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List of romantics

Brazilian Romanticism[edit]

Colombian Romanticism[edit]

Czech Romanticism[edit]

Dutch Romanticism[edit]

English Romanticism[edit]

Estonian Romanticism[edit]

French Romanticism[edit]

German Romanticism[edit]

  • {Carl Von Carus} (painter)
  • {Carl Lessing} (painter)

Irish Romanticism[edit]

Hungarian Romanticism[edit]

Italian Romanticism[edit]

North American Romanticism[edit]

Norwegian Romanticism[edit]

Polish Romanticism[edit]

Romanticism in Poland was followed, after the disastrous January 1863 Uprising, by a period known as Positivism.

Portuguese Romanticism[edit]

Romanian Romanticism[edit]

Russian Romanticism[edit]

Serbian Romanticism[edit]

Slovene Romanticism[edit]

Scottish Romanticism[edit]

Spanish Romanticism[edit]

Spanish Romaniticism emerged in the years following the Napoleonic Wars, and reached its apex in the 1840s. Much of Spanish Romanticism serves as criticism of contemporary Spanish society, as seen directly in the Articulos de Costumbre (essays on customs/daily life) by Larra. Important literary works in Spanish Romanticism include Larra's essays (each article published separately until 1836), Don Juan Tenorio by Zorrilla (1844), El Estudiante de Salamanca (1840) and Poesias (1840) by Espronceda, and Rimas y Leyendas by Becquer (1871).

Welsh Romanticism[edit]

Other countries[edit]

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