List of rulers of the Akan states of Akwamu and Twifo-Heman

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List of Rulers of the Akan (Bron) state of Akwamu (formerly Twifo-Heman)[edit]

Territory comprised part of present-day southern Ghana

Tenure Incumbent Notes
Akwamuhenes (Rulers)
c.1480 to c.1500 Agyen Kokobo, Akwamuhene Founder of Twifo-Heman
c.1500 to c.1520 Ofusu Kwabi, Akwamuhene
c.1520 to c.1540 Oduro, Akwamuhene
c.1540 to c.1560 Ado, Akwamuhene
c.1560 to c.1575 Otumfo Asare, Akwamuhene Founder of the Akwamu State, with capital at Asaremankesse
c.1575 to c.1585 Akotia, Akwamuhene Relocated capital at Ayandawaase
c.1585 to c.1600 Ansa Saseraku, Akwamuhene
(Ansa Saseraku I)
c.1600 to c.1620 Ansa Saseraku, Akwamuhene
(Ansa Saseraku II)
c.1620 to c.1640 Ansa Saseraku, Akwamuhene
(Ansa Saseraku III)
c.1640 to c.1660 Abuako Dako, Akwamuhene
c.1660 to c.1680 Afera Kuma, Akwamuhene
c.1680 to 1702 Manukure, Akwamuhene
1702 to 1726 Akwano Panyini, Akwamuhene
1726 to 1734 Dako Booman, Akwamuhene
1734 Conquest by the Akyem peoples

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