List of rulers of the Akan state of Akyem Kotoku

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This is a list of rulers of the Akan state of Akyem Kotoku.

Tenure Incumbent Notes
ante1400 Foundation of Akyem Kotoku state
Kotokuhene (Rulers)
1400 to ???? Nana Yaraware, Kotokuhene
???? to ???? Nana Boadi Nanim, Kotokuhene
???? to ???? Nana Danso Brempon -Alias Akrofi BREMPONG, Kotokuhene
???? to 1717 Nana Ofosu Aprenten, Kotokuhene
ante/c.1733 to post/c.1733 Nana Frempong Manso I, Kotokuhene
???? to 1814 Nana Kwakye Adeyefe, Kotokuhene
1824 to 1825 Nana Afrifa Akwada, Kotokuhene
1825 to 1867 Nana Agyeman, Kotokuhene
1867 to September 1927 Nana Attafua, Kotokuhene
1942 to 1948 Nana Frempong Manso II, Kotokuhene
1948 to post/c.1960 Nana Frempong Manso III, Kotokuhene
19?? to June 1998 Okofrobour Agyeman Attafua, Kotokuhene
June 1999 to present Oseadeeyo Frempong Manso IV, Kotokuhene

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