List of rulers of the Yoruba state of Ketu

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The state of Ketu is located in present-day Republic of Benin.

In the Yoruba language, the word oba means king or ruler. It is also common for the rulers of the various Yoruba domains to have their own special titles. In Ketu the Oba is referred to as the Aleketu of Ketu

Tenure Incumbent Notes
c.1500 Capital moved to Ketu
1795 to 1816 Ajibolu, Oba
1816 to 1853 Adebiya, Oba
1853 to December 1858 Adegbede, Oba
December 1858 to 1867 Adiro, Oba
1867 to 1883 Osun Ojeku, Oba
1883 to 1886 Agidigbo Hungbo, regent
1886 Conquest by Danhome
1893 Restoration by France under protectorate
1893 to 1894 Ida, regent
13 February 1894 to 1918 Oyengen, Oba
1918 to 1936 Ademufekun Dudu, Oba
1937 to 1963 Alamu Adewori Adegibite, Oba
1963 Abolition of Ketu state


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