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This is a list of satellite map images with missing or unclear data. Some locations on free, publicly viewable satellite map services have such issues due to having been intentionally digitally obscured or blurred for various reasons of this.[1] For example, Westchester County, New York asked Google to blur potential terrorism targets (such as an amusement park, a beach, and parking lots) from its satellite imagery.[2] There are cases where the censorship of certain sites was subsequently removed. For example, when Google Maps and Google Earth were launched, images of the White House and United States Capitol were blurred out; however, these sites are now uncensored.[3]

Countries engaged with Google Maps[edit]

During talks with the Indian government, Google issued a statement saying "Google has been talking and will continue to talk to the Indian government about any security concerns it may have regarding Google Earth."[4] Google agreed to blur images on request of the Indian government.[1]

The Australian government has decided that images of sensitive areas are not a risk, due to poor level of detail.[5] It was reported that in the lead-up to the APEC forum in Sydney held in September 2007 certain key locations in images of the city's central business district, where APEC leaders were meeting, might have been intentionally reduced in resolution; however, Google has indicated that the change was unrelated to APEC, while the NSW police said that they knew nothing about the change in Google's images. Images of the prime minister's official residence, The Lodge have not been blurred. However, images of its roof have been and the entrance to The Lodge is blurred in Google Street View.[6]

The government of Malaysia has stated that it will not ask Google to censor sensitive areas because that would identify the locations it deemed to be sensitive.[7]


Most military and defense facilities, along with many private homes, appear blurred in mapping services. The vast majority of Antarctica is also in low resolution due to the bright, often featureless, ice and snow making high-resolution imaging both difficult and largely unnecessary. The following is a partial list of notable known map sections that have been blurred or blanked.


Location Country Details Link and coordinates
Antarctica Antarctica Several large areas of Antarctica are blurred, including one over 23 km (14 mi) long. Blurring is well past the normal low-resolution for most of the continent.[8] [1] 70°10′40″S 87°49′29″E / 70.177653°S 87.824707°E / -70.177653; 87.824707 (14-Mile Blur)


Location Country Details Link and coordinates
North of South China Sea China Location is blacked out on both sides 16°04′18″N 114°27′09″E / 16.071750°N 114.452592°E / 16.071750; 114.452592
Area northwest of Mount Kailash China Location is to the northwest of Mount Kailash, one of the holiest Hindu places. 31°13′09″N 81°13′24″E / 31.219183°N 81.223361°E / 31.219183; 81.223361
Area of Xinjiang internment camps China The area of internment camps has been partly replaced with plain light gray tiles on Baidu Maps and blurred in Google Maps. [9][10]39°10′N 77°21′E / 39.16°N 77.35°E / 39.16; 77.35
Area west of Hilsa resort Nepal Tibet, China Location is west of Hilsa resort of Nepal. 30°09′21″N 81°16′16″E / 30.155970°N 81.271169°E / 30.155970; 81.271169
India India Some sites are shown in low resolution.
Makhmour refugee camp, Iraq Iraq Refugee camp 35°47′39″N 43°36′52″E / 35.7941404°N 43.6143747°E / 35.7941404; 43.6143747
Israel Israel The entire country of Israel is shown in low resolution in all U.S.-based mapping services, including Mapquest, Bing, etc. This is a result of the Kyl–Bingaman Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 1997. The amendment is titled "Prohibition on collection and release of detailed satellite imagery relating to Israel" and requires NOAA's Commercial Remote Sensing Regulatory Affairs agency to regulate the distribution of zoomed images of Israel. [2] 31°N 35°E / 31°N 35°E / 31; 35 (Garabogazköl Basin)


Location Country Details Link and coordinates
Beauvechain Air Base Belgium Blurred in Google Earth and Google Maps (military installation) 50°45′28″N 004°46′01″E / 50.75778°N 4.76694°E / 50.75778; 4.76694
Military installation in Ypres Belgium Satellite view pixellated [3] 50°50′12″N 2°53′02″E / 50.836694°N 2.883896°E / 50.836694; 2.883896
Fort Eben-Emael – near Eben-Emael Belgium Blurred in Google Maps - no longer blurred [4] 50°47′51″N 5°40′44″E / 50.79755°N 5.67899°E / 50.79755; 5.67899 (Fort Eben-Emael)
Militaire Kazerne Brugge Belgium Blurred in Google Maps - Military installation Also blurred in Bing Maps satellite imagery, although not in Bird's Eye View [5] 51°12′40″N 3°15′34″E / 51.211173°N 3.259559°E / 51.211173; 3.259559 (Militaire Kazerne Brugge)
West Flanders Office – in Bruges Belgium No longer Blurred on Google Maps (it is still blurred on streetview), visible on Bing Maps. [6] 51°12′37″N 3°13′24″E / 51.21022°N 3.22321°E / 51.21022; 3.22321 (West Flanders Office)
Belgian Pipeline Organisation – in Leuven Belgium Blurred in Google Maps, visible on Bing Maps [7] 50°52′24″N 4°42′04″E / 50.873299°N 4.701081°E / 50.873299; 4.701081 (Belgian Pipeline Organisation)
Palais de Bruxelles


Blurred on Google Maps [8] 50°50′30″N 4°21′44″E / 50.841773°N 4.362318°E / 50.841773; 4.362318 (Palais de Bruxelles)
Eguermin, Belgium-Netherlands Naval Mine Warfare School – in Ostend Belgium Blurred in Google Maps, not blurred in Bing Maps Bird's Eye View. [9] 51°13′28″N 2°55′19″E / 51.22453°N 2.92182°E / 51.22453; 2.92182 (Erguemin, Belgium-Netherlands Naval Mine Warfare School)
Electrabel Kerncentrale Doel – in Doel Belgium Blurred in Google Maps - nuclear power plant on the outskirts of Antwerp. No longer viewable on Google Street View. [10] 51°19′32″N 4°15′34″E / 51.325568°N 4.259474°E / 51.325568; 4.259474 (Electrabel_Kerncentrale_Doel)
Chièvres Air Base Belgium Blurred in Google Maps [11] 50°34′51″N 3°49′50″E / 50.580950°N 3.830449°E / 50.580950; 3.830449 (Chièvres_Air_Base)
Kwartier Marinebasis Zeebrugge [nl] Belgium Blurred on Google Maps 51°20′10″N 3°12′20″E / 51.3362°N 3.20569°E / 51.3362; 3.20569 (Kwartier Marinebasis Zeebrugge)
NATO Headquarters – in Brussels Belgium Blurred in Google Maps, on Bing Maps some buildings below have been blurred in the satellite image, but are visible in the Bird's Eye View. [12] 50°52′49″N 4°25′35″E / 50.88013889°N 4.42638889°E / 50.88013889; 4.42638889 (NATO Headquarters)
Měřičský ústav Trnovany Czech Republic Czech Signals Intelligence and satellite communications hub, near Litoměřice. Replaced with generic agricultural fields on, uncensored on Google Maps or Bing maps. 50°32′18″N 14°11′44″E / 50.5383656°N 14.1955664°E / 50.5383656; 14.1955664 (Měřičský Ústav)
Merisotakoulu [fi] Finland Finnish Navy school, located on Pikku-Musta [fi], near Helsinki. Visibly pixelated on Google Maps, but uncensored on Bing Maps. [13] 60°09′00″N 24°58′48″E / 60.149990°N 24.980065°E / 60.149990; 24.980065 (Merisotakoulu)
Hôpital d'Instruction des Armées Percy France French military hospital in Clamart, near Paris, Visible on Bing Maps Bird's Eye View. [14] 48°48′52″N 2°15′20″E / 48.814399°N 2.255660°E / 48.814399; 2.255660 (HIA Percy)
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA, Grenoble center) France Large obscuring pixelation of a 195 ha site near central Grenoble, including the co-located ESRF facility, also blurred on Bing Maps. [15] 45°12′03″N 5°42′19″E / 45.200949°N 5.7054144°E / 45.200949; 5.7054144 (CEA Grenoble)
Île Longue France Large obscuring pixilation in Google Earth, historic imagery is unobscured. It is the base of the SNLE, the French ballistic missile submarines. [11]48°18′23″N 4°30′24″W / 48.30639°N 4.50667°W / 48.30639; -4.50667 (Île Longue)
Levant Island (Île du Levant) France The 2018 imagery of most of the island is pixelated in Google Earth, on Bing Maps all the islands are blurred. French military base. [16] 43°02′00″N 6°28′00″E / 43.033333°N 6.466667°E / 43.033333; 6.466667 (Levant Island)
Office of Atomic Energy (Cadarache Center) France Large obscuring pixelation of the whole site.(including the neighboring ITER project) [17] 43°41′23″N 5°45′38″E / 43.689722°N 5.760555°E / 43.689722; 5.760555 (CEA Cadarache)
DGA Essais de missiles France Formerly known as Centre d'Essais des Landes. Reduced resolution in Google and Bing Maps. [18] 44°21′43″N 1°15′00″W / 44.362°N 1.25°W / 44.362; -1.25 (Centre d'Essais des Landes)
Fort de Bicêtre France Ministère de la Défense 48°48′18″N 164°45′15″E / 48.80500°N 164.75417°E / 48.80500; 164.75417
Fort de Brégançon France Pixelation of the island on Google Maps, as well as on Bing Maps. [19] 43°05′34″N 6°19′20″E / 43.092778°N 6.322222°E / 43.092778; 6.322222 (Fort de Brégançon)
HWU transmitter France Reduced resolution on most of the image, completely blurred on Bing Maps. [20] 46°42′47″N 1°14′39″E / 46.713056°N 1.244167°E / 46.713056; 1.244167 (HWU transmitter)
AREVA La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing facility France The AREVA La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing facility is shown in reduced resolution. [21] 49°40′49″N 1°52′48″W / 49.68028°N 1.88000°W / 49.68028; -1.88000 (AREVA La Hague nuclear fuel reprocessing facility)
Orange-Caritat Air Base France The Orange-Caritat Air Base is shown in reduced resolution. [22] 44°08′21″N 4°51′44″E / 44.13917°N 4.86222°E / 44.13917; 4.86222 (Orange)
Cherbourg Naval Base France The Cherbourg Naval Base is shown in reduced resolution. [23] 49°39′18.3″N 1°38′30.4″W / 49.655083°N 1.641778°W / 49.655083; -1.641778 (Cherbourg)
Vauban Fortifications of Saint-Martin-de-Ré France The main fortress is shown in reduced resolution. [24] 46°12′08.1″N 1°21′39.3″W / 46.202250°N 1.360917°W / 46.202250; -1.360917 (Saint-Martin-de-Ré)
Vélizy – Villacoublay Air Base France The Vélizy – Villacoublay Air Base is shown in reduced resolution. [25] 48°46′21″N 2°12′58″E / 48.77250°N 2.21611°E / 48.77250; 2.21611 (Vélizy – Villacoublay Air Base)
Toulon arsenal France The Toulon arsenal is shown in reduced resolution. [26] 43°7′1″N 5°54′7″E / 43.11694°N 5.90194°E / 43.11694; 5.90194 (Toulon – Toulon arsenal)
Istres-Le Tubé Air Base France The Air Base is shown in reduced resolution. [27] 43°31′28″N 4°56′30″E / 43.52444°N 4.94167°E / 43.52444; 4.94167 (Istres-Le Tubé Air Base)
Moronvilliers France The ruins of a French village known as Moronvilliers, which was destroyed by German Soldiers during World War I, are blurred on Google Maps. There is Google Street View imagery running right though the censored area. Street view imagery revealed a fenced off military location named "etablissement logistique du commissariat des armées". That is now blurred as well. [28] 49°14′28″N 4°19′27″E / 49.24111°N 4.32417°E / 49.24111; 4.32417 (Moronvilliers ruins)
Prison of Riom France A prison at Riom is covered by farmland and only a portion of the prison is visible. Visible on Google Maps [29] 45°53′25.4″N 3°09′01.1″E / 45.890389°N 3.150306°E / 45.890389; 3.150306 (Prison of Riom)
Centre pénitentiaire de Saint-Quentin-Fallavier France Blurred in Google Maps [45]45°39′31.7″N 5°7′34.5″E / 45.658806°N 5.126250°E / 45.658806; 5.126250 (Centre pénitentiaire de Saint-Quentin-Fallavier)
Baumettes Prison France A prison in the city of Marseille is pixelated on satellite imagery. Surrounding Google Street View imagery has partially blurred images of the prison walls. [30] 43°13′59.5″N 5°24′52.5″E / 43.233194°N 5.414583°E / 43.233194; 5.414583 (Baumettes Prison)
Frenchelon France A DGSE signal intelligence system in Domme, France that is completely pixelated on satellite imagery. The installation can be seen from a distance in street view. [31] 44°47′11″N 1°14′17″E / 44.78639°N 1.23806°E / 44.78639; 1.23806 (Frenchelon)
Détachement du 8e régiment de transmissions - Vernon France Blurred in Google Maps [32]49°05′40.4″N 1°30′27.7″E / 49.094556°N 1.507694°E / 49.094556; 1.507694 (Détachement du 8e régiment de transmissions - Vernon)
Cattenom Nuclear Power Plant France Blurred in Google Maps and Bing Maps. Clear in Yandex Maps. [33] 49°24′57″N 6°13′5″E / 49.41583°N 6.21806°E / 49.41583; 6.21806
Tours military airbase 705 France Because of their proximity, the civilian airport is wholly blurred as well, in Google Maps and Bing Maps. Clear in Yandex Maps. [34] 47°25′56″N 0°43′24″E / 47.43222°N 0.72333°E / 47.43222; 0.72333
Brest Arsenal France Blurred on Google Maps. [35] 48°22′24.7″N 4°30′46.5″W / 48.373528°N 4.512917°W / 48.373528; -4.512917 (Unknown Naval Base)
Marcoule Nuclear Site France Blurred on Google Maps. 44°8′36″N 4°42′34″E / 44.14333°N 4.70944°E / 44.14333; 4.70944 (Marcoule Nuclear Site)
Interpol Headquarters France Blurred on Google Maps, including a large area of the surrounding Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon. 45°46′56.5392″N 4°50′51.432″E / 45.782372000°N 4.84762000°E / 45.782372000; 4.84762000
Ingolstadt Manching Airport Germany No longer blurred on Google Maps. Entire airport blurred out on Bing Maps aerial view. [36] 48°42′56″N 11°32′02″E / 48.71556°N 11.53389°E / 48.71556; 11.53389 (Ingolstadt Manching Airport)
Andravida Air Base Greece The base's area appears in low resolution on Google Maps. [37] 37°55′31″N 21°17′27.3″E / 37.92528°N 21.290917°E / 37.92528; 21.290917 (Andravida Air Base)
Ayioi Anargyroi Military Base Athens Greece The base appears pixelated on Google Maps. [38] 38°01′31″N 23°42′57″E / 38.02528°N 23.71583°E / 38.02528; 23.71583 (Unknown Military Base)
Kos International Airport Greece Airport is completely pixelated on Google Maps. [39] 36°48′5.84″N 27°5′23.8″E / 36.8016222°N 27.089944°E / 36.8016222; 27.089944 (Kos International Airport)
Unknown area near Emporio, Santorini. Greece An area north east of the Emporio village in Santorini is pixelated on and only on Google Maps. Google street view runs through the pixelation and multiple photo spheres exist for the area as well. [40] 36°22′07.2″N 25°27′08.8″E / 36.368667°N 25.452444°E / 36.368667; 25.452444 (An area near Emporio, Santorini, Greece)
Unknown area near Faliraki, Rhodos. Greece An area on a hilltop south of Kathara Bay is pixelated on and only on Google Maps, hiding two monasteries. Multiple photo spheres exist for the area. Google Earth Pro historic imagery dated 9/9/2017 shows image overlay on area of interest that does not match surrounding imagery (angle of trees and image colour mismatch). [41] 36°19′29.9″N 28°12′26.0″E / 36.324972°N 28.207222°E / 36.324972; 28.207222 (An area near Faliraki, Rhodos, Greece)
Kalymnos Island National Airport Greece Airport is completely pixelated on Google Maps. [42] 36°57′51″N 26°56′29.7″E / 36.96417°N 26.941583°E / 36.96417; 26.941583 (Kalymnos Island National Airport)
Kephalonia International Airport Greece Completely pixelated on Google Maps, but the perimeter road is accessible on Street View. [43] 38°07′10.0″N 20°30′03.3″E / 38.119444°N 20.500917°E / 38.119444; 20.500917 (Kefalonia Airport, Kefalonia, Greece)
Lakki Greece Pixelated bay near the Port of Leros in Lakki (Lakkion). [44] 37°07′48.4″N 26°51′05.9″E / 37.130111°N 26.851639°E / 37.130111; 26.851639 (Lakki)
Leros Greece Pixelated area on a hilltop in Leros. [45] 37°08′58.8″N 26°51′05.9″E / 37.149667°N 26.851639°E / 37.149667; 26.851639 (Leros)
Lipsi Greece Pixelated area south of bay in Lipsi (Leipsoi). [46] 37°17′20.6″N 26°45′53.5″E / 37.289056°N 26.764861°E / 37.289056; 26.764861 (Lipsi)
Port of Mandraki Greece The Port of Mandraki on Nisyros is completely pixelated on Google Maps. [47] 36°36′47.6388″N 27°8′11.9142″E / 36.613233000°N 27.136642833°E / 36.613233000; 27.136642833 (Port of Mandraki)
Moria refugee camp Greece The migrant camp appears pixelated on Google Maps, but Google Street View images from the road and more recent photo spheres images from within the camp exist. [48] 39°08′4″N 26°30′13″E / 39.13444°N 26.50361°E / 39.13444; 26.50361 (Moria Camp)
Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia Greece The civilian airport and the military hangars adjacent to it are blurred. Additionally, the terrain is glitched on Google Earth. [49] 40°31′14″N 22°58′28″E / 40.52056°N 22.97444°E / 40.52056; 22.97444 (Thessaloniki Airport)
Military Engineering School of Loutraki Greece Completely pixelated on Google Maps. [50] 37°56′59.11″N 22°58′2.05″E / 37.9497528°N 22.9672361°E / 37.9497528; 22.9672361 (Military Engineering School of Loutraki)
House of Viktor Orbán Hungary The entire summerhouse is blurred on Google Maps. [51] 47°27′47.37″N 18°35′12.59″E / 47.4631583°N 18.5868306°E / 47.4631583; 18.5868306 (House of Viktor Orbán)
Former House of Mandemakers Netherlands The former house of businessman Mandemakers in Kaatsheuvel. [52] 51°39′42.294″N 5°00′40.677″E / 51.66174833°N 5.01129917°E / 51.66174833; 5.01129917 (Mandemakers Kaatsheuvel, hét huis van keukens)
Polish Military Hydrometeorological Command Centre (Szefostwo Służby Hydrometeorologicznej SZ RP) Poland The weather station appears in low resolution on Google Maps, but a high resolution image is available on Bing Maps Aerial view. [53] 52°07′38″N 21°02′04″E / 52.127201°N 21.034560°E / 52.127201; 21.034560 (Mysiadło)
Dowództwo Wojsk Specjalnych Poland The Polish Special Forces Command in Krakow, Poland is completely blurred on Google Maps and Wikimapia, but not other mapping websites Bing Maps and Yahoo Maps. [54] 50°02′13″N 19°54′14″E / 50.0370°N 19.9038°E / 50.0370; 19.9038 (Dowództwo Wojsk Specjalnych)
6 SIGINT center of military navy (6 Oliwski Ośrodek Radioelektroniczny Marynarki Wojennej) Poland 6 SIGINT center of military navy (6 Oliwski Ośrodek Radioelektroniczny Marynarki Wojennej). Place is completely blurred on Google Maps and Wikimapia, but not other mapping websites Bing Maps and Yandex Maps. Some surrounding buildings as meteorology center and shooting range are blurred too. [55] 54°33′17″N 18°33′07″E / 54.554644°N 18.551871°E / 54.554644; 18.551871 (6 SIGINT center of military navy (6 Oliwski Ośrodek Radioelektroniczny Marynarki Wojennej))
EMFA - Radar nº3 Serra Montejunto Portugal No longer censored on Bing Maps but censored on Google Maps. [56] 39°10′27″N 9°03′09″W / 39.174052°N 9.052478°W / 39.174052; -9.052478 (EMFA - Radar nº3 Serra Montejunto)
Ministério da Defesa Portugal Defense Ministry Offices Lisbon. Blurry image shown, but data layers are integrated when looking at previous dates. [57] 38°42′15″N 9°12′24″W / 38.7042°N 9.20677°W / 38.7042; -9.20677 (Ministério da Defesa)
Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant Romania Entire site is blurred on Google Maps Street View. [58] 44°19′03″N 28°03′26″E / 44.3174781°N 28.057222°E / 44.3174781; 28.057222 (Centrala Nucleară Cernavodă)
Escuadrón de Vigilancia Aérea nº2 (EVA 2) Spain Blurred on all online map services, except for Yandex Maps. [59] 39°53′15″N 3°18′12″W / 39.88749°N 3.30324°W / 39.88749; -3.30324 (EVA 2)
Getafe Air Base Spain Large parts of runway and taxiways blurred on Google Maps. Completely blurred in Bing. [44] 40°17′45″N 3°43′30″W / 40.295833°N 3.725°W / 40.295833; -3.725
Regimiento Estratégico de Transmisiones número 22 (RETES22) "Strategic Signals Regiment number 22"[12][13] Spain Image not consistent with surroundings. Completely blurred in Bing. [60] 40°27′55″N 3°44′00″W / 40.465201°N 3.733313°W / 40.465201; -3.733313 (Puerta de Hierro)
Mando de Transmisiones del Ejército "Army Command Signals"[13][14] Spain Censored in Bing Bird's Eye view. [61] 40°24′25″N 3°47′16″W / 40.40706°N 3.78772°W / 40.40706; -3.78772 (Puerta de Hierro)
"Patio de los Naranjos" (lit. Orange Tree Yard) Spain Blurred on Google Maps. [62] 36°50′20″N 2°28′20″W / 36.838919°N 2.472312°W / 36.838919; -2.472312 (Patio de los Naranjos)
Base Militar Punta Camorro[15] Spain Blurred on most services, but available via Mapquest 36°00′52″N 5°35′05″W / 36.014444°N 5.584722°W / 36.014444; -5.584722 (Base Militar Punta Camorro)
Pení aerial military base Spain Blurred on Google Maps. [63] 42°16′53″N 3°14′06″E / 42.2815176°N 3.2350751°E / 42.2815176; 3.2350751 (Patio de los Naranjos)
Naval Station Rota Spain Blurred on Google, Bing, and Apple Maps. [64] 36°39′15″N 6°19′47″W / 36.654113°N 6.329644°W / 36.654113; -6.329644 (Naval Station Rota)
Zaragoza Air Base Spain Blurred intentionally on Bing Maps.[16] Rendered in lower resolution on Google Maps and Mapquest. [65][66][67] 36°50′20″N 2°28′20″W / 36.838919°N 2.472312°W / 36.838919; -2.472312 (Zaragoza Air Base)
Heliport[17] in El Ejido Spain Square blurred on Google and Bing. Visible e.g. in HERE WeGo and Yandex. 36°44′50″N 2°43′07″W / 36.74732602819289°N 2.71849703957284°W / 36.74732602819289; -2.71849703957284 (Blurred location in El Ejido, Almería)
Fortaleza de Isabel II, Menorca Spain 39°52′32″N 4°19′4″E / 39.87556°N 4.31778°E / 39.87556; 4.31778 (Fortaleza de La Mola)
Polvorin de Santa Magdalena, Mallorca Spain Blurred on Google, Apple Maps and Mapquest. Can be seen on Yandex and HERE Wego. 39°43′37.6″N 2°56′59.4″E / 39.727111°N 2.949833°E / 39.727111; 2.949833
Säkerhetspolisen - Huvudsta, in Stockholm Sweden Building of the Swedish Security Service Headquarters is noticeably more pixelated compared to its surroundings on Google Maps. Also blurred on Google Maps Street View. [68] 59°21′10″N 18°00′41″E / 59.3526578°N 18.011252°E / 59.3526578; 18.011252 (Säkerhetspolisen - Swedish Security Service)
National Defence Radio Establishment – West of Stockholm near Drottningholm Sweden Facility surrounded partially by woods which is blurred in Bing and Yahoo Maps. Replaced with overlay of woods in and Clear in Google Maps. [69] 59°19′55″N 17°51′20″E / 59.332046°N 17.855496°E / 59.332046; 17.855496 (Försvarets Radioanstalt - Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment)
Polismyndigheten i Uppsala län Sweden Blurred on Street View in Google Maps.
Svenska Rymdaktiebolaget Esrange Space Center Sweden Blurred on Street View in Google Maps. [70] 67°53′34″N 21°03′50″E / 67.8928718°N 21.0638294°E / 67.8928718; 21.0638294 (Svenska Rymdaktiebolaget Esrange Space Center)
Ärna Air Base Sweden Military air base in Uppsala in Sweden which, along with some other buildings nearby, has been pixelated on Google Maps. Although, on Google Maps 3D, the air base is now depixelated. 59°53′50″N 17°35′19″E / 59.897222°N 17.588611°E / 59.897222; 17.588611

North America[edit]

Location Country Details Link and coordinates
Western Campeche Bank Mexico The Triangulos Chain and Obispo Chain of islands are blacked out in Google Maps.[why?] There is no detailed view in Bing Maps. [71] 20°42′41.73″N 92°13′23.64″W / 20.7115917°N 92.2232333°W / 20.7115917; -92.2232333 (Island Chains in Gulf of Mexico)
Number One Observatory Circle, official residence of the Vice President of the United States United States Buildings blurred for various dates in Google Earth. Other years the area lacks any obfuscation. [72] 38°55′16.64″N 77°04′01″W / 38.9212889°N 77.06694°W / 38.9212889; -77.06694 (Naval Observatory/Residence of the Vice President of the United States)
2207 Seymour Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio United States The house owned by Ariel Castro, who was found guilty of kidnapping three women in the early 2000s and later holding them captive in his home for ten years until 2013. He committed suicide in his prison cell after being sentenced to life behind bars. The house was demolished, but the blurred shape of it remains on Google Maps street view. [73] 41°28′21.144″N 81°41′52.4832″W / 41.47254000°N 81.697912000°W / 41.47254000; -81.697912000 (2207 Seymour Avenue)
Auburn Correctional Facility (maximum security prison), Auburn, New York United States Shown as censored, however not in all years. [74] 42°56′4.92″N 76°34′27.64″W / 42.9347000°N 76.5743444°W / 42.9347000; -76.5743444 (Auburn Correctional Facility)
Amchitka Island, Alaska United States Part of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, part of the island is blurred. It is home to various nuclear tests in the late 50's; Most notably the Long Shot Test. It is expected in 2025 to become a restricted access wildlife preserve. [75] 51°29′36.9″N 179°02′24.8″W / 51.493583°N 179.040222°W / 51.493583; -179.040222 (Amchitka Island)
5561 NE Ambleside Rd

Seattle, WA 98105

Residence of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan

United States Google's Street View is blurred for this residence.

On June 28, 2020, protesters marched to the residence of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan. The house is blurred on Google Maps street view due to Jenny's previous work as a District Attorney

[76] 47°39′57.74″N 122°16′0.22″W / 47.6660389°N 122.2667278°W / 47.6660389; -122.2667278 (Residence of Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan)
The Wattersons' house from The Amazing World of Gumball

1026 York Street, Vallejo, California

United States Blocked out on Google Street View and Bing Street View, Photographs of the house were notable for being used in the series, and thus led to pixelation upon privacy of the homeowners.

[77] 38°6′0.6″N 122°14′44.9″W / 38.100167°N 122.245806°W / 38.100167; -122.245806 (The Wattersons' house from The Amazing World Of Gumball)

1554 Walnut Avenue, Antioch, California United States The location where Jaycee Dugard was held captive at the Garridos' house for eighteen years from 1991 to 2009. Blurred on Google Street View. [78] 38°00′31.2″N 121°46′14.0″W / 38.008667°N 121.770556°W / 38.008667; -121.770556 (1554 Walnut Avenue)
112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, New York United States Site of the DeFeo murders and inspiration for a series of books and films. Blurred on Google Street View. [79] 40°39′59.616″N 73°24′53.496″W / 40.66656000°N 73.41486000°W / 40.66656000; -73.41486000 (112 Ocean Avenue)

South America[edit]

Location Country Details Link and coordinates
South Sandwich Islands United Kingdom In Google Maps, the satellite images of the islands are badly misaligned with their actual locations, by more than 1.5 km (1 mi) in some places. [80] 58°00′S 26°30′W / 58.000°S 26.500°W / -58.000; -26.500 (South Sandwich Islands)
Curitiba Brazil In Google Maps, the satellite images of a small region of Curitiba is missing. In its place there's a misplaced satellite image of another small region that is close by. [81] 25°26′S 49°16′W / 25.433°S 49.267°W / -25.433; -49.267 (Curitiba)

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