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Mahatma Gandhi Road in Bangalore, India

This is a list of roads across the world named after the Indian anti-colonial nationalist and lawyer, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (a.k.a. Mahatma Gandhi), known for his nonviolent resistance to lead a successful campaign for India's independence from British Rule.

At places, the roads are also known by their abbreviated form 'M.G. Road'. In other countries, Mahatma Gandhi Road is known by different names, Gandhistraat, Gandhiweg, and Gandhiplein being some of them.[1]

M.G. Road is one of the most frequently used road names in India,[citation needed] Agra having two of them.[2] Several other Indian cities have a road by this name. In 2010, attempts were made to rename Hillcroft Avenue in Houston, Texas to Mahatma Gandhi Avenue but the proponents were unable to secure signatures from 75% of the property owners. As a result, the group settled for renaming the areas around Hillcroft Avenue to Mahatma Gandhi district.[3] In Kolkata, Central Road has renamed Harrison Road in 1892 after Sir Henry Leland Harrison, then the chairman of Calcutta Corporation.[4] It has recently been renamed yet again to Mahatma Gandhi Road. In many cities in South India, Mahatma Gandhi Road is popularly known by other names. In Chennai, it is known as Nungambakkam High Road. In Coimbatore, Mahatma Gandhi Road is popularly known by Avarampalayam Road.

In India[edit]

State/UT City Name
Andhra Pradesh Guntur Mahatma Gandhi Inner Ring Road
Ongole Gandhi Road
Tirupathi Gandhi Road
Vijayawada Mahatma Gandhi Road
Assam Dispur Mahatma Gandhi Path
Uzan Bazaar, Guwahati Mahatma Gandhi Road
Bihar Patna Gandhi Maidan Marg
Mahatma Gandhi Nagar
Chhattisgarh Raigarh Mahatma Gandhi Road
Raipur Mahatma Gandhi Road
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Daman Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Delhi Adarsh Nagar Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Civil Lines, Delhi Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Lajpat Nagar Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Mukherjee Nagar Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Ramesh Nagar Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Timarpur Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Goa Panaji MG Road
Gujarat Ahmedabad-Vadodara Mahatma Gandhi Expressway (National Expressway 1)
Bardoli MG Road, Bardoli
Porbandar MG Road, Sudama Chowk
Vadodara MG Road, Karkadiya
MG Road, Yakputpur
Karnataka Bangalore Mahatma Gandhi Road
Mangalore Mahatma Gandhi Road
Mysore Gandhi Square
Mysore Mahatma Gandhi Road
Tumkur Mahatma Gandhi Road
Bellary Mahatma Gandhi Road
Hassan Mahatma Gandhi Road
Kerala Kochi Mahatma Gandhi Road
Kottayam MG Road
Thiruvananthapuram MG Road
Thrissur Mahatma Gandhi Road
Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Gandhi Road
Indore Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Maharashtra Ahmednagar Mahatma Gandhi road
Akola Gandhi road
Mumbai MG Road, Fort
MG Road, Kandivali-West
MG Road, Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar East
MG Road, Borivali East
MG Road 2, Kandivali
MG Road 2, Goregaon
Nashik MG Road
Pune MG Road
Thane Mahatma Gandhi Road
Wardha MG Road
Meghalaya Shillong MG Road
Puducherry Pondicherry Mahatma Gandhi Road
Sikkim Gangtok Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Tamil Nadu Chennai Mahatma Gandhi Road, more popularly known as Nungambakkam High Road.
Coimbatore Mahatma Gandhi Road, more popularly known as Sarojini Naidu Road.[5]
Telangana Secunderabad Mahatma Gandhi Road
Uttar Pradesh Agra Mahatma Gandhi Road and Mahatma Gandhi Road II[2]
Allahabad Mahatma Gandhi Marg
Bahraich Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bahraich
Kanpur Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kanpur
Lucknow Mahatma Gandhi Road, Lucknow
West Bengal Kolkata Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata[4]
Durgapur Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durgapur

Outside India[edit]

Country State/Province City Name
Belgium Antwerp Province Mechelen Mahatma Gandhiwijk
East Flanders Ghent Mahatma Gandhistraat
Brussels Molenbeek-Saint-Jean Avenue Mahatma Gandhi/Mahatma Gandhilaan
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg Mahatma Gandhi Way
Croatia - Zagreb Ulica Mahatme Gandhija
France Île-de-France Courdimanche Avenue Gandhi
Paris Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi
Germany Lower Saxony Hanover Gandhi straße, [6]
Bremen (state) Bremen Gandhi straße, [6]
North Rhine-Westphalia Bonn Gandhi straße, [6]
Jamaica Kingston-St. Andrew,
Surrey County
Kingston Gandhi Road
Hungary Dunaújváros Gandhi-Utca, [6]
Indonesia North Sumatra Medan Jalan Gandhi
Iran Tehran Province Tehran North Gandhi, Tehran, Iran[6]
Tehran Province Tehran Gandhi Street, Tehran, Iran[6]
Italy Milan Province Milan Via Mahatma Gandhi[7]
Jordan - Amman Mahatma Gandhi Street[8]
Lebanon - Beirut Rue Mahatma Ghandi
Mauritius Goodlands Gandhi Road
Roche Terre S.I Gandhi Street
Beau Bassin-Rose Hill M. Gandhi Street
Beau Bassin-Rose Hill Mahatma Gandhi Lane
Quatre Bornes Gandhi Avenue
Belle Rose Gandhi Street
Mexico Mexico City Calzada Mahatma Gandhi[9]
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mahatma Gandhi Street[10]
Morocco Casablanca Boulevard Ghandi
Netherlands Leiden Gandhiburg[6]
Utrecht Gandhidreef[6]
Delft Gandhilaan[6]
Leiden Gandhistraat[6]
Purmerend Mahatma Gandhistraat[6]
Rotterdam Mahatma Gandhistraat[6]
Culemborg Gandhi[6]
Zaandam Gandhihof[6]
Zeist Gandhilaan[6]
Stadskanaal Gandhiplein[6]
Maastricht Gandhiplein[6]
Zetten Gandhistraat[6]
Haarlem Gandhistraat[6]
Hengelo(O) Gandhistraat[6]
Hoofddorp Gandhistraat[6]
Middelburg Gandhistraat[6]
Epe Gandhiweg[6]
Gouda Gandhiweg[6]
Deventer Ghandistraat[6]
Amsterdam M. Gandhilaan[6]
Groningen M. K. Gandhiplein[6]
Heerhugowaard Mahatma Gandhihof[6]
Eindhoven Mahatma Gandhilaan[6]
Zoetermeer Mahatma Gandhisingel[6]
's-Gravenhage Mahatma Gandhistraat[6]
Arnhem Mahatma Gandhiweg[6]
Assen Mahatma Gandhiweg[6]
Muntendam Mahatma Gandhiweg[6]
Philippines Manila Mahatma Gandhi Street, Paco[11]
Serbia Blokovi Gandhiova[12]
South Africa KwaZulu-Natal Durban Mahatma Gandhi Road, Durban[13]
Johannesburg Gandhi Square[6]
Spain Catalonia Barcelona Jardins de Gandhi[14][15]
Sri Lanka Northern Province Jaffna Mahathma Gandhi Road
Trinidad and Tobago Penal–Debe,
Victoria County
Debe Gandhi Village Road
San Fernando,
Victoria County
San Fernando Gandhi Street
Caroni County
Saint Helena Gandhi Street
Turkey Ankara Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi 76[6]
Ankara Mahatma Gandhi Caddesi [6]
United Kingdom London Gandhi Close
United States Colorado Boulder, CO Gandhi Drive[6]
Indiana Crawfordsville, IN Gandhi Street[6]
North Carolina Durham, NC Gandhi Drive[6]
North Carolina Fuquay-Varina, NC Gandhi Lane[6]
Texas Houston Mahatma Gandhi District

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