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This is an incomplete list of roads in Macau.

Roads in Macau use Portuguese spelling and are named after historic figures or places in Macau or Portugal. There are 321 kilometres of roads in Macau maintained by Land, Public works and Transport Bureau of Macau.


Typical street sign in Macau

Road signs in Macau are in Portuguese and traditional Chinese. They consists of white tiles attached on concrete posts or on walls of buildings. Signage on bridges are white with black lettering (Portuguese and Chinese).


In some cases road names are the same in meaning for both Portuguese name and Chinese name, however there are some cases where Portuguese and Chinese meaning differ, such as Praceta de 24 Junho (Praceta of June 24) which is shown as 城市日前地 and has no literal translation (Recently in the City) and represents a name.

Road Types[edit]

  • Estrada - Highway
  • Rua - Road
  • Patio- yard
  • Avenida - Avenue

Macau has 50 km of paved highways (estradas) in areas that permit wide roadways. Most of the roads in Macau and parts of Taipa are narrow side streets. Highways in Macau are semi controlled access roadways and the maximum speed is 80 km/hr.

List of Roads on Macau Peninsula[edit]

Roads (Ruas)[edit]

  • Ramal dos Mouros - named for Castle of the Moors in Sintra, Portugal
  • Rua 25 de Abril - named for the Carnation Revolution of 1974
  • Rua Central
  • Rua da Concoirdia
  • Rua da Fabrica
  • Rua da Felicidade
  • Rua da Grunta
  • Rua da Madeira
  • Rua da Malaca
  • Rua da Papaia
  • Rua das Estalagens
  • Rua de Paris - named for Paris, France
  • Rua de Pequim - named for Beijing, China
  • Rua de Piedada
  • Rua de Roma - named for Rome, Italy
  • Rua do Almirante Sérgio
  • Rua do Campo
  • Rua do Canal Novo
  • Rua do Caracol
  • Rua do Dr. Lourenço Marques
  • Rua do Patane
  • Rua Notre do Patane
  • Rua São Tiagoda Barra
  • Rua Sul do Patane
  • Rua Va Tai
  • Rua de Madrid - named for Madrid, Spain
  • Travese da Praia

Avenues, Lanes and Highways (Avenidas and Estradas)[edit]

Avenida (Avenue)[edit]

Estrada (Highway)[edit]

  • Estrada Dona Maria II - named for Maria II of Portugal, Queen regnant
  • Estrada da Areia Preta - Areia Preta translates as Black sand
  • Estrada da Penha - Penha translates as cliff or rocky hill
  • Estrada do Campo
  • Estrada Governador Nobre de Carval - named for Governor of Macau José Manuel de Sousa e Faria Nobre de Carvalho 1966 to 1974
  • Estrada Marginal da Areia Preta - Marginal da Areia Preta translates as Seafront Black sand

Alamade (Lane)[edit]

List of Roads on Taipa and Coloane[edit]

Roads (Rua)[edit]

  • Rua da Pai Kok
  • Rua das Albizias
  • Rua de Choi Long
  • Rua de Lagos
  • Rua do Cunha
  • Rua do Delgado
  • Rua do Jardim
  • Rua do Melo
  • Rua do Minho
  • Rua dos Hortelaos

Avenues and Highways (Avenida and Estrada)[edit]

  • Avenida da Praia
  • Avenida de Cotai
  • Avenida de Carlos da Maia
  • Avenida de Guimaráes
  • Avenida de Kwong Tung
  • Avenida do Estdio
  • Avenida dos Jardins do Oceano
  • Avenida Marginal de Flor de Lotus
  • Avenida Olimpico
  • Avenida Son On
  • Avenida Wai Long
  • Estrada Alimirante Marques Esparteir
  • Estrada Alnirante Magalhaes Correla
  • Estrada da Baía de Nossa Senhora da Espernça - Our Lady of Hope Bay
  • Estrada da Ponta da Cabtira
  • Estrada de Cheoc Van
  • Estrada de Hac Sa - named for local Hac Sa Bay
  • Estrada de Pac On
  • Estrada do Althinho de Ká-Hó - named for village of Ká-Hò
  • Estrada do Istmo
  • Estrada Dr Seac Pai Van - Street and nearby park on Coloane named after Seac Pai Van
  • Estrada Flor de Lotus - the lotus is the floral emblem of Macau
  • Estrada dos Sete Tanques
  • Estrada Lo Lin Ieoc - named for Chinese born Macau merchant Lou Kau

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