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Role-playing game software, as opposed to role-playing video games, is a software intended to assist in developing and running of role-playing games. It does not allow the game to be played entirely within the computer. Such software assist in the drawing of maps, player character and non-player character creation, generation of monsters, and provision of dice rolls and their results. The software may be specific to a single role playing game system, or flexible enough to be applied to multiple game models.


Year Title Developer Publisher Setting Platform Notes
1981 The Imperial Data Recovery System FASA Traveller[1]
1985 Dragonfire II: The Dungeonmaster's Assistant Erik Brynjolfsson, Steven Bergstein Magicware Various[2] Apple, Commodore, IBM Personal Computer
1988 AD&D Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume I: Encounters SSI
1989 AD&D Dungeon Masters Assistant Volume II: Characters & Treasures SSI
1993 Campaign Cartographer ProFantasy Software Various Microsoft Windows
1996 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons CD-ROM Core Rules
2000 PCGen Bryan McRoberts et al. Various Cross platform Won gold at the 2005 ENnies for Best Electronic Product.[3]
2002 D&D e-Tools: Character and Monster Generator Code Monkey Publishing Various Microsoft Windows
2002 AutoREALM Andy Gryc Various Microsoft Windows
2003 TOS+ (The Only Sheet Plus) The Only Sheet Fantasy Microsoft Windows
2004 Fantasy Grounds SmiteWorks Various Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
2007 D&D Insider Wizards of the Coast
2007 Virtual Table beta Wizards of the Coast Promised feature for D&D Insider. Canceled in 2012
2012 Roll20 The Orr Group Various Website, mobile app

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