List of saturated fatty acids

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Saturated fatty acids are fatty acids that make up saturated fats.

Common Name Systematic Name Structural Formula Lipid Numbers
Propionic acid Propanoic acid CH3CH2COOH C3:0
Butyric acid Butanoic acid CH3(CH2)2COOH C4:0
Valeric acid Pentanoic acid CH3(CH2)3COOH C5:0
Caproic acid Hexanoic acid CH3(CH2)4COOH C6:0
Enanthic acid Heptanoic acid CH3(CH2)5COOH C7:0
Caprylic acid Octanoic acid CH3(CH2)6COOH C8:0
Pelargonic acid Nonanoic acid CH3(CH2)7COOH C9:0
Capric acid Decanoic acid CH3(CH2)8COOH C10:0
Undecylic acid Undecanoic acid CH3(CH2)9COOH C11:0
Lauric acid Dodecanoic acid CH3(CH2)10COOH C12:0
Tridecylic acid Tridecanoic acid CH3(CH2)11COOH C13:0
Myristic acid Tetradecanoic acid CH3(CH2)12COOH C14:0
Pentadecylic acid Pentadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)13COOH C15:0
Palmitic acid Hexadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)14COOH C16:0
Margaric acid Heptadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)15COOH C17:0
Stearic acid Octadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)16COOH C18:0
Nonadecylic acid Nonadecanoic acid CH3(CH2)17COOH C19:0
Arachidic acid Icosanoic acid CH3(CH2)18COOH C20:0
Heneicosylic acid Heneicosanoic acid CH3(CH2)19COOH C21:0
Behenic acid Docosanoic acid CH3(CH2)20COOH C22:0
Tricosylic acid Tricosanoic acid CH3(CH2)21COOH C23:0
Lignoceric acid Tetracosanoic acid CH3(CH2)22COOH C24:0
Pentacosylic acid Pentacosanoic acid CH3(CH2)23COOH C25:0
Cerotic acid Hexacosanoic acid CH3(CH2)24COOH C26:0
Carboceric acid Heptacosanoic acid CH3(CH2)25COOH C27:0
Montanic acid Octacosanoic acid CH3(CH2)26COOH C28:0
Nonacosylic acid Nonacosanoic acid CH3(CH2)27COOH C29:0
Melissic acid Triacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)28COOH C30:0
Hentriacontylic acid Hentriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)29COOH C31:0
Lacceroic acid Dotriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)30COOH C32:0
Psyllic acid Tritriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)31COOH C33:0
Geddic acid Tetratriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)32COOH C34:0
Ceroplastic acid Pentatriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)33COOH C35:0
Hexatriacontylic acid Hexatriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)34COOH C36:0
Heptatriacontylic acid Heptatriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)35COOH C37:0
Octatriacontylic acid Octatriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)36COOH C38:0
Nonatriacontylic acid Nonatriacontanoic acid CH3(CH2)37COOH C39:0
Tetracontylic acid Tetracontanoic acid CH3(CH2)38COOH C40:0

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