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This is a list of satirical news websites which have a satirical bent, are parodies of news, which consist of fake news stories for mainly humorous purposes.


The best-known example is The Onion, the online version of which started in 1996.[1] These sites are not to be confused with fake news websites, which deliberately publish hoaxes in an attempt to profit from gullible readers.[2][3] News satire is a type of parody presented in a format typical of mainstream journalism, and called a satire because of its content. News satire is not to be confused with fake news that has the intent to mislead. News satire is popular on the web, where it is relatively easy to mimic a credible news source and stories may achieve wide distribution from nearly any site.


List of satirical news websites
Name Country Founded United States 2001
Al-Hudood Jordan 2013
Awaze Tribune Eritrea 2016
The Babylon Bee United States 2016
Bbspot United States 2000
The Beaverton Canada 2010
The Betoota Advocate Australia 2014
Borowitz Report United States 2001
The Burrard Street Journal Canada 2015
The Chaser Australia 1999
El Chigüire Bipolar Venezuela 2008
The Civilian New Zealand 2013
ClickHole United States 2014
Cracked United States 2007
Christwire United States 2008
The Daily Bonnet Canada 2016
The Daily Mash United Kingdom 2007
The Daily Squib United Kingdom 2007
The Daily WTF United States 2004
The DailyER United States 2008
De Speld Netherlands 2007
The eXile Russia 1998
Der Postillon Germany 2008
Duffel Blog United States 2012
El Koshary Today Egypt 2008
Fognews Russia 2012
The Framley Examiner United Kingdom 2001
Free Wood Post United States 2011
Hard Drive United States 2017
The Hard Times United States 2014
Humor Times United States 1991
Huzlers United States 2014
Islamica News United States 1999
Le Journal de Mourréal [fr] Canada (Québec) 2012
Khabaristan Times Pakistan 2014
Kyoko Shimbun [ja] Japan 2004
Landover Baptist Church United States 1998
Le Gorafi France 2012
Lark News United States 2003
The Lemon Press United Kingdom 2009
Lercio Italy 2012
El Mundo Today Spain 2009
National Report United States 2013 [ro] Romania 2017
NewsBiscuit United Kingdom 2006
NewsThump United Kingdom 2009 [sr] Serbia 2010
Nordpresse [fr] Belgium 2014
The Onion United States 1996
The Oxymoron United Kingdom 2007
The Poke United Kingdom 2002
Panorama Russian Federation 2017
Private Eye United Kingdom 1997[a]
Il Quotidiano Pazzo Italy 2007
Reductress United States 2013
The Rochdale Herald United Kingdom 2016
SatireWire United States 2010
ScrappleFace United States 2002
Sensacionalista [pt] Brazil 2009
Southend News Network United Kingdom 2015
The Fauxy India 2018
Topeka News United States 2008
The True North Times Canada 2014
The UnReal Times India 2011 [ro] Romania 2009
Walking Eagle News Canada 2017
Waterford Whispers News Ireland 2009
Weekly World News United States 2009
World News Daily Report Canada 2013
Zaytung Turkey 2010


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  1. ^ Private Eye in printed magazine format existed before the website, and was founded in 1961.


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