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For the 1951 MGM musical, see Royal Wedding.
The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan attends the marriage procession of his eldest son Dara Shikoh. Mughal-Era fireworks were utilized to brighten the night throughout the wedding ceremony.

A royal wedding is a marriage ceremony involving members of a royal family. Weddings involving senior members of the royal family are often seen as important occasions of state and attract significant national and international attention.

United Kingdom[edit]

Westminster Abbey[edit]

Westminster Abbey has a long tradition as a venue for royal weddings,[1] although there was a hiatus of these from 1382 until 1919, and only two of these weddings were of the reigning monarch of the time (Henry I and Richard II).

St Paul's Cathedral[edit]

Chapel Royal, St James's Palace[edit]

St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle[edit]

In addition to the above, the marriage of Charles, Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in 2005 received a blessing from The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Windsor Guildhall[edit]

Crathie Kirk[edit]

Canongate Kirk[edit]

Outside the United Kingdom[edit]

Cathedral of Notre Dame d'Eu[edit]

Château de Candé. Monts, Indre-et-Loire[edit]


Royal Palace of Brussels[edit]

  • 4 February 1875: Louise, Princess of Belgium and Filip von Saksen-Coburg

Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula[edit]

Our Blessed Lady of Zavel Church[edit]

Outside Belgium[edit]

Basilica of Our Lady in Trastevere[edit]


Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen[edit]

Fredensborg Slotskirke, Fredensborg[edit]

Frederiksborg Slotskirke, Hillerød[edit]

Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen[edit]

Møgeltønder Church, Møgeltønder[edit]

Outside of Denmark[edit]

Cannes, France[edit]

Storkyrkan, Stockholm[edit]

The Royal Palace, Stockholm[edit]


Almudena Cathedral[edit]

Seville Cathedral[edit]

Barcelona Cathedral[edit]

Outside of Spain[edit]

Church of Saint Dennis, Athens[edit]


Stockholm Cathedral[edit]

The Stockholm Palace Church[edit]


Prince's Palace of Monaco[edit]


Notre-Dame Cathedral[edit]

Outside of Luxembourg[edit]

Basilique de Sainte Marie-Madeleine[edit]

The Netherlands[edit]

Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk (The Hague)[edit]

Westerkerk (Amsterdam)[edit]

Nieuwe Kerk (Amsterdam)[edit]

Oude Kerk (Delft)[edit]


Oslo Cathedral[edit]

Nidarosdomen - Trondheim[edit]


Sra Pathum Palace[edit]


LMS Chapel, Huahine[edit]


The Mission[edit]

Waineʻe Church[edit]

Kawaiahaʻo Church[edit]


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