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James Clifford Young's farm was located about three miles south of Greene, New York Built in 1914.

What are termed round barns include historic barns having true circular designs and also octagonal or other polygonal designs that approximate a circle. In the United States, in a first era of round barn construction, from 1850 to 1900, numerous octagonal barns were built. In a second era, from 1889 to 1936, numerous true circular barns were built.[1][2]

This list article includes surviving or historic round barns in Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. There were 19 historic round and polygonal barns in Canada identified as surviving in the 1970s, in a list compiled by Katherine Kirkam.[3] According to Matthew Farfan, nine round barns survive in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, all close to the U.S. border.[4][note 1]

Besides paying attention to Canadian barns, Kirkham also studied American barns; in the 1970s, she identified 444 surviving barns in the United States.[3] Many of them are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[5]

Dale J. Travis has identified and photographed (or collected photos of round barns and other round or polygonal buildings throughout the United States and Canada.[6] His webpages document the loss of numerous historic round barns.

The periods during which round barns were built varies across U.S. states. Most of Indiana's round barns were built between 1900 and 1920, and their construction peaked in 1910. Iowa's peak years were from 1909 to 1922. All 44 of the historic round barns built in South Dakota were built between 1903 and 1946. North Dakota's peak years were from 1910 to 1916. South Dakota had none built before 1900 because the state had yet to be developed.[7]

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As documented here, there are at least 11 surviving octagonal, true round, and other round-type barns in Quebec. A few others survive in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. A list of round or near-round structures in Quebec, including historic round barns, developed by Dale J. Travis has informed this compilation.[8] Following is intended to be a complete list, from West to East:

Building Image Dates Location City, Province Description
Fintry Estate barn 1925[9] Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area, 7655 Fintry Delta Rd.50°08′14″N 119°30′13″W / 50.1371°N 119.5036°W / 50.1371; -119.5036 (Fintry barn) Fintry, Okanagan Country, British Columbia
Henderson Round Barn HendersonRoundBarn FEP.jpg Built 1898, moved 1972 Fort Edmonton Park
53°30′01″N 113°34′51″W / 53.5004°N 113.5809°W / 53.5004; -113.5809 (Henderson Round Barn)
Edmonton, Alberta Preserved in a historical park.[4][10]
Sowerby Barn 1928[11] 131 Brownlee Rd (at Round Barn Rd)46°16′57″N 83°25′58″W / 46.28248°N 83.43273°W / 46.28248; -83.43273 (Sowerby Barn) Huron Shores, Ontario One of three 12-sided barns still existing in Canada[11][12]
Cordukes/Weber Barn 1919[11] 1410 Basswood Lakes Road46°17′54″N 83°23′20″W / 46.29841°N 83.38881°W / 46.29841; -83.38881 (Cordukes/Weber Barn) Algoma, Ontario 12-sided barn, site of farmers market, has been dismantled, moved and rebuilt adjacent to Sowerby Hall (formerly the Day and Bright Community and Recreation Centre) at 1410 Basswood Lake Road, near Hendry Street.[11][12][13][14][15]
Octagon barn south of Osgoode 5672 Dalmeny Road45°07′05″N 75°35′06″W / 45.11813°N 75.58509°W / 45.11813; -75.58509 (Octagon barn south of Osgoode) Osgoode, Ontario [16]
Higginson Round Barn 1893-94 2500 Highway 34
45°34′48″N 74°37′21″W / 45.58000°N 74.62250°W / 45.58000; -74.62250 (Higginson Round Barn)
Hawkesbury, Ontario
Walbridge Barn Grange Alexander-Solomon-Walbridge - Entrée rez-de-chaussé.JPG 1882 Chemin de Mystic
45°09′09″N 72°59′18″W / 45.15262°N 72.98823°W / 45.15262; -72.98823 (Walbridge Barn)
Mystic, Quebec Oldest surviving polygonal barn in Canada.[17] Also known as Grange Alexander-Solomon-Walbridge, it has a unique roof, became Quebec historic site in 2004 and became a museum in 2011[4][18][19]
Round barn at West Brome Chemin Scott45°10′22″N 72°40′27″W / 45.17290°N 72.67410°W / 45.17290; -72.67410 (Round barn at West Brome) West Brome, Quebec [4][20]
Grange Ronde de Mansonville Grange ronde de Mansonville (Potton).JPG Rue Joseph Blanchet
45°03′11″N 72°23′37″W / 45.0531°N 72.3937°W / 45.0531; -72.3937 (Grange Ronde de Mansonville)
Mansonville, Quebec True round barn[4][8]
Round barn at Saint-Benoit-du-Lac Chemin Fisher
45°09′30″N 72°16′13″W / 45.15834°N 72.27020°W / 45.15834; -72.27020 (Round barn at Saint-Benoit-du-Lac)
Saint-Benoit-du-Lac, Quebec A round barn and a round hay tower[4]
Grange ronde Stanley-Holmes Grange ronde Stanley-Holmes.tif 1907 Chemin Holmes
45°07′14″N 71°58′28″W / 45.120551°N 71.974350°W / 45.120551; -71.974350 (Stanley-Holmes Round Barn)
Barnston-Ouest Rbcq: "W. of Barnston. Hwy.141 W. from Barnston to Chemin Caron Rd., S. on Chemin Caron Rd. & SE on Chemin de Way's Mill & the barn would be on the right hand (S.) side of the road. Holmhurst Farm, true round barn, red horizontal siding, 2 pitch conical roof, louvered cupola."[8] This is Stanley-Holmes Round Barn, on Holmhurst Farm.
Round barn south of Barnston 1909[8] Chemin de Baldwin Mills Barnston
45°06′03″N 71°53′19″W / 45.1008°N 71.8885°W / 45.1008; -71.8885 (Round barn south of Barnston)
South of Barnston, Coaticook, Quebec True round barn with two-pitch conical roof with a cupola, at Ferme Blayrond[4][8]
Round barn at Barnston 1901[8] Chemin Riendeau
45°06′24″N 71°52′42″W / 45.106620°N 71.878271°W / 45.106620; -71.878271 (Round barn at Barnston)
Barnston, Coaticook, Quebec In Barnston. True round barn with two-pitch conical roof, with cupola[8]
Grange Ronde built 1995 400 Rue St. Marc., Gorge de Coaticook Park45°08′41″N 71°47′51″W / 45.14477°N 71.79761°W / 45.14477; -71.79761 (Grange Ronde) Coaticook, Quebec [4]
Round barn west of Beaumont Pre-1850[8] Route du Fleuve (Route 132)
46°49′45″N 71°02′25″W / 46.829175°N 71.040144°W / 46.829175; -71.040144 (Round barn west of Beaumont)
Beaumont, Quebec White barn[8]
Adolph Gagnon Museum 1888[8] 48°17′51″N 68°51′57″W / 48.297637°N 68.865842°W / 48.297637; -68.865842 (Adolph Gagnon Museum) Saint-Fabien, Quebec Museum now in former barn[8]
Octagonal barn west of Cap Chatte Rue Notre Dame Ouest (2.5 miles west of Cap-Chat)49°05′12″N 66°43′55″W / 49.08668°N 66.73190°W / 49.08668; -66.73190 (Octagonal barn west of Cap-Chat) Cap-Chat, Quebec Octagonal barn west of Cap Chatte[4]
Round barn near Dunham Dunham, Quebec
Holmes' Barn c. 1907[21] Ways Mills, Quebec [4][22]
Second of two round barns near Ways Mills Ways Mills, Quebec [4]

United States[edit]

West: California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Colorado[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Barn north of American Canyon S. Napa Junction Rd
38°10′43″N 122°14′53″W / 38.17868°N 122.24803°W / 38.17868; -122.24803 (Barn north of American Canyon)
American Canyon, Napa Valley, California 20-sided, 100 feet (30 m) barn[23]
Octagon barn south of San Luis Obispo Octagon Barn San Luis Obispo wiki.jpg built pre-1900, restored 2009[24] Octagon Way, off Higuera St.
35°14′13″N 120°40′47″W / 35.23687°N 120.67959°W / 35.23687; -120.67959 (Barn south of San Luis Obispo)
San Luis Obispo, California Octagonal barn, 77 feet (23 m) by 80 feet (24 m)[24]
Knight Barn built 1894-96 2955(?) Copenhagen Road
40°40′40″N 124°15′12″W / 40.677882°N 124.25336°W / 40.677882; -124.25336 (Knight Barn)
Loleta, California 16-sided barn, shown standing in photos by Mary Louise Lorensen.[25] Shows collapsed in center in Google 2016 satellite imagery.
Fountaingrove Round Barn Fountaingrove Round Barn.jpg Fountaingrove Parkway at Round Barn Blvd
38°28′33″N 122°43′39″W / 38.475767°N 122.72746°W / 38.475767; -122.72746 (Fountaingrove Round Barn)
Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa, California 16-sided,[26] destroyed during the Tubbs Fire of 2017.[27]
De Turk Round Barn De Turk Round Barn, 819 Donahue St., Santa Rosa, CA 6-12-2010 8-05-53 PM.JPG built 1891
NRHP 2004
819 Donahue St.
38°26′28″N 122°43′26″W / 38.44111°N 122.72389°W / 38.44111; -122.72389 (De Turk Round Barn)
Santa Rosa, California [28]
R. L. Johnston Round Barn (also called Beaver Creek Ranch Barn[29]) Fall River Mills Round Barn.JPG 18-sided barn built in 1916; last remains dismantled 2007; rebuilt 2009 Fort Crook Ave
41°00′07″N 121°26′47″W / 41.001843°N 121.446295°W / 41.001843; -121.446295 (R. L. Johnston Round Barn)
Fall River Mills, California Built " break and train wild horses for the U. S. Army." Reconstructed on grounds of Fort Crook Museum.[30][29][31]
Pete French Round Barn Peter French Round Barn (Harney County, Oregon scenic images) (harDA0027).jpg Built c. 1875-1885 43°07′57″N 118°38′33″W / 43.13250°N 118.64250°W / 43.13250; -118.64250 (Pete French Round Barn) Burns, Oregon Cattle rancher Peter French (1849-1897) broke and trained horses there in winter.
Laughlin Round Barn built 1883
NRHP 1986
46°20′25″N 122°55′24″W / 46.34028°N 122.92333°W / 46.34028; -122.92333 (Laughlin Round Barn) Castle Rock, Washington
Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Round Barn Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Round Barn.jpg 1924 built
2003 NRHP-listed
36°18′37″N 106°2′48″W / 36.31028°N 106.04667°W / 36.31028; -106.04667 (Ojo Caliente Hot Springs Round Barn) Ojo Caliente, New Mexico Only round barn in New Mexico and the only adobe round barn in the U.S.[32]
DeLaney Barn DeLaney Barn.JPG built 1902; NRHP 1989 200 S. Chambers Rd.
39°42′48″N 104°48′27″W / 39.71333°N 104.80750°W / 39.71333; -104.80750 (DeLaney Barn)
Aurora, Colorado Only surviving round barn in Colorado. Built in 1902 as a silo. Converted into a dairy barn by 1910.[33]



See Round Barns in Illinois Thematic Resources for a discussion of current and former round barns in the state.

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
University of Illinois round barns Dairy farm 4390.jpg 1907-1913 40°5′40″N 88°13′22″W / 40.09444°N 88.22278°W / 40.09444; -88.22278 (University of Illinois round barns) Urbana, Illinois Important leading examples.
Wheeler-Magnus Round Barn Wheeler-Magnus Round Barn (Arlington Heights, IL) 01.JPG c. 1910 42°5′42″N 87°58′51″W / 42.09500°N 87.98083°W / 42.09500; -87.98083 (Wheeler-Magnus Round Barn) Arlington Heights, Illinois Only round barn surviving in Cook County.
Clarence Kleinkopf Round Barn built 1915 40°25′31″N 90°47′32″W / 40.42528°N 90.79222°W / 40.42528; -90.79222 (Clarence Kleinkopf Round Barn) Colchester, Illinois One of 3 round barns in area built by carpenter Dick Carmack
Robert Weber Round Barn Durand Il Weber Round Barn6.jpg 1917 42°24′43″N 89°14′11″W / 42.41194°N 89.23639°W / 42.41194; -89.23639 (Robert Weber Round Barn) Durand, Illinois
Dennis Otte Round Barn Eleroy Il Otte Round Barn2.JPG 1930 42°19′59″N 89°44′58″W / 42.33306°N 89.74944°W / 42.33306; -89.74944 (Dennis Otte Round Barn) Eleroy, Illinois
Gerald Harbach Round Barn Eleroy Il Harbach Round Barn4.JPG built c.1914
NRHP 1984
42°19′41″N 89°45′12″W / 42.32806°N 89.75333°W / 42.32806; -89.75333 (Gerald Harbach Round Barn) Eleroy, Illinois A 55-foot (16.8-m) diameter barn upon a poured concrete foundation. Its wood sided exterior has been covered in asphalt since the building's construction.
James Bruce Round Barn Freeport Il Bruce Round Barn7.JPG built 1914
NRHP 1984
42°15′6″N 89°38′55″W / 42.25167°N 89.64861°W / 42.25167; -89.64861 (James Bruce Round Barn) Freeport, Illinois Constructed by Jeremiah Shaffer and the Haas Brothers, who built at least 12 round barns in the area. Features a single hip roof design probably influenced by the Agricultural Experiment Stations at the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin–Madison.
Ryan Round Barn Kewanee, Illinois - Ryan Round Barn at Johnson Sauk Trail State Recreation Area.JPG built 1910
NRHP 1974
41°14′28″N 89°55′32″W / 41.24111°N 89.92556°W / 41.24111; -89.92556 (Ryan Round Barn) Kewanee, Illinois
Chris Jensen Round Barn 42°23′30″N 89°50′6″W / 42.39167°N 89.83500°W / 42.39167; -89.83500 (Chris Jensen Round Barn) Lena, Illinois
Lewis Round Barn Lewis Round Barn - Adams County Fairgronds Mendon, IL.jpg 1914 40°5′18″N 91°17′4″W / 40.08833°N 91.28444°W / 40.08833; -91.28444 (Lewis Round Barn) Mendon, Illinois
Robert Buckles Barn Built 1917
Added to the NRHP in 1983
39°59′8″N 89°16′25″W / 39.98556°N 89.27361°W / 39.98556; -89.27361 (Robert Buckles Barn) Mount Pulaski, Illinois
Charles Fehr Round Barn Orangeville Il Fehr Round Barn2.jpg built 1912
NRHP 1984
42°29′34″N 89°31′20″W / 42.49278°N 89.52222°W / 42.49278; -89.52222 (Charles Fehr Round Barn) Orangeville, Illinois Interesting for its hipped roof
Raymond Schultz Round Barn Raymond Schulz Round Barn 2013-09-19 07-03-14.jpg 40°51′43″N 88°39′9″W / 40.86194°N 88.65250°W / 40.86194; -88.65250 (Raymond Schultz Round Barn) Pontiac, Illinois
Ron George Round Barn RGeorgeBarn.JPG NRHP 1982 41°38′26″N 88°6′10″W / 41.64056°N 88.10278°W / 41.64056; -88.10278 (Ron George Round Barn) Romeoville, Illinois $1,500 building that with a diameter of 60 foot (18 m). Served nine horse stalls and may have served cows as well. Its wooden cupola is raised sixty feet above a concrete foundation.
Virginia Tillery Round Barn 1912 39°26′26″N 90°26′37″W / 39.44056°N 90.44361°W / 39.44056; -90.44361 (Virginia Tillery Round Barn) Whitehall, Illinois


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Utter-Gerig Round Barn Utter-Gerig Round Barn.jpg Akron, Indiana
Frank Senour Round Barn FrankSenourRoundBarn.jpg Blackhawk, Indiana
Thomas Ranck Round Barn Round barn Indiana.jpg b. c.1885-1910
NRHP 1983
39°42′50″N 85°2′40″W / 39.71389°N 85.04444°W / 39.71389; -85.04444 (Thomas Ranck Round Barn) Brownsville, Indiana 70 feet diameter, 70 feet tall barn featuring two rows of clerestories; stands out as one of the most elaborately designed structures in eastern Indiana.
Strauther Pleak Round Barn Strauther Pleak Round Barn.jpg Greensburg, Indiana
Andrew B. VanHuys Round Barn Andrew B. VanHuys Round Barn.jpg Lebanon, Indiana
W. H. York Round Barn W.H. York Round Barn.jpg Lodi, Indiana
Frank Littleton Round Barn Frank Littleton Round Barn.jpg built 1903
NRHP 1993
39°52′22.2″N 85°53′24.5″W / 39.872833°N 85.890139°W / 39.872833; -85.890139 (Frank Littleton Round Barn) Mount Comfort, Indiana
Round barn in Muncie E 422 S Rd40°07′55″N 85°19′40″W / 40.13197°N 85.32786°W / 40.13197; -85.32786 (Round barn in Muncie) Muncie, Indiana Identified as "The Round Barn" in Google maps. Verified as round barn by street view.
Cornish Griffin Round Barn Cornish Griffin Round Barn.jpg Pleasant Lake, Indiana
Rebecca Rankin Round Barn Rebecca Rankin Round Barn.jpg Poling, Indiana
John Haimbaugh Round Barn John Haimbaugh Round Barn, snow falling.jpg Rochester, Indiana
Bert Leedy Round Barn Bert Leedy Round Barn Fulton County Museum P9270568.jpg Rochester, Indiana


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Nelson Round Barn built 1912
NRHP 1986
County Road J46
40°42′24″N 93°20′44″W / 40.70667°N 93.34556°W / 40.70667; -93.34556 (Nelson Round Barn)
Allerton, Iowa
George Darrow Round Barn built 1916
NRHP 1986
County Road T76
43°9′52″N 92°29′46″W / 43.16444°N 92.49611°W / 43.16444; -92.49611 (George Darrow Round Barn)
Alta Vista, Iowa
Thomsen Round Barn built 1912
NRHP 1986
Off Iowa Highway 15
43°20′46″N 94°29′52″W / 43.34611°N 94.49778°W / 43.34611; -94.49778 (Thomsen Round Barn)
Armstrong, Iowa
Lenox Round Barn Lenox Round Barn.jpg built 1905
NRHP 1999
1001 Pollock Blvd.
40°40′39″N 94°43′45″W / 40.67750°N 94.72917°W / 40.67750; -94.72917 (Lenox Round Barn)
Bedford, Iowa
William Oakland Round Barn William Oakland Round Barn, 210th Street, Blairsburg, Iowa.JPG built 1910
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 69
42°29′11″N 93°38′0″W / 42.48639°N 93.63333°W / 42.48639; -93.63333 (William Oakland Round Barn)
Blairsburg, Iowa
Nebergall "Knoll Crest" Round Barn Scott County, Iowa Round Barn.jpg built 1914
NRHP 1986
Telegraph Road
41°30′59″N 90°42′54″W / 41.51639°N 90.71500°W / 41.51639; -90.71500 (Nebergall "Knoll Crest" Round Barn)
Blue Grass, Iowa built by Benton Steele
Round Barn, Buckingham Township built 1920
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 63
42°17′1″N 92°28′35″W / 42.28361°N 92.47639°W / 42.28361; -92.47639 (Round Barn, Buckingham Township)
Buckingham, Iowa
Wickfield Round Barn built 1919
NRHP 1986
Off Iowa Highway 2
40°40′4″N 92°1′23″W / 40.66778°N 92.02306°W / 40.66778; -92.02306 (Wickfield Round Barn)
Cantril, Iowa It has 12 dormers.
C. A. Rownd Round Barn C A Rownd Round Barn Cedar Falls IA pic1.JPG built 1911
NRHP 1986
5102 S. Main St.
42°29′50″N 92°27′47″W / 42.49722°N 92.46306°W / 42.49722; -92.46306 (C. A. Rownd Round Barn)
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Brooks Round Barn built 1914
NRHP 1986
West of U.S. Route 218
42°57′0″N 92°35′4″W / 42.95000°N 92.58444°W / 42.95000; -92.58444 (Brooks Round Barn)
Charles City, Iowa destroyed in 1995
Spotts Round Barn built 1914
NRHP 1986
Iowa Highway 14
42°56′10″N 91°45′1″W / 42.93611°N 91.75028°W / 42.93611; -91.75028 (Spotts Round Barn)
Charles City, Iowa
Robert Kirkpatrick Round Barn Round-barn.jpg built 1919
NRHP 2005
3342-120th Ave.
42°17′55″N 91°33′29″W / 42.29861°N 91.55806°W / 42.29861; -91.55806 (Robert Kirkpatrick Round Barn)
Coggon, Iowa
Plagmann Round Barn built 1912
NRHP 1986
County Road V66
41°43′30″N 92°3′24″W / 41.72500°N 92.05667°W / 41.72500; -92.05667 (Plagmann Round Barn)
Conroy, Iowa
Waveland Round Barn built 1900
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 20
42°29′46″N 95°42′9″W / 42.49611°N 95.70250°W / 42.49611; -95.70250 (Waveland Round Barn)
Cushing, Iowa
Charles B. Reynolds Round Barn built 1924
NRHP 1999
2382 Harrison Ave.
43°18′10″N 96°9′21″W / 43.30278°N 96.15583°W / 43.30278; -96.15583 (Charles B. Reynolds Round Barn)
Doon, Iowa
Round Barn, Dubuque Township Dubuque-township-round-barn.jpg built 1915
NRHP 1986
2810 Cascade Rd.
42°28′24″N 90°42′27″W / 42.47333°N 90.70750°W / 42.47333; -90.70750 (Round Barn, Dubuque Township)
Dubuque, Iowa
James Greer McQuilkin Round Barn built 1918
NRHP 1986
County Road D56
42°15′51″N 91°47′43″W / 42.26417°N 91.79528°W / 42.26417; -91.79528 (James Greer McQuilkin Round Barn)
Eagle Center, Iowa
Round Barn, Bruce Township Section 3 built 1910
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 218
42°17′31″N 92°14′8″W / 42.29194°N 92.23556°W / 42.29194; -92.23556 (Round Barn, Bruce Township Section 3)
Eagle Center, Iowa
Frantz Round Barn built 1911
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 30
42°2′19″N 94°12′4″W / 42.03861°N 94.20111°W / 42.03861; -94.20111 (Frantz Round Barn)
Grand Junction, Iowa
Erza McKenzie Round Barn Roundbarn.jpg built 1922
NRHP 1986
Off Iowa Highway 150
42°36′26″N 91°56′7″W / 42.60722°N 91.93528°W / 42.60722; -91.93528 (Erza McKenzie Round Barn)
Hazleton, Iowa
Octagon Round Barn, Indian Creek Township built 1880
NRHP 1986
Off County Road S14
41°57′0″N 93°27′6″W / 41.95000°N 93.45167°W / 41.95000; -93.45167 (Octagon Round Barn, Indian Creek Township)
Iowa Center, Iowa
Herman Wood Round Barn Herman Wood Round Barn, rural Iowa Falls, Iowa.JPG built 1916
NRHP 1986
U.S. Route 65
42°33′28″N 93°15′2″W / 42.55778°N 93.25056°W / 42.55778; -93.25056 (Herman Wood Round Barn)
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Slayton Farms-Round Barn Slayton Farms Round Barn.jpg built 1915
NRHP 1999
20478 135th St.
42°30′52″N 93°17′26″W / 42.51444°N 93.29056°W / 42.51444; -93.29056 (Slayton Farms-Round Barn)
Iowa Falls, Iowa
Round Barn, Washington Township built 1917
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 218
42°35′7″N 92°27′40″W / 42.58528°N 92.46111°W / 42.58528; -92.46111 (Round Barn, Washington Township (Janesville, Iowa))
Janesville, Iowa
Round Barn, Bruce Township Section 6 built 1914
NRHP 1986
West of U.S. Route 218
42°17′13″N 92°16′50″W / 42.28694°N 92.28056°W / 42.28694; -92.28056 (Round Barn, Bruce Township Section 6)
La Porte, Iowa
Tonsfeldt Round Barn LeMarsIA TonsfeldRoundBarn.jpg built 1918
NRHP 1986
Plymouth County Fairgrounds
42°47′52″N 96°9′34″W / 42.79778°N 96.15944°W / 42.79778; -96.15944 (Tonsfeldt Round Barn)
Le Mars, Iowa
Fred W. Meier Round Barn built 1912
NRHP 1986
Off Iowa Highway 9
43°14′3″N 91°28′34″W / 43.23417°N 91.47611°W / 43.23417; -91.47611 (Fred W. Meier Round Barn)
Ludlow, Iowa Former true round barn measuring 56 feet (17 m) around.[34] Featured stone and featured red horizontal siding, 2-pitch conical roof, aerator and an internal wood stave silo.[34] Destroyed in a thunderstorm during night of July 27, 2002.[35]
Round Barn, Cooper Township built 1921
NRHP 1986
Iowa Highway 141
42°7′59″N 95°44′14″W / 42.13306°N 95.73722°W / 42.13306; -95.73722 (Round Barn, Cooper Township)
Mapleton, Iowa
Round Barn, Millville Township ROUND BARN, MILLVILLE TOWNSHIP.jpg built 1916
NRHP 1986
U.S. Route 52
42°42′56″N 91°5′4″W / 42.71556°N 91.08444°W / 42.71556; -91.08444 (Round Barn, Millville Township)
Millville, Iowa
Holtkamp Round Barn The Holtkamp Round Barn.jpg built 1918
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 218
40°49′16″N 91°33′23″W / 40.82111°N 91.55639°W / 40.82111; -91.55639 (Holtkamp Round Barn)
Salem, Iowa
Round Barn, Norway Township built 1920
NRHP 1987
Off County Road R60
43°29′22″N 93°35′18″W / 43.48944°N 93.58833°W / 43.48944; -93.58833 (Round Barn, Norway Township)
Scarville, Iowa
Round Barn, Washington Township built 1917
NRHP 1986
U.S. Route 71
41°3′39″N 94°59′1″W / 41.06083°N 94.98361°W / 41.06083; -94.98361 (Round Barn, Washington Township (Sciola, Iowa))
Sciola, Iowa
Miller Round Barn Joseph Miller Barn - first round barn east of the Mississippi.jpg built 1918
NRHP 1986
County Road F62
41°33′38″N 91°37′52″W / 41.56056°N 91.63111°W / 41.56056; -91.63111 (Miller Round Barn)
Sharon Center, Iowa
Eckle Round Barn built 1928
NRHP 1986
Off Iowa Highway 168
41°3′39″N 94°59′1″W / 41.06083°N 94.98361°W / 41.06083; -94.98361 (Eckle Round Barn)
Shelby, Iowa
Dobbin Round Barn Dobbin Round Barn Marshall County, Iowa.jpg built 1919
NRHP 1986
Off County Road S52
41°59′6″N 93°11′58″W / 41.98500°N 93.19944°W / 41.98500; -93.19944 (Dobbin Round Barn)
State Center, Iowa
Round Barn, Pilot Grove Township built 1912
NRHP 1986
County Road H20
41°6′21″N 95°4′50″W / 41.10583°N 95.08056°W / 41.10583; -95.08056 (Round Barn, Pilot Grove Township)
Stennett, Iowa
John W. Young Round Barn built 1917
NRHP 1986
Off U.S. Route 63
42°11′36″N 92°28′28″W / 42.19333°N 92.47444°W / 42.19333; -92.47444 (John W. Young Round Barn)
Traer, Iowa
Clark Round Barn built 1908
NRHP 1986
County Road T7H
40°58′46″N 92°52′50″W / 40.97944°N 92.88056°W / 40.97944; -92.88056 (Clark Round Barn)
Tyrone, Iowa

Also the Seymour Ross Round Barn was NRHP-listed, but was demolished.

North Dakota[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Robert Abell Round Barn built 1942
NRHP 1986
46°22′35″N 99°28′29″W / 46.37639°N 99.47472°W / 46.37639; -99.47472 (Robert Abell Round Barn) Burnstad, North Dakota It cost $800 to build.
Urbain Cote Round Barn built 1943
47°38′40″N 100°3′30″W / 47.64444°N 100.05833°W / 47.64444; -100.05833 (Urbain Cote Round Barn) Dunseith, North Dakota Its hay loft floor "was used by roller skaters during the 1950's and shows little wear or sagging."[36]:2
Rodman Octagonal Barn built 1890
NRHP 1986
46°24′33″N 98°47′17″W / 46.40917°N 98.78806°W / 46.40917; -98.78806 (Rodman Octagonal Barn) Near Edgeley, North Dakota
Gerhardt Octagonal Pig House built 1930
NRHP 1986
46°52′28″N 102°29′37″W / 46.87444°N 102.49361°W / 46.87444; -102.49361 (Gerhardt Octagonal Pig House) Near Gladstone, North Dakota An octagonal pig-house deemed to meet the NRHP multiple property criteria for North Dakota round barns
Carlott Funseth Round Barn built 1909
NRHP 1986
47°46′46″N 97°35′56″W / 47.77944°N 97.59889°W / 47.77944; -97.59889 (Carlott Funseth Round Barn) Kempton, North Dakota Built by Sven and Ole Olson to replace a previous, octagonal barn
Cecil Baker Round Barn built 1921
NRHP 1986
47°15′13″N 98°52′47″W / 47.25361°N 98.87972°W / 47.25361; -98.87972 (Cecil Baker Round Barn) Kensal, North Dakota Apparently a kit barn, purchased from the Gordon Vantine Company of Davenport, Iowa.[37]:25
Sylvanus Marriage Octagonal Barn built 1902
NRHP 1986
47°36′50″N 99°5′50″W / 47.61389°N 99.09722°W / 47.61389; -99.09722 (Sylvanus Marriage Octagonal Barn) Near New Rockford, North Dakota Octagonal barn
Jens Myhre Round Barn built 1919
NRHP 1986
47°44′46″N 99°12′11″W / 47.74611°N 99.20306°W / 47.74611; -99.20306 (Jens Myhre Round Barn) New Rockford, North Dakota Only surviving North Dakota round barn with a ramp to its mow area, hence "may have been perceived as out of fashion and behind the times."[38]:41
Niels Nielsen Fourteen-Side Barn Farm NEILS NIELSEN FOURTEEN-SIDE BARN FARM.jpg built 1914
NRHP 1986
48°49′54″N 102°57′33″W / 48.83167°N 102.95917°W / 48.83167; -102.95917 (Niels Nielsen Fourteen-Side Barn Farm) Near Noonan, North Dakota Pre-cut kit barn from a firm in Chicago[39]
Levi Glick Round Barn built 1923
NRHP 1986
48°13′29″N 101°10′20″W / 48.22472°N 101.17222°W / 48.22472; -101.17222 (Levi Glick Round Barn) Surrey, North Dakota


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Round Barn (Columbus Grove, Ohio) Built 1910
NRHP 1980
Columbus Grove, Ohio
Round Barn (Lima, Ohio) Isaac Rozell Round Barn from S.jpg Built 1911
NRHP 1980
Lima, Ohio
Round Barn (New Hampshire, Ohio) J.H. Manchester Round Barn, southern angle.jpg Built 1877
NRHP 1980
New Hampshire, Ohio Also known as J.H. Manchester Round Barn
Round Barn (Paulding, Ohio) William Sinn Round Barn from the southeast.jpg Built 1911
NRHP 1980
Paulding, Ohio
Round Barn (Van Wert, Ohio) Clayton Hoover Round Barn.jpg Built 1910
NRHP 1980
Van Wert, Ohio Also known as Clayton Hoover Round Barn

South Dakota[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Pettigrew Barns built 1901
NRHP 2004
44°02′41″N 96°35′26″W / 44.04472°N 96.59056°W / 44.04472; -96.59056 (Pettigrew Barns) Flandreau, South Dakota Octagonal barn built before 1903 date which has been cited as earliest round or polygonal barns in South Dakota
Freier Round Barn Draper, South Dakota
Shafer Round Barn Shafer Round Barn Sioux Falls 1.jpg built 1920
NRHP 1995
43°32′31″N 96°38′58″W / 43.54194°N 96.64944°W / 43.54194; -96.64944 (Shafer Round Barn) Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Stark Round Barn built 1921
NRHP 2001
43°48′14″N 97°27′4″W / 43.80389°N 97.45111°W / 43.80389; -97.45111 (Stark Round Barn) Near Unityville, South Dakota
NRHP 1978
44°51′41″N 97°06′34″W / 44.86128°N 97.10946°W / 44.86128; -97.10946 (Corson Emminger Round Barn) Watertown, South Dakota
J. Whitney Goff Round Barn JWhitneyGoffRoundBarn.jpg Winfred, South Dakota


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Dougan Round Barn Dougan Round Barn.jpg built 1911<annbr>NRHP 1979 42°30′29″N 88°59′20″W / 42.50806°N 88.98889°W / 42.50806; -88.98889 (Dougan Round Barn) Beloit, Wisconsin Served a dairy farm of 120 cows.[40] The barn was demolished in 2012.[41]
George Apfel Round Barn built 1914
NRHP 1979
43°39′15″N 90°41′24″W / 43.65417°N 90.69000°W / 43.65417; -90.69000 (George Apfel Round Barn) Clinton, Wisconsin Octagonal in shape.
Annala Round Barn Annala Round Barn Buildings Hurley Iron County Wisconsin.jpg built 1921
NRHP 1979
46°25′5″N 90°9′41″W / 46.41806°N 90.16139°W / 46.41806; -90.16139 (Annala Round Barn) Hurley, Wisconsin
Central Wisconsin State Fair Round Barn Central Wisconsin State Fair.jpg built 1916[42]
NRHP 1979
Jct. of Vine Ave. and E. 17th St.

44°39′8″N 90°10′27″W / 44.65222°N 90.17417°W / 44.65222; -90.17417 (Central Wisconsin State Fair Round Barn)

Marshfield, Wisconsin The world's largest round barn
Dean-Armstrong-Englund Octagonal Barn built 1893
NRHP-delisted 1984
Near Milton, Wisconsin It had a windmill.[40]:3
Gempeler Round Barn built 1912
NRHP 1979
42°39′50″N 89°19′50″W / 42.66389°N 89.33056°W / 42.66389; -89.33056 (Gempeler Round Barn) Near Orfordville, Wisconsin 68 foot diameter barn, "significant for its ingenious construction, with its main story supported by an inverse pylon made up of an oak trunk upside down in the center of the basement"[40]:10
Risum Round Barn built 1892
NRHP 1979
42°35′55″N 89°17′35″W / 42.59861°N 89.29306°W / 42.59861; -89.29306 (Risum Round Barn) Orfordville, Wisconsin Built early, in 1890-92, for a Norwegian immigrant; a 60-foot diameter barn.[40]:6–7
Barn near Mauston TenSidedBarn.jpg Near Mauston

Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Raymond Brinkman barn Raymond Brinkman barn Stillwell Kansas.jpg Built 1912 Stillwell, Kanscotaas Built to house percherons. 48-foot diameter, 33 feet tall.
Thompson-Wohlschlegel Round Barn Built 1912
NRHP 1985
37°16′33″N 97°58′4″W / 37.27583°N 97.96778°W / 37.27583; -97.96778 (Thompson-Wohlschlegel Round Barn) Harper, Kansas
Fromme-Birney Round Barn Mullinville, Kansas
Dammon Round Barn Dammon Round Barn 2.jpg built 1914
NRHP 1980
Red Wing, Minnesota 60 Ft high and 55 ft. in diameter. Has open center in upper floor where silo was originally.
Cota Round Barns Cota Round Barns.jpg built 1921
NRHP 1982
45°34′46″N 93°56′50″W / 45.57944°N 93.94722°W / 45.57944; -93.94722 (Cota Round Barns) St. Cloud, Minnesota
Moody Barn Moody Barn 3.JPG built 1915
NRHP 1980
45°18′7″N 92°52′14″W / 45.30194°N 92.87056°W / 45.30194; -92.87056 (Moody Barn) Chisago County, Minnesota
Sparre Barn Sparre Barn.jpg Built 1917-24
NRHP 1980
45°20′4.8″N 93°28′9.4″W / 45.334667°N 93.469278°W / 45.334667; -93.469278 (Sparre Barn) Anoka County, Minnesota
Doncaster Round Barn Doncaster Round Barn 02.JPG Built 1882
NRHP 2015
45°34′12″N 112°18′49″W / 45.57000°N 112.31361°W / 45.57000; -112.31361 (Doncaster Round Barn) Twin Bridges, Montana Birthplace of 1889 Kentucky Derby winner Spokane, NRHP-listed
Kent Dairy Round Barn Built 1941
NRHP 1995
45°13′09″N 109°14′29″W / 45.21917°N 109.24139°W / 45.21917; -109.24139 (Kent Dairy Round Barn) Red Lodge, Montana
Couser Barn Couser Barn from E 1.JPG built 1912-13
NRHP 1986
Near Laurel, Nebraska Dodecagon-shaped, balloon-framed.
Starke Round Barn Starke Round Barn 5.jpg Built 1902
NRHP 1972
40°5′8.6″N 98°26′12.2″W / 40.085722°N 98.436722°W / 40.085722; -98.436722 (Starke Round Barn) Red Cloud, Nebraska
Ehlers Round Barn Ehlers round barn from W 2.JPG built 1922-4
NRHP 1995
40°41′32″N 96°34′20″W / 40.69222°N 96.57222°W / 40.69222; -96.57222 (Ehlers Round Barn) Roca, Nebraska Innovative and efficient design; severely damaged by a snowstorm on 4 February 2012, purportedly "beyond repair."[43][44]
Arcadia Round Barn Arcadia Round Barn (NRHP).jpg Built 1898
NRHP 1977
107 Highway 66
35°39′44″N 97°19′33″W / 35.66222°N 97.32583°W / 35.66222; -97.32583 (Arcadia Round Barn)
Arcadia, Oklahoma Famous Route 66 landmark, 60 feet in diameter, built by William "Big Bill" Odor, "subject of a massive, and award-winning, volunteer restoration effort in 1988 when the original roof collapsed"[45]
Hines Round Barn Hines Round Barn, Sallisaw, Oklahoma.jpg Built 1913
NRHP 1984
35°26′55″N 94°47′17″W / 35.44861°N 94.78806°W / 35.44861; -94.78806 (Hines Round Barn) Sallisaw, Oklahoma


Delaware and Pennsylvania[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Cherbourg Round Barn CHERBOURG ROUND BARN.jpg built 1918
NRHP 1978

39°9′4″N 75°27′27″W / 39.15111°N 75.45750°W / 39.15111; -75.45750 (Cherbourg Round Barn)
Little Creek, Delaware
Neff Round Barn Neff Round Barn.jpg built c.1910
NRHP 1979
Off of Pennsylvania Route 45, Potter Township
40°49′3″N 77°42′6″W / 40.81750°N 77.70167°W / 40.81750; -77.70167 (Neff Round Barn)
south of Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
Noah Sheely Round Barn built 1914 About 8 miles (13 km) west of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania In use as a fruit market and for events.[46]

New York[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Bates Round Barn 1928-31[47] NY 12
42°18′10″N 75°48′05″W / 42.302852°N 75.801491°W / 42.302852; -75.801491 (Bates Round Barn)
Greene, Chenango County, New York [48]
Young Round Barn Round Barn Farm Dec Taken in 1978.jpg 1914-16[47] NY 12, about 3 miles south of Greene
42°17′40″N 75°48′27″W / 42.29431°N 75.80739°W / 42.29431; -75.80739 (Young Round Barn)
Greene, Chenango County, New York [49]
Kelly Round Barn 1893[47] Halcottsville, Delaware County, New York Travis-omitted?
Zoller-Frasier Round Barn c.1895[47] Newville, Herkimer County, New York Travis-omitted?
Bronck Farm 13-Sided Barn Bronck Farm 13-Sided Barn - 01.JPG Peter Bronck Rd. (County Highway 42)
42°20′47″N 73°50′41″W / 42.346253°N 73.844812°W / 42.346253; -73.844812 (Bronck Farm Barn)
Coxsackie, Greene County, New York 13-sided barn at Bronck Museum[50]
Lunn-Musser Octagon Barn[47] 1885 NY 51
42°35′15″N 75°11′48″W / 42.587491°N 75.196781°W / 42.587491; -75.196781 (Musser barn)
New Lisbon, Otsego County, New York [51]
Parker 13-Sided Barn Jefferson 13 Sided Landmark.jpg 1896 NY 10
42°28′53″N 74°36′17″W / 42.481327°N 74.604654°W / 42.481327; -74.604654 (Donald Martin Barn)
Jefferson, Schoharie County, New York (Travis identifies this as 12-sided and would name it "Donald Martin barn"?)[52]
Unnamed barn on Daniels Road 3339 Daniels Rd.
43°15′13″N 78°50′49″W / 43.253691°N 78.847026°W / 43.253691; -78.847026 (Barn on Daniels Road)
Wilson, Niagara County, New York [53]
Baker Octagon Barn[47] 1882 NY 28 at Walters Way
42°49′26″N 75°00′54″W / 42.82385°N 75.014876°W / 42.82385; -75.014876
Ritchfield, Otsego County, New York [54]
Unnamed barn NY 30
Middletown, Delaware County, New York [55]

NY notes[edit]

Gamel hexadecagon barn[47] 16-sided Gamel barn in North Collins, New York

Schultz 15-sided barn (1918-1929)[47] at Cohecton not listed due to DOE owner objection

"Nine octagonal barns, most built in the 1870s and 1880s, have been noted in New York, and undoubtedly many more have never been recorded. Extant examples in the nominated group include the Baker octagon barn near Richfield Springs (1882) , the Lunn-Musser octagon barn in New Lisbon (1885) , and the Lattin-Crandall octagon barn in Catharine (1893)."[47]

McArthur-Martin barn in Kortright (1883) 16-sided[47]

Parker 13-sided barn (1896) about 15 miles north of Kortright in Jefterson[47]

"Roof types among the nominated examples include conical (for example the Schultz 15-sided barn at Cochecton, New York (1918), gambrel. (the Young round barn at Greene-1914), and domical (Bates barn at Greene)."[47]

11 of 12 listed, p21[47]

New England[edit]

Massachusetts, New Hampshire[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State hidden---->
Round barn at Hancock Shaker Village 125px 1826, expanded 1870s Hancock, Massachusetts
Round barn on NH-10 430 NH-1044°00′36″N 72°04′10″W / 44.01000°N 72.06938°W / 44.01000; -72.06938 (Unidentified round barn on NH-10) Piermont, New Hampshire There is "Round Barn Shoppe" identified on Google maps.


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Ralph Joslin barn[56] 1910 E. Warren Rd44°10′05″N 72°48′41″W / 44.16805°N 72.81127°W / 44.16805; -72.81127 (Round barn on E. Warren Rd.) Waitsfield, Vermont 12-sided barn built 1910, restored 1990, at Green Mountain Cultural Center[56] Farm had been in one family seven generations.[57] An "Inn at the Round Barn Farm" is there.
Robinson Brothers barn 1910,16(?) Robinson Road43°50′13″N 72°26′02″W / 43.837057°N 72.434026°W / 43.837057; -72.434026 (Robinson Brothers barn) Strafford Township, Orange County, Vermont 10-sided barn[58]
Russell Moore barn 1899 U.S. 544°20′34″N 72°02′35″W / 44.342831°N 72.042986°W / 44.342831; -72.042986 (Russell Moore barn) St. Johnsbury, Vermont Russell Moore barn,[59] moved 1985-86 partly by helicopter and serves as orientation center of the Shelburne Museum.[60]
Butson barn 1903 Round Barn Road44°07′42″N 72°02′35″W / 44.12845°N 72.04301°W / 44.12845; -72.04301 (Butson barn) Wells River, Vermont [61]
Field barn 1912 Satterly Rd44°11′32″N 73°14′31″W / 44.19216°N 73.24187°W / 44.19216; -73.24187 (Field barn) Ferrisburgh, Vermont [62]
Welch barn 1916 Elmore Rd.44°33′14″N 72°33′01″W / 44.553764°N 72.550159°W / 44.553764; -72.550159 (Welch barn) Morristown, Vermont 20-sided barn, 75'x40'[63]
Southwick or Haberman barn 1911 Calais, Vermont [64]
Round Barn Apartments 1902 Faywood Rd.44°44′36″N 73°16′39″W / 44.743458°N 73.277593°W / 44.743458; -73.277593 (Round Barn Apartments) Grand Isle, Vermont Round barn converted into apartments.[65]
12-sided barn 2604 E. Hill Rd.43°18′47″N 72°42′02″W / 43.313042°N 72.700543°W / 43.313042; -72.700543 (12-sided barn) Andover, Vermont 12-sided barn[66]

South: Georgia, Missouri, West Virginia and Virginia[edit]

Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Orrie J. Smith Round Barn Orie J. Smith Round Barn.jpg
40°13′32″N 92°33′33″W / 40.22556°N 92.55917°W / 40.22556; -92.55917 (Orrie J. Smith Round Barn)}
Kirksville, Missouri In Orie J. Smith Black and White Stock Farm Historic District, NRHP-listed
Rea Octagonal Barn Rea-barn1.jpg Rea, Missouri
Dorough Round Barn and Farm built 1917
NRHP 1980
33°42′04″N 84°58′07″W / 33.701235°N 84.968505°W / 33.701235; -84.968505 (Dorough Round Barn) Hickory Level, Georgia 14-sided, now in complete disrepair
Round barn in New Market 13789 N. Valley Pike38°36′05″N 78°42′57″W / 38.60131°N 78.71582°W / 38.60131; -78.71582 (Round barn in New Market) New Market, Virginia Identified as "The Round Barn" already in Google maps.
Washington's 16-sided barn built 1793 Mount Vernon, Virginia [67]
Hoffman Round Barn built 1913
NRHP 2009
38°20′55″N 78°19′53″W / 38.34861°N 78.33139°W / 38.34861; -78.33139 (Hoffman Round Barn) Wolftown, Virginia
Hamilton Round Barn Hamilton Round Barn.jpg built 1911
NRHP 1985
39°30′59.04″N 80°20′15.72″W / 39.5164000°N 80.3377000°W / 39.5164000; -80.3377000 (Hamilton Round Barn) Mannington, West Virginia


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Bakendorf round barn Bakendorf Rundscheune 2009-01-05 068.jpg Bakendorf, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany Now a converted barn
Fincken Round Barn Fincken Rundscheune 2009-07-16 152.jpg 53°21′20″N 12°26′33″E / 53.35556°N 12.44250°E / 53.35556; 12.44250 (Fincken Rundscheune) Fincken, district Müritz, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany Used as a fire station
Bjärtrå Folk Museum Round Barn Bjärtrå 31 - 1.JPG circa 1858 62°59′19″N 17°52′33″E / 62.98861°N 17.87583°E / 62.98861; 17.87583 (Bjärtrå) Bjärtrå, near Kramfors, Sweden
Round Barn in Viätt Rundlogen i Viätt 1.JPG 63°04′18″N 17°49′43″E / 63.07167°N 17.82861°E / 63.07167; 17.82861 (Round barn in Viätt) Viätt, Kramfors, Sweden Hexagonal, log barn or granary
Nätra Folk Museum Round Barn Nätra 254 - 1 (4).JPG 63°12′06″N 18°31′10″E / 63.20167°N 18.51944°E / 63.20167; 18.51944 (Nätra Folk Museum Octagonal Barn) Örnsköldsvik, Sweden Technically an octagonal, log granary


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