List of road junctions in the United Kingdom: X-Z

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Thickthorn Interchange

This is part of the list of road junctions in the United Kingdom.

Many road junctions are named after pubs. For more information regarding the derivation of pub names see pub names.


Junction Name Type Location Roads Grid Reference Notes
Yard Cross Crossroads Monkton, Devon ST194044
Yeoman's Roundabout Roundabout Giffard Park, Milton Keynes 52°04′08″N 0°44′30″W / 52.06889°N 0.74167°W / 52.06889; -0.74167
Yorkshire Grey Roundabout Eltham, LB Greenwich
  • A205 Westhorne Avenue
  • A210 Eltham Road
51°27′10″N 0°02′09″E / 51.45278°N 0.03583°E / 51.45278; 0.03583 Named after the pub on the roundabout.
Young's Corner Crossroads Chiswick, LB Hounslow
  • A315 High Road
  • A315 King Street
  • A402 Goldhawk Road
  • British Grove
TQ219786 Named after C Young, cricketer[1]