List of roads of County Mayo

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County Mayo (shaded dark green)

This is a list of national primary roads, national secondary roads, regional roads, and officially designated scenic routes in County Mayo in Ireland.[1][2][3]

National primary roads[edit]

  • N5 road     Longford — Westport, County Mayo
  • N17 road     Collooney, County Sligo — Charlestown, County Mayo — Galway
  • N26 road     Swinford — Ballina, County Mayo

National secondary roads[edit]

  • N58 road     Bellavary — Foxford, County Mayo
  • N59 road     Belladrehid, County Sligo — Westport, County Mayo — Galway
  • N60 road     Roscommon — Castlebar, County Mayo
  • N83 road     Tuam, County Galway — Ballyhaunis — Glentavraun, County Mayo
  • N84 road     Galway — Castlebar, County Mayo

Regional roads[edit]

  • R293 road     Ballynaboll, County Sligo — Ballaghaderreen, County Roscommon — Ballyhaunis, County Mayo
  • R294 road     Boyle, County Roscommon — Tobercurry, County Sligo — Ballina, County Mayo
  • R297 road     Dromore West, County Sligo — Dooyeaghvy, County Mayo
  • R300 road     Partry, County Mayo — An Fhairche, County Galway
  • R310 road     Castlebar — Rahans, County Mayo
  • R311 road     Castlebar — Newport, County Mayo
  • R312 road     Castlebar — Bellacorick, County Mayo
  • R313 road     Bangor — An Fod Dubh, County Mayo
  • R314 road     Béal an Mhuirthead — Ballycastle — Ballina, County Mayo
  • R315 road     Pontoon — Crossmolina — Ballycastle, County Mayo
  • R316 road     Bogadoon — Crossmolina, County Mayo
  • R317 road     Newport — Boggy, County Mayo
  • R318 road     Foxford — Pontoon, County Mayo
  • R319 road     Mallaranny — Keem, County Mayo
  • R320 road     Swinford — Claremorris, County Mayo
  • R321 road     Ballylahan — Bohola — Kiltimagh, County Mayo
  • R322 road     Kiltimagh — Kilkelly, County Mayo
  • R323 road     Kiltimagh — Knock — Ballyhaunis, County Mayo
  • R324 road     Balla — Kiltimagh, County Mayo
  • R325 road     Glentavraun, County Mayo — Cloonarragh, County Roscommon
  • R327 road     Cuilmore, County Mayo — Pollremon, County Galway
  • R328 road     Ballindine, County Mayo — Moylough, County Galway
  • R329 road     Knock, County Mayo (Part Old National Route 17)
  • R330 road     Westport — Partry, County Mayo
  • R331 road     Claremorris — Ballinrobe, County Mayo
  • R332 road     Moylough — Tuam, County Galway — Kilmaine, County Mayo
  • R334 road     Ballinrobe — Neale, County Mayo — Headford, County Galway
  • R335 road     Westport — Louisburgh — Leenane, County Mayo
  • R345 road     An Mám, County Galway — Neale, County Mayo
  • R346 road     Cong — Cross, County Mayo
  • R373 road     Breaffy — Castlebar, County Mayo
  • R375 road     Swinford — Kilkelly, County Mayo
  • R376 road     Lurga Upper — Knock Airport, County Mayo
  • R378 road     Louisburgh — Roonagh Pier, County Mayo
  • R917 road     Spencer Street, Castlebar, County Mayo
  • R928 road     Pearse Street, Ballina, County Mayo
  • R929 road     Main Street, Ballyhaunis, County Mayo

Designated scenic roads[edit]

Highly scenic vistas[edit]

  • R310 south of Lough Conn and north of Lough Cullin (looking to both lakes)
  • R313 from Blacksod Point to Fallmore Bay (looking towards Blacksod Bay)
  • R314 at Céide Fields (looking towards the Atlantic Ocean)
  • R315 from Cuilkillew to Pontoon (looking towards Lough Conn)
  • R319 from Achill to Achill Sound (looking towards Achill Sound)
  • R335 from west of Kilsallagh to Westport (looking towards both Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay)
  • R335 from Cregganbaun to Delphi (looking towards the Sheeffry Hills and Doo Lough)
  • Local road north of Pollatomish (looking towards Broad Haven)
  • Local road west of Carrowmore Lake, from Barnatra to the R313 junction (looking towards Carrowmore Lake)
  • Local road at Dooyork (looking towards Blacksod Bay)
  • Local road from Owenmore Bridge to Doo Lough (looking towards the Sheeffry Hills and Owenduff Lake)
  • Local road from the R312 junction north of Keenagh, running to the west of Furnace Lough, to Newport (looking towards the Beg Range, Lough Feeagh and Furnace Lough)
  • Local roads west of Lough Mask from Tourmakeady to Maumtrasna and from Tream to Cappanacreha (looking towards both the Partry Mountains and Lough Mask)
  • Local road north-east of Lough Carra, from Carnacon to north of Ballygarries (looking towards Lough Carra)
  • Local roads north-west of Lough Mask, from Cordarragh to Tourmakeady and from Croaghrimbeg to Bohaun (looking towards the Partry Mountains)

Scenic routes[edit]

  • N59 from Westport to the southern boundary with County Galway
  • N59 from Bangor to east of Rosturk
  • R294 from west of Bunnyconellan to the boundary with Co. Sligo
  • R297 from Castleconor to Crockets Town
  • R312 from Derreen to Beltra Lough (along the coast, west of the Beg Mountain Range)
  • R313 from Bellmullet to Blacksod Point
  • R314 from Belderrig to Bunatrahir Bay and from Glenamoy to Barnatra
  • R315 from Lahardaun to Pontoon (west of Lough Conn)
  • R319 from Mulrany to south of Bunacurry (northern part of Achill Island)
  • R335 from Westport to Aasleagh
  • L134 from Knockmore to north of Ross West (between Lough Conn and Lough Cullin)
  • L141 from south of Bunacurry to Dooagh
  • L141A around Lough Keel
  • Local road around Corraun Peninsula
  • Local road (i.e. "The Atlantic Drive") at Dooega Head (southern part of Achill Island), from the R319 through Dooega, Cloghmore and Derreen
  • Local road from Maumtrasna to Srah (west of Lough Mask)
  • Local road from Maumtrasna to Cong (south of Lough Mask)
  • Local road from south of Pollatomish to Barnatra
  • Local road to the west shores of Carrowmore Lake, from Barnatra to the R313 junction
  • Local road from Geesala and around the peninsula
  • Local road from Killsallagh to Owenmore Bridge
  • Local road from Liscarney to Doo Lough
  • Local road north-west of the Sheeffry Hills from Louisburgh to Kinnadooley and to Cregganbaun
  • Local road from Beltra to the R315 junction at Lough Conn
  • Local road from Killala to Moyne Abbey
  • Local road east of Lough Conn, from Garrycloonagh to Brackwanshagh
  • Local road west of Lough Conn, from the R312 junction north of Keenagh to Newport
  • Local road from south of Swinford to Kilkelly
  • Local road from Srahmore, running west of Furnace Lough, to Newport
  • Local roads north-west of Lough Mask, from Cordarragh to Tourmakeady and from Croaghrimbeg to Bohaun
  • Local road north of Achill Island, from Bunacurry to Doogort