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This is an incomplete list of some rowing club colours.


Blade Club Description
Drummoyne Rowing Club Drummoyne Rowing Club Yellow blade
Glebe Rowing Club Glebe Rowing Club Dirty red blade
Mosman Rowing Club Mosman Rowing Club Red with a white stripe
North Shore Rowing Club North Shore Rowing Club Dark blue, white stripe
Sydney Rowing Club Sydney Rowing Club Eton blue blade


Blade Club Description
KRSG KRSG, Ghent Light blue - white - light blue


Blade Club Description
RC Dupin RC Dupin, (Tisno, Croatia)
Arupinum Rowing Club Arupinum Rowing Club
Istria Rowing Club Istria Rowing Club
Medulin Rowing Club Medulin Rowing Club
RC Glagoljas RC Glagoljas (Omisalj, Croatia)

The Netherlands[edit]

Blade Club Description
ÆngwirdenI Æengwirden rowing club, Heerenveen White with blue band and pompebled
Amstel Amstel rowing club, Amsterdam Navy blue with white diagonal stripe
Breda RV Breda rowing club, Breda Red with white cross
De Drietand De Drietand rowing club, Amsterdam White with blue scissored tip
RZV Gouda RZV Gouda rowing club, Gouda White with two red stripes
Rowing club Leerdam Rowing club Leerdam, Leerdam Divided blade with top blue and bottom white
Die Leythe Die Leythe, Leiden Alternative black and orange vertical bands
K.A.R.Z.V De Hoop K.A.R.Z.V. De Hoop, Amsterdam White with 2 black and red bands.
RV Naarden RV Naarden, Naarden White with yellow and blue bands
AWV Ondine AWV Ondine, Amsterdam Grey with red stripe and white tip
RZV Poseidon RZV Poseidon, Amsterdam Red with white stripe
RIC RIC (rowing club), Amsterdam Orange with white stripe and black tip
KRZV Het Spaarne K.R.Z.V. Het Spaarne, Heemstede White with 2 red bands
Willem III Willem III Rowing Club, Amsterdam Blue with white diamond


Blade Club Description
Sport Club do Porto Sport Club do Porto, Porto Dark blue with a white star.


Blade Club Description
Club Natació Banyoles Club Natació Banyoles, Banyoles White with two thin stripes, one blue and one red.
Club Náutico Sevilla Club Náutico Sevilla, Seville White with a diagonal green stripe.
Real Circulo de Labradores de Sevilla Real Círculo de Labradores de Sevilla, Seville Red and blue with a white cross.

United Kingdom[edit]

Blade Club Description
Agecroft Rowing Club Agecroft Rowing Club White and dark blue with a red stripe (thin and unusually in line with the loom/horizontally)
Ardingly Rowing Club Pale blue with yellow chevrons (two, thin)
Auriol Kensington Rowing Club Auriol Kensington (Hammersmith) Green and lilac. Green toward the loom, lilac toward the tip with an oblique divide.
Avon County Rowing Club Avon County Rowing Club Black with broad yellow tips
Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club Barnes Bridge Ladies Rowing Club Mid-blue with white tips
Bedford Rowing Club Bedford Rowing Club Maroon with two white & blue stripes mirrored around a maroon stripe (all crossways)
Berwick Amateur Rowing Club Berwick Amateur Rowing Club Dark blue with double white chevrons
Bewl Bridge Rowing Club Dark green and white quarters (green to the upper tip quarter)
Bradford Amateur Rowing Club Bradford Amateur Rowing Club Dark blue with three white parallelograms towards tips
Bristol Ariel Rowing Club Bristol Ariel Rowing Club White with a large navy Berkeley Cross (narrow, English form of the Cross patty)
Burway Rowing Club (Laleham) Navy blue with a yellow stripe (narrow, diagonally)
Cambois Rowing Club Rowing Blade Cambois Rowing Club (Ashington) Dark green with white triangular tips, chevron-like
Chester Le Street Amateur Rowing Club Chester Le Street Amateur Rowing Club Mid-blue with oblique white stripe and a red tip
City of Oxford Rowing Club City of Oxford Rowing Club Dark blue with diagonal white stripe and a red tip
Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club Dark Blue with long white cross
Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club Dart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club Black
Durham Amateur Rowing Club Durham Amateur Rowing Club Dark blue with gold stripe
Eton Excelsior Rowing Club Eton Excelsior Rowing Club (Dorney Lake) Dark blue with gold stripe (thin)
Evesham RC Rowing Blade.svg Evesham Rowing Club Dark blue with white tip (thin)
Elizabethan Boat Club (Westminster School alumni) Elizabethan Boat Club (Westminster School alumni) Pink
Glasgow Rowing Club Glasgow Rowing Club Red uppers, yellow bases and black triangular tips
Gloucester Rowing Club Gloucester Rowing Club Black with red and white stripes (one each, thin, red being thicker)
Grosvenor Rowing Club Grosvenor Rowing Club (Chester) Dark blue with orange stripes (two, thin)
Guildford Rowing Club Green with gold stripes (two, thin)
Henley Rowing Club Navy
Hexham Rowing Club Hexham Rowing Club Gold with a dark blue saltaire and thin red tips
HSBC Rowing Club HSBC Rowing Club Mid-blue base with many red and white stripes above.
Kingston Grammar School Boat Club Kingston Grammar School Veterans Boat Club Royal red with a thick white stripe incorporating a thin red 'v' as upright when squared
Kingston Rowing Club Kingston Rowing Club Royal red
Leander Club Leander Club Light pink blade
Leeds Rowing Club Leeds Rowing Club Blue with light blue tip
Leicester Rowing Club Leicester Rowing Club White
Lincoln Rowing Center Lincoln Rowing Center White with two red stripes (thin)
London Rowing Club London Rowing Club White with navy blue stripes (twice-interrupted and in usual position, towards tips)
Maidenhead Rowing Club Blade Maidenhead Rowing Club Dark green with same-coloured star in a white circle
Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club Pale blue with dark blue stripe (diagonally, from mid-upper to base of tip)
Marlow Rowing Club Maroon with white edging to base and tips
Medway Towns RC Blade Medway Towns Rowing Club White
Molesey Boat Club Blade Molesey Boat Club Black
Navy Rowing Club Navy
Paignton Rowing Club Blade Paignton Amateur Rowing Club Gold with blue 'dips' (small triangle at base of tips)
Putney Town Rowing Club Putney Town Rowing Club Navy blue with white stripe
Reading Rowing Club Reading Rowing Club White with three blue stripes (obliquely, mid-shade, mid stripe being thick)
Runcorn Rowing Club Blade Runcorn Rowing Club Deep blue with two white stripes
Sons of the Thames Rowing Club Blade Sons of the Thames White with two mid-blue stripes that cross-over (chain style)
St Andrew Boat Club St Andrew Boat Club White with a blue Saltire cross
St Neots Rowing Club Rowing Blade St Neots Rowing Club Light blue with a dark blue thick stripe
Staines Boat Club Rowing Blade Staines Boat Club Dark green (as depicted or darker)
Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club Rowing Blade Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club Maroon uppers with gold bases
Tees Rowing Club Rowing Blades Tees Rowing Club Sky blue with an oblique split for a maroon tip
Thames Rowing Club Thames Rowing Club Black blade with red, white and black in stripes, the white stripe lying
between the red and black and being of half their width
Thames Tradesmen's Rowing Club Thames Tradesmen's Rowing Club Maroon uppers, white middles and dark green bases
Tideway Scullers School Tideway Scullers School ("Tideway Scullers") Centre-split obliquely: red with true yellow tips
Twickenham Rowing Club Twickenham Rowing Club Magenta centre surrounded by blue bands
Two Lions Boat Club Two Lions Boat Club Black with gold two-headed upright lion
Tyne Rowing Club Rowing Blade Tyne Rowing Club Black with two thin white stripes
Vesta Rowing Club Vesta Rowing Club Crimson and black (diagonally split, black to tip and base)
Walbrook Rowing Club Rowing Blade Walbrook Rowing Club (Teddington) Black, yellow and mid-green (diagonally split in three bands, listed from the top and loom)
Walton Rowing Club Rowing Blade Wallingford Rowing Club Maroon and cyan (diagonally split, maroon to tip and top)
Walton Rowing Club Rowing Blade Walton Rowing Club Navy blue, Cambridge blue and maroon (in three stripes)
Warrington Rowing Club White, yellow and royal blue (in three stripes)
Weybridge RC Rowing Blade Weybridge Rowing Club Light blue with dark blue chevrons (two, thin)
Weybridge Ladies RC Rowing Blade Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club Navy blue, mid-blue and red (in three stripes)
Worcester Rowing Club White with red and black stripes
York City Rowing Club Rowing Blade York City Rowing Club White blade with three stripes of purple, black and yellow (diagonally, as shown or thinner)

United States[edit]

Blade Club Description
Atlanta Rowing Club White and red.
Belen Jesuit Crew Royal Blue and Gold.
Detroit Rowing Blade.svg Detroit Boat Club Henley blue bottom with red stripe and white on top
FairmountRA.png Fairmount Rowing Association Diagonal split blue and white
Los Gatos Rowing Club Los Gatos Rowing Club Divided blade with top white and bottom blue
Marin Rowing Association Red and White.
Minnesota Boat Club Cherry Red blade tipped with White triangle
New Haven Rowing Club New Haven Rowing Club White back with blue and green stripe
[1] Oakland Strokes Rowing Club orange and white with green stripe
Orcas Island Rowing Club White diagonal stripe with blue on top and black below
Rochester Boat Club Three sets of Purple Black Gray diagonal stripes
Sarasota Crew White with Blue "S"
Space Coast Crew rowing blade.png Space Coast Crew Light Blue
St. Andrew Rowing Club Gold and Black.
University Barge Club University Barge Club, Schuylkill Navy
Willamette Rowing Club Willamette Rowing Club, Portland, Oregon Cherry Red blade with White tip

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