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Highway sign of "E"
Highway sign of "D"

There are two major series of highways in Dubai, which are "E" and "D". These are further divided into several major and minor inter-city and intra-city roads. The network of highways and roads in Dubai, United Arab Emirates are managed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)

These are the list of routes in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Route name Length Formed Major interchanges Major junctions
1 E11 Route UAE.svgE 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road) 347 mi (558.4 km) 1980 Al Mamzar Interchange
Al Garhoud Bridge
Al Karama Interchange
Trade Centre Roundabout,
1st Interchange (Defence Roundabout)
2nd Interchange
3rd Interchange
4th Interchange (Al Barsha Bridge),
5th Interchange
6th Interchange
7th Interchange
8th Interchange
9th Interchange (Palm Jebel Ali)
Jebel Ali Al Habab Road
Dubai-Al Ain Road (E 66)
2 E311 Route UAE.svgE 311 (Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road; formerly known as Emirates Road) 87.3 mi (140.5 km) 2001 Jebel Ali Al Habab (E 77)
Oud Metha (E 66)
Ras Al Khor (E 44)
3 E44 Route UAE.svgE 44 73.3 mi (118 km) Al Madam Roundabout Dubai-Al Ain Road (E 66)
E 311
E 77
4 E66 Route UAE.svgE 66 79.3 mi (127.7 km) Wafi Interchange
Bu Khadra Interchange
Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road Interchange
Interchange No. 3
Academic City Interchange
Jebel Ali Interchange
Interchange No. 6
E 44 (Ras Al Khor Road)
E 311
E 611 (Emirates Road)
E 77, E 55
5 E77 Route UAE.svgE 77 37.5 mi (60.4 km) E 44
E 311
E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road)
E 66
6 E611 Route UAE.svgE 611 (Emirates Road; formerly known as Dubai Bypass Road) Under construction
7 D94 Route UAE.svgD 94 13.3 mi (21.3 km)
8 D92 Route UAE.svgD 92 16.2 mi (26.1 km) D 79 (Falcon Roundabout) D 85 (Baniyas Road)
D 89 (Al Maktoum Road)
D 75 (Sheikh Rashid Road)
D 73 (Al Dhiyafa Road)
D 71 (Al Safa Street)
Al Hadiqa Street
D 63 (Umm Suqeim Street)
9 D89 Route UAE.svgD 89 13.9 mi (22.4 km) E 311
E 11
D 85 (Baniyas Road)
10 D85 Route UAE.svgD 85 4.9 mi (7.9 km) D 89 (Al Maktoum Road)
D 92 (Al Shindagha Tunnel)
Umm Hurair Road (Al Maktoum Bridge)
11 D75 Route UAE.svgD 75 1.9 mi (3.0 km) Umm Hurair Road (Karama Interchange) D 92 (Al Mina Road)
D 90 (Al Mankool Road)
12 D73 Route UAE.svgD 73 5.1 mi (8.2 km) E 11 (Trade Centre Roundabout)
D 90 (Al Satwa Roundabout)
D 94 (Jumeirah Road)
D 92 (Al Wasl Road)
D 90 (Satwa Road)
E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road)
D 75 (Al Qutaeyat Road)
E 66 (Oud Metha Road)
13 D90 Route UAE.svgD 90 4.6 mi (7.4 km) D 73 (Al Satwa Roundabout) D 75 (Sheikh Rashid Road)
D 73 (Al Dhiyafa Road)
D 71 (Al Safa Street)
14 D90 Route UAE.svgD 63 (Umm Suqeim Road/Al Qudra Road) 24.1 mi

(38.5 km)

E 11 (Sheikh Zayed Road)

D 86 (First Al Khail Street)

D 72 (Al Asayel Street)

E 44

E 311 (Mohammed Bin Zayed Road)

D54 (Zayed Bin Hamdan al Nahyan Street)

E 611 (Emirates Road)

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