang bus skidded off the mountain road, and plunged 500-feet below into the Rapti River, Bagasati, Dang, Nepal, killing 46, injuring another 28.
  • Mexico May 19 – According to TV Azteca of Mexico report, an Estrella Blanca regular route bus plummeted 200-feet off a mountain highway at outskirt of Metzquitilan, Hidalgo, Mexico, killing 28, and many passengers and a driver has injured.
  • India May 21 – According to Press Trust of India report, a PithoragarhBageshwar regular route bus veer off a road and plunged into the ditch where 300-feet below at outskirt of Chordhuroli, Uttarakhand, India, in an incident caused by mechanical fault, killing 21, another injuring are nine.
  • Iran May 23 – According to Iranian newspaper Etemaad report, a bus collided with a truck at a mountain road between Hamedan and Malayer, Hamedan, Iran, in an incident caused by truck driver has illegally overcoming and a bus driver has exceed speed, killing 24, another injuring are 11.
  • South Africa May 27 – According to South African Broadcasting Corporation news report, a MvenyaneMatatiele regular route bus plunged 450 feet down an embankment in Kaka Pass, where landed upside down in river at Cedarville, Eastern Cape, South Africa, killing 28.
  • Bolivia June 1 – According to Bolivian police official report, a La PazYungas regular route bus plunged 630-feet down a ravine at between AsontaChulumari, Bolivia, killing 20 and injuring 15.
  • France June 2 – A bus carrying more than 50 schoolchildren was hit by a regional express train on a level crossing in Haute-Savoie, France. Seven children died and many others were injured.
  • China June 3 – According to Shanxi Television report, a Shuozhou transport regular route bus collided with a truck at Yuanyuan, Shuozhou, Shanxi, China, killing 22 and injuring two.
  • Vietnam June 3 – According to Vietnamese newspaper Nhan Dan and Tuổi Trẻ report, a Ho Chi Minh CityHanoi regular route bus carrying 50 passengers on board head-on collided with a container on the trailer truck at outskirt of Hàm Tân, Bình Thuận, Vietnam, killing fourteen and injuring eighteen.
  • India June 9 – According to police official of India report, a passenger bus collided with a jeep at Shahuwadi Kohlapur, Maharashtra, India, killing 17 and injuring 25.
  • Bhutan June 9 – According to Indian Embassy of Thimphu report, a truck carrying Indian workers smashed and negotiating a narrow wet condition stretch road while returning from work site at Wangkha, Chukha, Bhutan, killing 12.
  • India June 15 – According to United News of India report, a BachriRampur Himachal Pradesh Road Transport bus plunged into a 500-feet deep gorge at Kalchi More, Rampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, killing 16 and injuring six.
  • Zambia June 16 – According to Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation news report, a NPS bus crashed and lost control by a front tire has bursting at Great East Road, Nyalugwe, Nyimba, Zambia, killing 28 and injuring 52.
  • India June 21 – According to Indian police official report, a Rampur-Basheri Himachal Road Transport bus plunged into george, when crowded road in a narrow curve with drivers error at outskirt of Rampur, Himachal Pradesh, India, killing 16.
  • Turkey June 23 – According to NTV Turkey report, a freight train rammed into minibus, which passing level crossing despite warn up at outskirt of Nurdagi, Gaziantep, Turkey, killing eleven bus passengers.
  • Nigeria June 25 – According to Nigerian Television Authority news report, a multipile motors, including Petyex Transport bus, fuel tanker and six vehicles crashed at Ita bridge, Ikot, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, killing 25.
  • India June 28 – According to Times of India report, a SakhnikhetKotdwar regular route bus plunged into a gorge at outskirt of Bedgaon, Nainital, India, killing thirteen and injuring nine.
  • Mexico June 29 – According to Televisa of Mexico report, a truck slammed into two Omnibus de la Laguna passenger buses stopped for repair and mechanical failure at 126 kilometers point from US and Mexican border of Pan American Highway, Ojo Laguna, Chihuahua, Mexico, killing seventeen and injuring fifteen.
  • Iran July 1 – According to Reuters, AP, AFP, IRNA news, a bus overturned on a highway at between TeheranQom, Ray Country, Iran, killing 25 and seriously injured 16.
  • India July 3 – According to Doordarshan television of India report, a Haldwani-Kashipur regular route bus carrying 48 passengers rammed into a tree, when a front tyre of a vehicle burst at Gadappu, Nainital, India, killing nineteen and injuring 29.
  • El Salvador July 4 – According to Interior Minister and civil protection agency of El Salvador report, a bus carrying a local evangelical church members hit by heavy massivie rain with flood, where plunged into Acelhuate River, San Marcos, San Salvador, El Salvador, killing 31.
  • Nigeria July 5 – According to News Agency of Nigeria report, a bus carrying conveying pupils head on collided with another vehicle at between Benin CityAsaba expressway, Nigeria, killing eighteen, including twelve children.
  • Bangladesh July 7 – According to Bangla Vision television teport, a Chittagong-Dhaka regular route bus lost control and crashed into another bus in the opposite direction, where plunged into a 61-metre-deep (200 ft) road side ditch at outskirt of Comilla, near Chittagong, Bangladesh, killing twenty and injuring forty.
  • Bolivia July 8 – According to Bolivision report, a truck loaded with sixty passengers and many goods plunged 650 feet down a cliff at outskirt of Potosi, Bolivia, killing 47 and injuring ten.
  • India July 9 – According to Indian police official report, an overcrowded RamgarhRanchi regular route bus collided with a truck and plunged into the Chutupala Valley, Netarhat, Jharkhand, India, killing twenty and injuring thirty.
  • Brazil July 11 – According to SBT television of Brazil report, a Porto VelhoRoraima of Brasília regular route bus carrying 36 passengers head-on collide with trailer truck with gasoline, both vehicles caught fire at BR-364 expressway, Ouro Preto do Oeste, Rondônia, Brazil, killing 22 people.
  • Peru July 12 – According to Peruvian police official report, a LimaTarapoto Civa transport bus skidded off the highway, after theb driver swerved to avoid hitting on-coming trailer truck at outskirt of Vichaycocha, Huaral, Peru, killing 14 and injuring 10.
  • Nepal July 18 – According to nepalnews of portal site report, a bus carrying fifty passengers veered off a mountain with plunged into Trishuli River, Narayangadh-Mugling expressway, Chandi Bhanjyang, Chitwan, Nepal, killing sixteen and injuring twenty-nine.
  • India July 20 – According to Indian NDTV report, a truck collided head on with a private mini bus at Etah-Kasganj Expressway, outskirt of Etah, Uttar Pradesh, India, at least sixteen dead.
  • Peru July 21 – According to Peruvian TV Peru report, a Soyuz Transport bus carrying Hermanos Flores Group head collided with a HuaralLima regular route bus at Pasamayo, Huaral, Peru, Soyuz bus crossed into a lane of oncoming traffic in an attempt to pass another vehicle, at least 25 dead and injuring sixty.
  • Colombia July 22 – According to Colombian RCN television report, a Puerto AsisPasto regular route bus cassying fifty passengers plunged into a 490-metre-deep (1,600 ft) ravine at outskirt of Mocoa, Putamayo, Colombia, at least twenty-three dead and injuring twenty-one.
  • Romania July 22 – At least 8 people killed in collision between a bus and a train in Dâmbovița County.[194]
  • India July 23 – According to Indian Khaleej Times report, a Jammu-Srinagar regular route bus crushed by lost control at Banihal Pass, Sher-Bibi, Jammu and Kashimir, India, killing seventeen and injuring thirty-five.
  • Philippines July 29 – According to Philippine National Police official and an ABS-CBN television report, a packed commuter bus strayed into an oncoming lane, and crashed head-on collide with another bus at Pamplona, Camarines Sur, Philippines, at least eleven dead and injuring twenty-nine.
  • India July 31 – According to Indian Police Service and Times of India report, a bus carrying Nepalease pilgrims plunged into Alkananda River with killing at least thirty-six and injuring eleven at Panauti, Kaverepalanchowk, Uttarakhanda, India.
  • India August 2 – According to Indian Police Service and NDTV report, an overloaded truck with 125 farm laborers plunged into a small river and killing at least sixty at Khagaria, Bihar, India.
  • Iran August 3 – At least nineteen people killed and injuring many passengers, a bus and a truck collision, and bus driver swerved to the left, when the driver dosed off behind the wheel at Sirjan-Bandar Abbas road, outskirt of Sirjan, Kerman Province, Iran.[195]
  • United States August 8 – Sherman, Texas – according to Sherman Police Department official report, an illegally operated charter bus carrying fifty-five people of Vietnamese-American Catholic, Marian Pays group skidded off at Dallas-Oklahoma Highway 75, killing at least seventeen passengers and injuring more than forty. Sherman, Texas bus accident.
  • India August 15 – At least fifteen children died, a bus with forty people, including thirty-two children of Baami School has lost control and plunged into Phalguni River in Ulaibitta village, Mangalore, Karnataka, India.[196]
  • Dominican Republic August 15 – At least twenty-nine died, two passenger buses, mostly Italian and Dominican and collied with two pickup trucka at La Romana, La Altagracia, Dominican Republic.[197]
  • China August 16 – At least fifteen died and injuring twenty, a bus plunged off mountain road into 260-meter deep ravine at Mianchi Country, Henan Province, China.[198]
  • Haiti August 18 – At least fifty died, a bus tried to cross a bridge, and swollen and plunged Glace River by Tropical Storm Fay at outskirt of Beaumont, Grand'Ase, Haiti.[199]
  • Croatia September 7 – A bus carrying mostly elderly Slovak tourists crashed into a highway flyover pillar on a section of ZagrebSplit motorway near Zir, Croatia, killing 14 people and injuring 30 others in the worst highway accident in Croatia since independence.[200]
  • China September 13 – A BazhongNingbo bus plunged into a 100-meter deep valley at Nanjiang, Sichuan, China, at least fifty-one killed.[201]
  • Egypt September 15 – A tourist bus crashed into a truck on the west coast of Egypt's Sinai peninsula outside the resort of Ras Sadr, killing 14 people (7 foreign tourists from Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine and 5 Egyptians) and injuring 37 others.[202][203]
  • Vietnam September 21 – A bus crashed with a truck coming from the opposite direction on Sunday morning at around 4 a.m. in Vietnam's central Nghệ An Province, killing 16 people on the bus and leaving 13 injured, according to the local traffic safety bureau.[204]
  • United States October 3 – A fiery collision between an 18-wheeler tractortrailer, driven by Andrew David Carter, 31, and a state van, killed 6 applicants for prison jobs and their driver, 36-year-old correctional officer Rodney Kelley, about 30 kilometres (20 mi) southeast of Montgomery, Alabama rural highway of U.S. 82 (U.S. Route 82). Department of Corrections staff transported them from a state prison near Union Springs to another DOC prison.[205] The 6 applicants were identified as Julius Bouier, 26; Lionel Moore, 18; John Foye Jr., 20; Brandon Anglin, 23; Henry Simmons Sr., 45; and Derrick Ivey, 22.[206][207]
  • United States October 5 – A Greyhound chartered bus, with 46 people, traveling from Sacramento, California to Colusa Casino Resort, veered across Lone Star Road, Colusa County, and cartwheeled down an embankment southeast of Williams, California, killing at least 10 passengers and injuring at least 38.[208][209]
  • Thailand October 10 – A Thai tour bus with Kaset Techno Khon Kaen University students on a field trip overturned coming down a steep hill in Nadi district, Prachinburi, at 0330 local time (2030 GMT), 135 km (84 mi) north-east of Bangkok, killing 22 people (the driver, 18 male and 3 female students), and seriously injuring 50 others, according to Majors Suchart Yaemsak and General Sanchai Chaiamporn.[210][211][212]
  • United Kingdom October 20 – An entire family of 6 were killed as their car was shunted under another stopped car by a lorry on a motorway in Cheshire. David Statham, 38, his wife Michelle, 33, and their four children Reece, 13, Jay, 9, Mason, 20 months, and Ellouise, 10 weeks, died. A 46-year-old Portuguese lorry driver was later convicted of causing their deaths by careless driving and jailed for three years.
  • Philippines October 27 – 9 people died and 18 others were injured, when a passenger jeepney with 21 people on board fell into a 300-meter ravine in Dapdap West Tagaytay City, Philippines on their way to Tanauan, Batangas to bury a dead relative's remains.[213][214]
  • Philippines November 1 – 7 people were killed and more than 30 passengers injured, in a head-on collision between an overtaking packed passenger Fermina Express bus and a Toyota Revo utility vehicle along the North Luzon Expressway, near Sta. Ines, Mabalacat, Pampanga. Some of the fatalities' bodies were dismembered in the gruesome tragedy.[215][216][217]
  • Burkina Faso November 15 – 99 people killed and 46 wounded when a bus collided head-on with a truck in Boromo. The bus caught fire and most victims were burned alive. Miracolously, the bus driver got off unhurt.[218]
  • Egypt December 14, 2008 Egyptian bus accident
  • December 16–25 killed and 30 injured after a bus crashes off the road and rolls down a ravine between Ovda and Eilat in Israel.[219]


  • Peru January 10 — At least 30 killed including 6 children and another 20 people killed in bus accident.[220]
  • United States January 19 — 2 killed and 12 injured after a snowy highway (Interstate 70) caused 71 people in 35 cars and 5 tractor trailers to crash in Myersville, Maryland.[221]
  • Nigeria January 25 — At least 15 footballers killed when bus collided with a vehicle transporting cattle near Jos, Nigeria.[222]
  • Peru February 11 — At least 14 killed and 57 injured when two buses collided with a truck in Arequipa Province. In the other accident, 12 people were killed and 39 injured when a bus plunged into a gorge in Ayacucho province.[223]
  • Slovakia February 21 — At least 11 people killed when a bus collided with a train.[224]
  • Peru April 14 — At least 20 people killed when a bus and a petrol tanker collided in Peru.[225]
  • Iran May 4 — At least 28 people where killed in bus crash in Iran.[226]
  • Bulgaria May 28 — Sixteen people died and four were injured when a tourist bus crashed into a crowd in eastern Bulgaria.[227]
  • India June 24 — At least 25 people killed and 40 wounded when two buses collided in Indian-administered Kashmir.[228]
  • Egypt July 16 — At least 8 Europeans and 3 Egyptians killed and 10 injured in a collision between a bus and lorry.[229]
  • Russia July 24 — At least 21 people where killed when a bus collided with a petrol tanker in Rostov Oblast.[230]
  • United States July 26 — Eight were killed, including the driver, and three were injured when a driver travels the wrong way for 2.7 kilometres (1.7 mi) on the Taconic State Parkway in New York State before crashing head-on into a sport utility vehicle at about 1:30 p.m. The driver, identified as Diane Schuler, was later found to be impaired by alcohol and marijuana. Four of her five passengers, all children, were killed as well as all three men in the oncoming vehicle. Two occupants of another car suffered minor injuries.[231] (See 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash.)
  • Peru July 31 — At least 17 people died after a bus crash in Quiquijana District in Peru. The bus was from Arequipa and the destination was Cusco.[232]
  • Zimbabwe August 2 — At least 33 people where killed in bus accident in Zimbabwe.[233]
  • Cuba August 10 — Two trucks loaded with passengers collided in Ciego de Avila, Cuba, killing 14 people and injuring about 30 others.[234]
  • Panama August 13 — A heavy dump truck collides head-on with a crowded passenger bus outside of Panama City, killing at least 22 people and injuring several others in one of Panama's worst-ever traffic accidents.[235][236]
  • Romania August 14 — 2009 Romanian bus-train collision occurred at 14:10 local time (UTC+3) when at least 14 people died after a bus-train collision in Scânteia, Iaşi County, Romania on County Road 248C.[237][238][239][240] It was the worst accident in Romania in fifteen years.[241]
  • Philippines October 18 — Quezon province double-accident – A 4-wheeler truck bumps right side signage. An hour later, a bus carried 40 students, 7 teachers and 1 parent bumped on the left side tree, a bus from Blessed Hope Christian Academy in Marikina City going to Legazpi City – 1 killed (soldier), 3 injured (2 teachers and 1 student)
  • Bangladesh December 6 — At least 20 people killed and some 45 injured in Bangladesh after two buses were involved in a head-on collision.[242]
  • South Korea December 17 — 17 people were killed when a touring coach veered off a mountain road.[243]
  • United States December 22 — December 2009 Interstate 10 pileup – Three people were killed and 14 more were injured after a sudden dust storm reduced visibility to near-zero along a portion of Interstate 10. Twenty-two vehicles were involved in the pileup, including a tank truck that exploded and set seven other vehicles on fire.
  • Peru December 24 — At least 40 people die and 10 injured in bus crash in Peru.[244]
  • Malaysia December 26 — Ten passengers were killed when a Sani Express double-decker express bus crashed into the divider along the North–South Expressway near Ipoh, Malaysia at 1am. The driver of the bus admitted that he fell asleep at the wheel.

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