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Ruler of Shewa
Menelik, king of Shewa 1877.png
Negus Sahle Mariam
StyleHis Majesty
First monarchAbeto Negasi Krestos
Last monarchNegus Sahle Mariam
Formationc. 1682
Abolition10 March 1889
Qundi (1808–1813)
Doqait (1745–1805)
Location of Shewa province (red) within the Ethiopian Empire.

This article lists the rulers of Shewa, an historical region of Ethiopia. It was formerly an autonomous Muslim kingdom known as the Sultanate of Showa, which later became a vassal state to the Ethiopian Empire.

List of the rulers of Shewa[edit]

Reign Portrait Ruler House Notes
c. 1682 to c. 1703 Abeto Negasi Krestos Solomonic
c. 1703 to c. 1718 Meridazmach Sebestyanos Solomonic
c. 1718 to c. 1744 Meridazmach Kidane Kale Solomonic More commonly known as Abuye
c. 1744 to c. 1775 Meridazmach Amha Iyasus Solomonic Also known as Amhayes
c. 1775 to c. 1808 Meridazmach Asfaw Wossen Solomonic
c. 1808 to June 1813 Meridazmach and Ras Wossen Seged Solomonic
12 June 1813 to 22 October 1847 King Sahla Sellase colour.jpg Meridazmach and Negus Sahle Selassie Solomonic After 1839, Negus
22 October 1847 to 9 November 1855 Haile Melekot.JPG Negus Haile Melekot Solomonic
9 November 1855 to 1856 Menelik, king of Shewa 1877.png Negus Sahle Mariam Solomonic First reign
1856 to 1859 Meridazmach Haile Mikael Solomonic Son of Sahle Selassie, appointed by Emperor Tewodros II
1859 Bezabeh Solomonic First reign; appointed by Emperor Tewodros II
1859 to 1860 Meridazmach Seyfe Solomonic Son of Sahle Selassie; rebel against Emperor Tewodros II
1860 to 1865 Bezabeh Solomonic Second reign; restored by Emperor Tewodros II
August 1865 to 10 March 1889 Menelik, king of Shewa 1877.png Negus Sahle Mariam Solomonic Second reign; became Emperor Menelik II

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