List of routes in Morgan County, West Virginia

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This is a complete list of routes in Morgan County, West Virginia, United States. Green: WV Secondary (County) Routes. Turquoise: WV State Routes. Gold: US Routes. Blue: Residential Routes.

Route Number Road Name Towns
1 River Road Hancock, Sleepy Creek, Spruce Pine Hollow
1/1 Culp Road Hancock area
1/2 Michael's Chapel Road Spruce Pine Hollow
1/3 Burnt Mill Road Sleepy Creek, Spruce Pine Hollow
1/4 Potter Road Spruce Pine Hollow
1/5 Fulton Road Cherry Run
1/5 Nowhere Trail
1/6 Meridian Road Spruce Pine Hollow
1/7 Collier Lane Sleepy Creek
1/8 Crone Lane Sleepy Creek
2 Fairview Drive Berkeley Springs, Hancock
2 Independence Street Berkeley Springs
2/1 Dehaven Road Berkeley Springs
2/2 Morgan Lane Berkeley Springs
3 Sir John's Run Road Sir John's Run, Berkeley Springs area
3/1 Slonaker Road Sir John's Run
4 Pious Ridge Road Hancock, Ridersville, Berkeley Springs area
5 Cherry Run Road Cherry Run
5/1 Camp Hill Road Cherry Run
6 Jim West Road Stohrs Crossroads area
7 Rockford Road Fishers Bridge, Great Cacapon
7/1 Conner's Hollow Road Largent
8 Highland Ridge Road Duckwall, Johnson's Mill, Stotlers Crossroads
8 Potomac Road Sleey Creek, Stohrs Crossroads
8 Spohr's Road New Hope, Stohrs Crossroads
8 Virginia Line Road Oakland, Stotlers Crossroads, Unger
8/1 Mountain Run Road Duckwall, New Hope
8/2 Duckwall Road Duckwall
8/2 Swaim Lane Duckwall
8/3 Ruppenthal Road Highland Church, Duckwall area
8/4 Eppinger Road Stotlers Crossroads
8/4 Spriggs Road
8/5 Posey Hollow Road Greenwood, Stotlers Crossroads
8/6 Silver Lane
8/7 Luttrell Road Greenwood
8/8 Duckwall Road Duckwall
8/9 Shade Lane New Hope
8/10 Hank Lane Stotlers Crossroads
8/11 Barnes Lane Stotlers Crossroads
8/12 Shriver Lane Stotlers Crossroads
8/13 Linaweaver Road Highland Church, Duckwall area
8/15 Blake Unger Lane Stotlers Crossroads
8/16 Preston Unger Lane Oakland
8/17 Roscoe Lane Duckwall
8/18 Packing House Road Greenwood, Oakland area
8/18 Packing Shed Road Greenwood, Oakland area
WV 9 (WV 29 to B.S.) Cacapon Road Berkeley Springs, Great Cacapon, Paw Paw area
WV 9 Central Avenue
WV 9 Henry W. Miller Boulevard Paw Paw
WV 9 (B.S. to Berkeley Line) Martinsburg Road Berkeley Springs, Ridersville, Stohrs Crossroads
WV 9 (Paw Paw to WV 29) Paw Paw Road Paw Paw
WV 9 Union Street Berkeley Springs
9/1 Clone Run Road Holton
9/2 Fisher's Bridge Lane Fisher Bridge, Largent area
9/3 Eckerd Drive Stohrs Crossroads
9/3 Harmison Lane Stohrs Crossroads
9/5 Cain Lane Stohrs Crossroads
9/7 Montgomery Lane
9/7 Ridersville Road Ridersville, Berkeley Springs area
9/8 Peter Yost Road Ridersville, Berkeley Springs area
9/9 Fairfax Street Berkeley Springs
9/10 Cold Run Valley Road Berkeley Springs
9/11 Bennett Lane Berkeley Springs
9/12 Powerhouse Road Great Cacapon
9/13 Constant Run Road Fishers Bridge, Largent area
9/14 Milo School Road Mount Nebo, Largent area
9/15 Friendship Lane Ridersville, Berkeley Springs area
9/16 Nebo Road Mount Nebo, Largent area
9/17 Youngblood Road Great Cacapon area
9/18 Quaint Acres Lane Berkeley Springs
9/19 Stater Road Holton
9/20 Bowers Lane
9/24 Orchard Lane Paw Paw area
9/27 Kilgore Road Largent
9/29 Grove Heights Road Berkeley Springs
9/30 Oliver Lane Largent
9/32 Radio Station Lane
9/33 Golliday Lane Largent
10 Householder Road Cherry Run, Sleepy Creek
10/1 Poole Road Cherry Run
10/2 Mason Road Cherry Run
10/3 Chessie Lane Cherry Run
11 Big Oak Tree Road Ridge, Unger
11 Unger's Store Road Unger
12 Magnolia Road Magnolia, Paw Paw area
12/1 Gaither Road Hansrote, Magnolia
12/2 Hansrote Road Hansrote
12/3 Baird Lane Hansrote
13 Winchester Grade Road Berkeley Springs, Greenwood, Smith Crossroads, Stotlers Crossroads
13/1 Fairbee Road Smith Crossroads
13/1 Spriggs Road Smith Crossroads
13/2 Mesner Road Smith Crossroads
13/3 Libby's Ridge Road Smith Crossroads
13/5 Shanghai Road Greenwood
13/6 Blue Brook Road Unger
13/6 Rolling Hills Road Unger
13/8 Sticky Kline Road Oakland
13/9 Spielman Road
13/10 Henry O. Michael Road Berkeley Springs
13/11 Soper Lane Greenwood
13/14 Honeycrest Drive Berkeley Springs
14 Bethel Road Paw Paw
14/1 Plains Road Paw Paw
15 New Hope Road New Hope, Berkeley Springs
15/1 Fearnow Road Berkeley Springs
15/1 Waugh Road Berkeley Springs
15/2 Cross Road Berkeley Springs
15/3 Theodore Hovermale Road Ridersville, Berkeley Springs area
17 Pine Grove Road Greenwood, Unger
17/1 Mauzy Road Greenwood, Unger
17/2 Troy Road Unger
18 Detour Road Magnolia, Great Cacapon, Paw Paw areas
18 Magnolia Road Magnolia, Paw Paw area
18/1 Orleans Road Orleans Cross Roads
18/2 Doe Gulley Lane Doe Gully, Orleans Cross Roads
18/5 Lightsville Lane Orleans Cross Roads
19 Airport Lane Hancock
22 Woodmont Road Great Cacapon, Woodmont
22/2 Belton Road Woodmont, Great Cacapon area
24 Highland Ridge Road
26 Autumn Acres Road Smith Crossroads
26 Johnson's Mill Road Duckwall, Johnson's Mill
26/1 Earl Weber Road Johnson's Mill
28 Morton Grove Road Oakland
28 Oakland Road Oakland
28/1 Creek Road Omps
28/2 Timber Ridge Road Oakland, Ridge, Stotlers Crossroads, Unger
38/1 Sand Mine Road Berkeley Springs
38/3 Johnson's Mill Road Berryville, Berkeley Springs
38/4 Berryville Circle Berryville, Berkeley Springs
38/5 McCoy Road Rock Gap, Smith Crossroads
38/5 Mesner Road Berkeley Springs
38/6 Cold Run Valley Road Berkeley Springs
38/6 Rock Gap Road Rock Gap
38/7 Cold Run Valley Road Rock Gap
38/7 Tabor Road Rock Gap, Stotlers Crossroads
38/8 Luther Michael Road Rock Gap, Stotlers Crossroads
38/9 Allemong Road Omps
38/10 Fish Hatchery Road Ridge
38/11 Green Gate Road Berkeley Springs
38/12 Harrison Avenue Berkeley Springs
38/13 Broadway Street Berkeley Springs
38/14 Sugar Hollow Road Berkeley Springs
38/15 James Street Berkeley Springs
38/17 North Laurel Avenue Berkeley Springs
38/17 South Laurel Avenue Berkeley Springs
38/18 Roosevelt Street Berkeley Springs
38/19 Jacob Street Berkeley Springs
38/19 Jimstown Road Berkeley Springs, Jimstown
38/20 Mill Street Berkeley Springs
38/21 Goff Street Berkeley Springs
38/23 John Street Berkeley Springs
38/25 Vernon Street Berkeley Springs
38/26 Hudson Street Berkeley Springs
38/28 Greenway Drive Berkeley Springs
38/32 Wilson Lane
US 522 (Hancock to B.S.) Hancock Road Berkeley Springs, Hancock
US 522 (Berkeley Springs) North Washington Street Berkeley Springs
US 522 (Berkeley Springs) South Washington Street Berkeley Springs
US 522 (B.S. to VA Line) Valley Road Berkeley Springs, Omps, Ridge, Rock Gap
522/1 DOH Lane Berkeley Springs
522/2 Myers Road Berkeley Springs
522/3 Shirley Drive Berkeley Springs
522/4 J.R. Hawvermale Way Ridge
902 Dent Hill Lane
903 Green Acres Drive Berkeley Springs
907 Oriental Circle
908 Sheppard Lane Berkeley Springs
909 Robinwood Lane
910 Wood Thrush Lane
911 Hickory Drive
912 Happy Valley Circle Berkeley Springs area
913 Happy Valley Lane Berkeley Springs area
916 Nicole Lane
917 Tammy Lane
920 Meadow Lane Unger
921 Merrywoods Drive Berkeley Springs
923 Harvest Drive Berkeley Springs
924 Bishop Street
926 Murphy Road
927 Posey Hollow Lane Stotlers Crossroads
934 Buzzard Acres Lane
939 Biser Street
939 Crestview Lane
941 Birch Grove Lane
942 Tall Pines Lane
945 Hilda Lane
946 Clearfield Drive
947 Clearfield Court
950 Wild Rose Drive
951 Wild Rose Court
952 Treehouse Court
954 Sherrill Lane
958 Timber Lane
959 Timber Court
960 Timber Lane
961 Timber Way
962 Goller Hills Lane

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