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The following is a list of the known rulers of the Kingdom of Edom in the Levant.


Descendants of Esau[edit]

Esau עֵשָׂו (Edom אֱדֹֽום) Married three wives[1]

  • Reuel[2] רְעוּאֵֽל By Basemath בָּשְׂמַ֥ת (daughter of Elon the Hittite, wife of Ishmael?)[3] Also called Mahalath (the sister of Nebaioth, the firstborn of Ishmael) Married just after Jacob's flight to Haran
    • Nahath נַ֥חַת
    • Zerah זֶ֖רַח (father of Jobab, 2nd Duke of Edom?)
    • Shammah שַׁמָּ֣ה
    • Mizzah מִזָּ֑ה
  • Jeush יְע֥וּשׁ By Oholibamah[4] אָהֳלִֽיבָמָה֙ (daughter of Anah עֲנָ֔ה (the wife of Beeri?) the daughter of Zibeon צִבְעֹ֖ון the Hivite). (Also called Judith daughter of Beeri the Hittite) Married just before Jacob's flight to Haran
  • Jalam יַעְלָ֖ם
  • Korah קֹ֑רַח
  • Eliphaz[5] אֱלִיפָ֑ז By Adah[6] עָדָ֗ה daughter of Elon אֵילֹון֙ the Hittite. (possibly the same Eliphaz the Temanite in the Book of Job) Married before Jacob's flight to Haran
    • Teman תֵּימָ֣ן
    • Omar אֹומָ֔ר
    • Zepho צְפֹ֥ו
    • Gatam גַעְתָּ֖ם
    • Kenaz קְנַֽז
    • Amalek עֲמָלֵ֑ק (by his concubine Timna[7] תִמְנַ֣ע the sister of Lotan[8] the son of Seir)

Implied non-hereditary kings[edit]

Map of Edom.
king son of from city
Bela Beor Dinhabah
Jobab Zerah Bozrah
Husham Land of Teman
Hadad Bedad Avith
Samlah Masrekah
Shaul Rehoboth on the river
Baal-hanan Achbor
Hadad Pau (P'ai)


Mountains of Edom
  • Timnah (Timna)
  • Aliah (Alvah)
  • Jetheth
  • Oholibamah
  • Elah
  • Pinon
  • Kenaz
  • Teman II
  • Mibzar
  • Magdiel
  • Iram
  • To Israel c. 990-922
    • ?
  • To Judah 922 - early 9th century
    • ?
  • To Assyria 724-612
    • Malik-rammu (Assyrian name; Edomite name Melek-ram) fl. c. 740
    • Shalman fl. c. 735 (Assyrian name; Edomite name unknown)
    • Kaus-gabri fl. c. 700 (Assyrian name; Edomite name Qos-geber)
    • Kaus-malaka fl c. 700 (Assyrian name; Edomite name Qos-melek)
  • To Babylon 612-539
    • ?
  • Independence 539-c. 275
    • ?
  • To the Seleucid Empire c. 200-160
    • ? c. 270 - c. 200
    • Gorigas 160s
    • ? 160-109
  • Governors of Idumea under the Hasmonean dynasty 109 BC.

Governors of Idumea under Herod[edit]

Note that the Herodian dynasty itself was of Idumaean extraction.

  • Joseph ben Antipater (brother of Herod the Great). c. 43-35
  • Costobarus (brother-in-law of Herod the Great).......30s
  • To Judea directly.................................30s-4
  • To Rome..........................................4 BC- AD 60

Governors of Idumea under the Revolutionary government of Judaea[edit]


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